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  • History, social, political and cultural situation of women
  • Women's issues
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  • Clubs, societies, and organizations
  • Women-only facilities and activities
  • Records created by women

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          1854 Archival description results for Women

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          Articles by Wendy Wickwire
          2002. · File · Photocopied [2001?]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File contains a catalogue record and two articles by Wendy Wickwire, "To See Ourselves as the Other's other: Nlaka'pamux Contact Narratives" and "Women in Ethnography: The Research of James A. Teit."

          2002. · File · Photocopied [between 1994 and 2006]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of two articles: "Women Becoming Professional Scholars: Historians and Physicists" and "The Early History of Women in University Physics: A Toronto Case Study."

          2002. · File · Photocopied [between 1997 and 2006]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of draft proposals, schedules and group assignment information relating to graduate teaching in New Zealand; a notice about changes to internet service at the University of Northern British Columbia; articles on historiography, methodology and qualitative data analysis; correspondence relating to book reviews; and photocopied notes from interviews.

          2008. · Item · 1999
          Part of Bridget Moran fonds

          Photograph depicts Prince George Arts Gallery of Honour Trophy sitting on table with red tablecloth. The trophy was accepted by Judy Kennedy on behalf of Bridget Moran.

          2009.6.1.501 · Item · September 1988
          Part of The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds

          Campagnolo stands fifth from right in front row. The group is posed in front of large building covered in foliage.

          Handwritten annotations on verso read: “associate Director, McMaster International, 1987-1990, Hamilton, Ont,” and “McMaster SIDA/AIDS Conference Sept. 1988”.

          Australia - transparencies
          2002. · File · 2002-2003
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of transparencies and photograph negatives, many of which depict women. File includes accompanying printouts and handwritten notes and related correspondence.

          Australia research contacts
          2002. · File · 2001
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of printed webpages of research institutions, including libraries and archives, and contact information for individual researchers for Ainley's work on Australian indigenous knowledge.

          Australia Research material
          2002.14.4.34 · File · 2001-2002
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File contains material, based on research in Australia, for Ainley's research project, "Re-explorations: science and environment in 19th and 20th century Canada and Australia." It consists of bibliographies, lists of archives with relevant material, a list of persons to contact and a list of recipients of Aboriginal knowledge.

          2002. · File · 2001-2002
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of printed Australian websites including the Australian Historical Association, the National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame, the Humanities Research Centre, and the centre fir cross-cultural research.

          2002. · File · 2000-2006
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of research materials concerning indigenous and the transfer of traditional knowledge and science in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. File includes published materials including journal issues and magazines and promotional materials for indigenous cultural institutions and universities. File includes photocopied published research and related correspondence. File also includes some research materials related to women in science and ornithology.

          2002. · File · Photocopied [between 1994 and 2006]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of articles on women working in science and academia, including Ainley's article, "Louise de Kiriline Lawrence (1894-1992) and the World of Nature: A Tribute"; notes; a list of biologists, some of whom Ainley interviewed, arranged according to generation; and correspondence.

          2008. · Item · 1995
          Part of Bridget Moran fonds

          Photograph depicts group of men and women eating on deck attached to unknown house. Photo believed to have been taken during event held to celebrate Bridget Moran receiving an Honourary Law Degree from the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, B.C.

          2009.5.4.52 · Item · [ca. 1955]
          Part of Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

          Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Edna & Alan Baxter - [guided?] with A. Hanson. Bob & Violet Baxter - Bob delivered mail to & from Quesnel in the 1940s." Young Edna sits on Alan's knee. Bob sits behind Violet as she pets the Cocker Spaniel. Large tree trunk stands behind Bob and Violet. A cabin and gate-like structure are semi-visible in background against forest. It is believed that this photograph was taken at Cluculz Lake, BC. Note on negative envelope: "Edna, Alan, Bob & self. Darkie at the Lake."

          2009.5.4.22 · Item · [ca. 1935]
          Part of Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

          Left to right: Margaret (nee Baxter) and husband Gus Lund, Bea Baxter and beau, Violet and Bob Baxter. The group stands on road wearing formal attire. Rear of car can be seen in foreground on right; power poles, log building, and unidentified structure stand in front of forest in background.

          2000.13.1.43 · Item · 1970.
          Part of Ray Williston fonds

          Item is a photograph of Ray Williston at a banquet hosted by Sanyo Pulp Ltd. in May 1970. Mr. Williston is flanked by Vern Stothert of Stothert Veco Consultants Ltd., who designed BC Forest products’ mill in Mackenzie and Margaret Nagy, who was scouting financing for a pulp mill in Bella Coola.

          2005.3.59 · Item · [ca. 1945]
          Part of John Hart Highway Photograph Collection

          Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Bert and Kitchen Staff". Photograph depicts Bert (Youngstrom?) standing close to a woman and young girl on snow in front of unidentified buildings. Forest trees can be seen in background. It is believed that this photo was taken at the camp in Summit Lake, B.C. (see item 2005.3.57).

          2009.7.1.021 · Item · 1910
          Part of Archdeacon W. H. Collison fonds

          Rev. William Edwin Collison stands in centre of boat, with wife Bertha and daughters Muriel and Katherine seated behind. Unknown man and woman are also seated in boat, and an unknown man stands on shore holding rope.

          Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Will Collison with wife & children leaving Metlakatla to catch steamship en route to England (1910)".

          Beryl Amaron interview
          2002. · File · 2001-2002
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of Beryl Amaron interview including audio recording, photos and electronic records of or regarding Beryl Amaron Interview, printed transcript and themes from interviews.

          2002. · File · 1996
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of a consent form, transcript, transcript summary and audio recording from an interview with Beth Currie conducted for Ainley's "Critical Turning Points" research. File also contains Currie's resume and a business card.

          2002. · File · [between 2001 and 2002]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of a summary of research by research assistant Anna-Stina Kjellstrom, bibliographies relating to ethnobotany resources, a list of online resources, a list of archives with holdings relating to female recipients of Aboriginal ethnobotanical knowledge and a list of books suggested for interlibrary loan.

          2002. · File · [between 2001 and 2002]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of a list of books owned by Ainley; a list of bibliographies relating to the transfer of environmental knowledge from Aboriginal to Western women; bibliographies about First Nations from the Yukon and British Columbia; bibliographies relating to ethnobotany and traditional medicine; a bibliography of interlibrary loan suggestions; a bibliography of publications on carrier history and culture; a list of digitized women's travel writing from 1830 to 1930; and a list of citations from an unidentified publication.