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Research projects
2023.2.2 · Series · 1960-2024
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

Series consists of records created and collected in relation to research projects Dr. Paul Sanborn was engaged in, often with other colleagues, during his employment with the BC Ministry of Forests and/or the University of Northern British Columbia. These archival research records are predominantly unpublished documents, reports, data, and photographs. Some of Sanborn's research projects did not result in a formal scientific publication. In other instances, some of Sanborn's research projects resulted in only a portion of the collected data utilized for a formal publication.

Sanborn compiled details about each research project and its associated records in a summary note. Each of these notes is provided in PDF format along with its research project series. These notes serve as an essential guide for researchers who wish to interpret, utilize, and repurpose Sanborn's data for other future research projects.

Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds
2023.2 · Fonds · 1960-2024

Fonds consists of the research records of Dr. Paul Sanborn, a University of Northern British Columbia faculty member in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Sanborn, Paul Thomas
2023. · Item · 2004, 2023
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

Data set consists of lab data for sites Y04-01 to Y04-04. Original data set created in 2004; an update was provided in March 2023 but horizon designations were not updated to be consistent with the paper.

2023. · File · 2009-2023, predominant 2009-2010
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

In July 2009, Dr. Paul Sanborn undertook the first soils field research at the Fort Selkirk volcanic field in central Yukon, with helicopter support and funding from the Yukon Geological Survey. This file includes the following data sets gathered from the research:

  • Ft Selkirk 110114069.xls [particle size analysis data, CANTEST]
  • S1090final.xlsx [chemical analysis data, Ministry of Forests & Range, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory]
  • S1112final.xlsx [chemical analysis data, Ministry of Forests & Range, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory]
  • Ft Selkirk 2009 soils data (updated Sept 15, 2010 and April 10, 2023).xls [consolidated lab data for all 2009 samples]
2023.2.2.7 · Subseries · 2009-2010, 2023
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

For July 1-7, 2009, Dr. Paul Sanborn did the first soils field research at the Fort Selkirk volcanic field in central Yukon, with helicopter support and funding from the Yukon Geological Survey.

Initial findings were published in the 2009 edition of Yukon Exploration and Geology, but this paper did not include most of the laboratory data:
Sanborn, P., 2010. Soil reconnaissance of the Fort Selkirk volcanic field, Yukon (115I/13 and 14). In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2009, K.E. MacFarlane, L.H. Weston and L.R. Blackburn (eds.), Yukon Geological Survey, Whitehorse, Yukon. pp. 293-304. [Note that in Fig. 1, the labels for Camp 1 and Camp 2 on map are transposed; Camp 1 should be to the east of Camp 2.]

2023.2.2.5 · Subseries · 1991-2023, predominant 2004
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

The Lost Chicken Mine, a placer gold mine in eastern Alaska, approximately 120 km west of Dawson City, Yukon, is an important fossil locality for the late Pliocene (approximately 2.5 – 3.0 million years ago). A comprehensive account of the stratigraphy and paleontology of this site was given by:
Matthews, J.V., Jr., J.A. Westgate, L. Ovenden, L.D. Carter, and T. Fouch. 2003. Stratigraphy, fossils, and age of sediments at the upper pit of the Lost Chicken gold mine: new information on the late Pliocene environment of east central Alaska. Quaternary Research 60: 9-18.

Dr. Paul Sanborn visited the site on July 20, 2004, as part of a group led by Duane Froese (Professor, University of Alberta). The group concentrated on a single exposure (~ 2 m thick) straddling the Lost Chicken tephra, a volcanic ash bed (2.9 ± 0.4 myr) which is a major stratigraphic marker at the site. Sanborn described, photographed, and sampled this exposure, and obtained a basic set of characterization data. Intact samples were collected but thin sections were never produced.

2011.9 · Fonds · 1981-2020

Fonds consists of records in speakers at the 2009 Annual General Meeting in Prince George and all of the FHABC newsletters along a with other publications up to March 2020, Issue 105.

