Transportation and Utilities



Scope note(s)

  • Act of means of transporting from one place to another
  • Act of means of providing water, power, sewage, etc. to communities
  • Facilities and infrastructures (eg. harbours, highways, airports, hydroelectric projects)
  • Vehicles, rolling stock, aircraft, equipment, ships and boats, ferries
  • Accidents (eg. highway crashes, derailments, air crashes, ship wrecks)
  • Rescue services (eg. towing, coast guard)
  • Businesses and corporations (eg. motor associations)
  • Professional organizations and unions
  • SEE ALSO: Agriculture; Business and Commerce; Industries; Military

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  • MemoryBC Subject Groups

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Transportation and Utilities

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Transportation and Utilities

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Transportation and Utilities

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"Y" at Lumby

Photograph taken looking towards a "Y." Only the left or northside of the "Y" appeared to be in use and was only about half the length. A crosspiece of it was actually unusable.

1961 - Plantsite

Photograph depicts various buildings in plantsite, vehicles and electricity lines throughout. Equipment garage stands in left background behind tank farm, carpenter shop in right background, machine and electrical shop in building semi-visible on ...

1961 - Power House

Photograph depicts a large shelter over building believed to be power house. Electricity lines cross midground and run to power house. A man can be seen crossing the foreground by steel frame supplies, and a second building is partially visible on...

1961 - Tramline & Plantsite

Photograph depicts tower and bucket tram in left foreground, plantsite in midground, mountains across valley in background. Dry rock storage building, mill, tailings pile, and many other buildings visible in plantsite. Handwritten annotation on v...

1971 - Tramline on Plantsite

Photograph depicts tramline buckets and tower on plantsite. Vehicles, building materials, and unidentified buildings also visible on plantsite (including what appears to be a water tower). Mountains and valley in background. Handwritten annotation...

2-6-0 locomotive in Blairmore, Alberta

Photograph depicts 2-6-0 locomotive #1 in Blairmore, Alberta, approximately 15 miles east of the B.C. border. It is disused and inoperable. Built by the Canadian Locomotive Company #1245. There are no dates or ownership names, but it was possibly ...

20000 tons pontoon floating dry dock

Illustration of a large ocean liner in dry dock. The name "Minnesota" is inscribed on the top right side of vessel. Annotation on recto reads: "William T. Donnelly Consulting Engineer 17 Battery Place Tel. Rector 1491 20000 tons ...

4-wheeled wagon

Photograph depicts a 4- wheeled wagon that was designed to hold 'pay dirt' or 'rubbish' with a drop bottom worked by a ratchet and chains.

A Bridge

Image depicts a truck on a bridge, possibly crossing over the Peace River.

A Camper

Image depicts a camper and a man and woman at an uncertain location, possibly somewhere near Meldrum Creek, B.C. The woman in the image is Sue Sedgwick.

A Highway

Image depicts a stretch of highway, possibly Highway 29 or 97.

A House

Image depicts a house in Island Cache. There are several cars parked outside it.

A Lake and a Road

Image depicts an elevated view of a lake and a road located somewhere near Bralorne, B.C.

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