Forest History Association of BC
Newsletters and Publications
2011.9.02 · Series · 1981-2020
Part of Forest History Association of BC fonds

Series consists of publications by the FHABC. Series includes complete set of FHABC newsletter up to March 2020 and additional publications including:

  • "A History of the British Columbia Provincial Forest Inventory Program: Part One, 1912-1940" by Ralph L. Schmidt, (October 2016)
  • "A History of the British Columbia Provincial Forest Inventory Program: Part Two, 1940 – 1960" by Robert E. Breadon (May 2017)
  • "B.C. Forest History Bibliography," compiled by John Parminter, FHABC, December 16, 2009.
Forest History Association of BC
Sustainable Forest notes
2016.5.2.14 · File · 2019
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of possible speaking notes and related materials by Harry Coates on the need for sustainable forests.

2016.5.2 · Series · 1911-2019
Part of Harry Coates fonds

Series consists of materials reflecting Harry Coates life-long dedication and activism for sustainable forest management. Series also reflects Harry Coates' interest in forest history; series includes old forest industry records collected by Harry Coates including a timber sales ledger and timber license.

Informational posters
2016.5.2.12 · File · [2008-2019]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of five posters Harry Coates created to convey his ideas about sustainable forest management. Posters contain photographs and text.

Norway Spruce
2016.5.2.15 · File · [after 2010]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of notes, charts, and photographs showing forest management. May have been for a presentation by Harry Coates.

2006.18 · Fonds · 2001-2019

The Aleza Lake Research Forest Society (ALRFS) records encompass material that was created or collected by the Society over its existence (2001-present). Records created by the ALRFS consist of administrative and operational records, as well as publications from the Society. Collected records include historical records relating to the Aleza Lake Experiment Forest gifted to the Society or its members. These include maps, photographs, reference material, and documents. Members and associates of the ALRFS also documented the history of the forest through the creation of oral history recordings and written histories such as John Revel's "Devil's Club, Black Flies, and Snowshoes".

The fonds includes a significant amount of reproduced archival material about Aleza Lake from other institutions, such as BC Archives, the Canadian Forest Service, and the BC Forest Service. Many of these reproductions were created as part of the 2006 ALRFS Natural Resources History Internship in an effort to compile the history of the research forest.

Also included are cartographic and photographic materials that depict the Aleza Lake Research Forest and surrounding areas.

2016.5.1 · Series · 1941-2018
Part of Harry Coates fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to Harry Coates work and training as a BC Forest Service Research Technician. Series includes documentation for various Sx trials and experimental plots (E.P.) Harry Coates worked on.

Miscellaneous papers
2016.5.1.92 · File · [1992-2017]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of various documents including:

  • plantation charts at McLeod Lake
  • notes on lodgepole pine
  • notes entitled "A Sustainable Forest for Tomorrow"
  • notes on white spruce
  • "B.C. Natural Resources"
  • E.P. 966 Post-Planting Ecophysiology on Interior Spruce Handout, 92.07.30 Tour
  • "The Rise and Fall of Lodgepole Pine"
  • Aleza Lake Research Forest "Historic Timber Sales" map (2013)
  • "The Need to Develop a Sustainable Forest"
  • "1992 N.S.C. Field Tour" Aleza Lake Research Forest"
  • Typed notes entitled "Fifty Years of Practical Research - White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine" consisting of brief point-form notes on white spruce, lodgepole pine, and other species
  • "E.P. 972.01 The Biological Effectiveness of Mounding and Herbicide Treatments Handout, 92.07.30 Tour"
  • Photocopy of page from Appendix II of EP 668
  • Edits to text entitled "Forest Management in BC: Evolve or Die" and accompanying email exchange
  • handwritten notes
  • photocopied pages from E.P. 786.06 and 859.03 report
  • correspondence regarding presentation.
Family Records series
2014.6.1 · Series · 1953-2017
Part of Rustad & Dezell Family fonds

Series consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Series include mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George. Series includes materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Series also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, series includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

2006.18.4 · Series · 1949-2016
Part of Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

Series consists of publications created by those associated with the Aleza Lake Research Forest as well as the Aleza Lake Research Forest Society itself. Includes various clippings and articles from serial publications such as newspapers and newsletters that focus on the ALRF. Also includes publications that served as reference material on topics relevant to the ALRF.

Historical Information
2006.18.1 · Series · 1990-2016
Part of Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

Series consists of records created or accumulated by the Aleza Lake Research Forest Society regarding the research forest's history. Includes oral histories and material from long-time personnel that worked at the ALRF, such as Harry Coates, John Revel, and Frank Hellenius. Also contains copies of archival records from other archival institutions that concern the history of ALRF, which were compiled as part of a 2006/2007 history internship project.

Research reference material
2023.2.1 · Series · 1976-2016
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

Series consists of reference material collected by Dr. Paul Sanborn, including field trip guidebooks, resource inventory documents, collected sources for various areas of research, and proceedings and abstracts for conferences and workshops.

Field trip guidebooks
2023.2.1.03 · File · 1987-2016
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

File consists of guidebooks for trips – both in Canada and international – that Paul Sanborn attended. Also includes guidebooks that were given to him by colleagues. Most of these guidebooks relate to soil science, but some deal with Quaternary and bedrock geology.

Includes the following items:

4th International Workshop on Disturbance Dynamics in the Boreal Forest. 2002. A Naturally Disturbing Tour of the Central Interior of British Columbia. August 12, 2002.

18th Biennial Meeting of the American Quaternary Association. 2004. Guidebook for Field Trips. Compiled by Rolfe D. Mandel. June 25, 28-30, 2004.

19th World Congress of Soil Science. 2010. Excursion 2: Brisbane Bayside, 1 August 2010.

19th World Congress of Soil Science. 2010. New Zealand “Volcanoes to Ocean”, Pre-Conference North Island Guidebook, 26th – 30th July 2010.

ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting. 2011. SSSA Soils-Geomorphology Field Tour: Blackland Prairies, Edwards Plateau, and Texas Central Basin. October 20-21, 2011.

Canadian Geophysical Union. 2002. Rocky Mountain highlights and dirt: C.G.U. Field Trip. May 18, 2002. Prepared by: C. Henderson.

Canadian Geophysical Union. 2006. The Burgess Shale and Rocky Mountain Highlights: C.G.U. Field Trip. May 14, 2006. Compiled by C.J. Collom.

Canadian Society of Soil Science. 2014. Soils and Landscapes of the Front Ranges, Foothills, and Great Plains: Field Guide. Compiled by Dan and Lea Pennock. May 2014.

Friends of the Pleistocene – Rocky Mountain Cell. 1995. Late Pleistocene – Holocene Evolution of the Northeastern Yellowstone Landscape: Field conference guidebook. August 25-27, 1995. Compiled by Grant A. Meyer.

Froese, D., P. Matheus, and J. Rasic. 2003. Beringian environments and heritage of the Upper Yukon River: A field workshop from Dawson City, Yukon through Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve, Alaska. May 30-June 3, 2003. [associated with International Mammoth Conference, Dawson]

Froese, D., R. Woywitka, L. Andriashek, D. Smith, and N. Atkinson. 2013. Field trip guide to the Quaternary geology and geoarchaeology of the Oil Sands region, NE Alberta: August 22-25, 2013. Canadian Quaternary Association.

Geological Association of Canada / Mineralogical Association of Canada. 2016. Veins to Valleys: the Klondike District. Field trip leaders: Jim Mortensen, Jeffrey Bond, Peter Tallman, Grant Zazula. May 28-31, 2016.

Luttmerding, H.A. 1992. Vertisolic soils field tour, British Columbia portion. August 19-23, 1992. BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.

Morison, S.R., C.A.S. Smith. 1987. XIIth INQUA Congress Field Excursions A20a and A20b: Research in Yukon. National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa.

Northwest Forest Soils Council Field Trip. 2001. Boreal Forest Soils in a Changing Climate. July 9-11, 2001. Fairbanks, Alaska.
Tarnocai, C., C.A.S. Smith, and C.A. Fox. 1993. International Tour of Permafrost Affected Soils: the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa.

Sanborn, P. 1995. Watershed Restoration in the Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal Ranger District, Washington. September 17-18, 1995. International Conference of Society for Ecological Restoration.

E.P. 646.3
2016.5.1.87 · File · [1970-2015]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of photocopied documentation for E.P. 646.3 Reciprocal Planting of Spruce Provenances in the Rocky Mountain Trench along with printed satellite maps from Bing Maps. File also includes a map of Buckhorn Barn showing reserve no. EP 505, research & R.N. projects. Map includes annotations for EP 646.3.

E.P. 668
2016.5.1.93 · File · [19-?] - 2015
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of documentation on E.P. 668 and a two printed satellite images of E.P. 549.2.

John Revel
2006.18.1.02 · File · 1990-2015
Part of Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

File consists of:

  • Poem written by John Revel in 1963 entitled "Cruisers (To George Silburn)"
  • Eulogy for John Revel by Mike Jull, May 2015
  • Obituary for John Revel in July-August 2015 issue of BC Forest Professional
  • Photograph printed on foamcore of John Revel and two others checking cones from 1972 seed crop
Grant Hazelwood fonds
2023.7 · Fonds · 1943-2015

Fonds consists of material created and collected by wildlife biologist Grant Hazelwood in relation to his work and research regarding wildlife, habitat, and wilderness parks. Includes material regarding Hazelwood's Tailed Frog (Ascaphus truei) research. Also includes records regarding his contracted biologist work via his consultancy business, Alpenglow Resources, on the BC Ministry of Environment's "Upper Nass Assessment Project", a project that included the biophysical mapping of the Northwest-Klappan Road Access Area.

Hazelwood, W. Grant
Wildlife and Habitat
2023.7.4 · Series · 1953-2015
Part of Grant Hazelwood fonds

Series consists of textual material regarding wildlife and habitat in British Columbia created or collected by Grant Hazelwood. Predominantly includes reports (published and draft), discussion papers, article reprints, memoranda, and booklets.

2023.7.4.33 · Item · 1990, 2015
Part of Grant Hazelwood fonds

Item is a draft of "B.C. Hydro Proposed 287 kV Transmission Line - Kitimat to Terrace - Preliminary Environmental Assessment of Fish and Wildlife Values" by Grant Hazelwood. Also includes accompanying print pages for a 2015 BC Hydro powerpoint slideshow regarding the Terrace to Kitimat Transmission Project (TKTP).

2023.2.2.8 · Subseries · 2003-2014
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

The Kluane Lake area of SW Yukon was a continuing focus of Dr. Paul Sanborn's research for more than a decade, and generated several productive collaborations. Key themes included biological soil crusts in boreal grasslands, and interactions between aeolian sediment deposition, slope processes, and fire in boreal grassland and forest soils.

Research results appeared in these publications:
Marsh, J., Nouvet, S., Sanborn, P., and Coxson, D. 2006. Composition and function of biological soil crust communities along topographic gradients in grasslands of central interior British Columbia (Chilcotin) and southwestern Yukon (Kluane). Canadian Journal of Botany 84: 717-736.

Pautler, B.G., Reichart, G.-J., Sanborn, P.T., Simpson, M.J., and Weijers, J.W.H. 2014. Comparison of soil derived tetraether membrane lipid distributions and plant-wax δD compositions for reconstruction of Canadian Arctic temperatures. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 404: 78-88.

Sanborn, P. and A.J.T. Jull. 2010. Loess, bioturbation, fire, and pedogenesis in a boreal forest – grassland mosaic, Yukon Territory, Canada. 19th World Congress of Soil Science, Soil Solutions for a Changing World 1 – 6 August 2010, Brisbane, Australia.

The 2003 field work with Darwyn Coxson was a pilot study to assess the types and distribution of biological soil crusts in boreal grasslands in the Kluane Lake area. Eight sites were visited at which the team sampled the crust and the uppermost A horizon immediately underneath it. Note that site numbers Y03-03, -04, -05, -06, -07, -09, -10 and -12 were indicated as sites 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 12 in Table 1 of Marsh et al. (2006). Additional crust sampling was conducted at two additional sites (“Peninsula”, “Silver City”) in 2004; details of sampling methods and site locations are in Marsh et al. (2006).

Results from 2009 field work were presented in Sanborn and Jull (2010), along with soil charcoal radiocarbon dates from 2003-2008 sampling which were used to reconstruct fire history in the Kluane Lake area. The 2003 (a single site at Silver City), 2004, and 2008 field work consisted of a reconnaissance of grassland and forest sites across a range of aspects and slope positions in order to recover buried soil charcoal.

Harry Coates fonds
2016.5 · Fonds · 1957-2014

Fonds consists of records Harry Coates created or received and retained during his career as a BC Forest Service Research Technician and into his retirement as a Sustainable Forest Management activist. Fonds includes materials from his work at the Aleza Lake Research Forest.

Coates, Harry
2016.5.1.65 · File · 1992-2014
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of a letter to Harry Coates from Ev Van Eerden 1992/1993; Christmas card to Harry Coates from Aleza lake Research Forest 2014; Colouring page "3 R's of Forestry"; Letter to Alan Hunter from Dr. Art Fredeen 2004.

2023. · File · 2003-2014
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

File consists of the following data sets:

  • Kluane crust Min N (2003) S671FINL.xls [mineralizable nitrogen for biological soil crusts & upper mineral soil, 2003 samples]
  • Kluane Crust samples (2004) moisture contents.xls [moisture content of air-dry 2004 crust samples from Peninsula & Silver City sites; sampling procedures & locations in Marsh et al. (20060]
  • Kluane Soil Crusts (2004) chemical analyses.xls [consolidated file of chemical data for 2004 crust samples from Peninsula & Silver City sites]
  • Kluane 2003 soil & crust 15N data.xls [15N natural abundance, total N, organic & inorganic C for 2003 crust & upper mineral soil samples]
  • Kluane 2003 soil data.xlsx [consolidated file of chemical data for 2003 crust and mineral horizon soil samples]
  • Kluane Crust 2004 total C & N data.xls
  • Kluane AMS dates (2003-2008 charcoal samples).xls [radiocarbon dates from the University of Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Lab]
  • Kluane soil transect - texture data.xls [2009 soil particle size analysis data, with potential lithological breaks highlighted]
  • Kluane surveys 2009.xls [topographic surveys for 3 soil transects cutting across eskers along Cultus Bay Rd., SE shore of Kluane L.]
  • S1061_1069_Final_Rev1.xls [lab data report from Ministry of Forests Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for 2009 transect samples: total C, inorganic C, & total N]
  • 100812003 (annotated) -corrected.xls [2009 transect samples: particle size analysis data report from CANTEST]
  • Kluane soil transect - master data file.xls
Photographs series
2016.5.4 · Series · [1958-2014]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

Series consists of forestry photographs. Series includes photographs taken at experimental plots.

Miscellaneous Photographs
2016.5.4.18 · File · [1970-2014]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of photographs mostly depicting trees, forests, and logs. Some photos include Harry Coates. One set of photographs shows Harry Coates accepting an award.

Rustad holdings
2014.6.2.04 · File · 1970-2012
Part of Rustad & Dezell Family fonds

File consists of:

  • Department of National Revenue, Taxation Clearance Certificate October 31, 1970
  • photocopied correspondence regarding the Assignment of Lease No. 2324, Prince George Wood Preserving Ltd. to Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd., Prince George (1990)
  • photocopied Affidavit and related correspondence
  • photocopied documents related to the transfer of Forest Licences A27771 and A33801 from Prince George Wood Preserving Ltd. to Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd.
  • photocopied report "Methods of Crown Timber Disposal and Appraisal in British Columbia" by J.J. Juhasz (March, 1974)
  • History of Rustad Bros. purchase of Nielsen Sawmill, information from Jim Rustad 2012.