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2023. · Item · 2004, 2023
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

Data set consists of lab data for sites Y04-01 to Y04-04. Original data set created in 2004; an update was provided in March 2023 but horizon designations were not updated to be consistent with the paper.

2001.1 · Collection · 1869-2023

Collection consists of accumulated material relating to Northern and Central British Columbia. This material includes documents, subject files, unpublished grey literature, discrete textual records with limited provenance, and other ephemeral items.

2023.2.2.7 · Subseries · 2009-2010, 2023
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

For July 1-7, 2009, Dr. Paul Sanborn did the first soils field research at the Fort Selkirk volcanic field in central Yukon, with helicopter support and funding from the Yukon Geological Survey.

Initial findings were published in the 2009 edition of Yukon Exploration and Geology, but this paper did not include most of the laboratory data:
Sanborn, P., 2010. Soil reconnaissance of the Fort Selkirk volcanic field, Yukon (115I/13 and 14). In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2009, K.E. MacFarlane, L.H. Weston and L.R. Blackburn (eds.), Yukon Geological Survey, Whitehorse, Yukon. pp. 293-304. [Note that in Fig. 1, the labels for Camp 1 and Camp 2 on map are transposed; Camp 1 should be to the east of Camp 2.]

2001.1.069 · File · 2021-2023
Part of NBCA Document and Ephemera Collection

File consists of flyers and leaflets relating to protests and activism in Prince George. Includes:

  • "Grasslands Not Gas Lands" leaflet regarding action against Westcoast Olefins extraction plant in Pineview, 2021
  • "'Centralized Strategy' Decision Student Led Protest" flyer regarding resistance against the City of Prince George's decision to centralize Prince George homeless populations into the Moccasin Flats encampment, 2023
2023.2.2.5 · Subseries · 1991-2023, predominant 2004
Part of Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

The Lost Chicken Mine, a placer gold mine in eastern Alaska, approximately 120 km west of Dawson City, Yukon, is an important fossil locality for the late Pliocene (approximately 2.5 – 3.0 million years ago). A comprehensive account of the stratigraphy and paleontology of this site was given by:
Matthews, J.V., Jr., J.A. Westgate, L. Ovenden, L.D. Carter, and T. Fouch. 2003. Stratigraphy, fossils, and age of sediments at the upper pit of the Lost Chicken gold mine: new information on the late Pliocene environment of east central Alaska. Quaternary Research 60: 9-18.

Dr. Paul Sanborn visited the site on July 20, 2004, as part of a group led by Duane Froese (Professor, University of Alberta). The group concentrated on a single exposure (~ 2 m thick) straddling the Lost Chicken tephra, a volcanic ash bed (2.9 ± 0.4 myr) which is a major stratigraphic marker at the site. Sanborn described, photographed, and sampled this exposure, and obtained a basic set of characterization data. Intact samples were collected but thin sections were never produced.

Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds
2023.2 · Fonds · 1976-2023

Fonds consists of the research records of Dr. Paul Sanborn, a University of Northern British Columbia faculty member in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

Sanborn, Paul Thomas
2001.1.068 · File · 2020-2023
Part of NBCA Document and Ephemera Collection

File consists of promotional pamphlets and brochures advertising the City of Prince George. Includes:

  • Prince George Downtown Business Improvement Association, "Your Guide to Downtown Prince George 2020/21"
  • City of Prince George, "Trail Guide", [ca. 2020]
  • Tourism PG, "Falls Guide: Waterfall Destinations", [ca. 2022]
  • Tourism PG, "Recreation Sites Guide: Prince George Area", [ca. 2022]
  • Prince George Citizen, "Taste of Prince George 2023" restaurant guide
Hard Drive
2020.4.9.1 · Subseries · 1997-2021
Part of G. Gary Runka fonds

This external hard drive contains back-up files from Gary Runka and Joan Sawicki's computers. The digital files consist of personal, professional, and business records. Includes textual documents (PDF and Word format), spreadsheets (Excel), digital images (JPEG), and email backup files.

Digital Records
2020.4.9 · Series · 1987-2021
Part of G. Gary Runka fonds

Series consists of digital material created and collected by Gary Runka and Joan Sawicki and encompass personal, professional, and business records. Includes textual documents (PDF and Word format), spreadsheets (Excel), digital images (JPEG), email backup files, video documentaries, and digital publications.

2011.9 · Fonds · 1981-2020

Fonds consists of records in speakers at the 2009 Annual General Meeting in Prince George and all of the FHABC newsletters along a with other publications up to March 2020, Issue 105.

Forest History Association of BC
Newsletters and Publications
2011.9.02 · Series · 1981-2020
Part of Forest History Association of BC fonds

Series consists of publications by the FHABC. Series includes complete set of FHABC newsletter up to March 2020 and additional publications including:

  • "A History of the British Columbia Provincial Forest Inventory Program: Part One, 1912-1940" by Ralph L. Schmidt, (October 2016)
  • "A History of the British Columbia Provincial Forest Inventory Program: Part Two, 1940 – 1960" by Robert E. Breadon (May 2017)
  • "B.C. Forest History Bibliography," compiled by John Parminter, FHABC, December 16, 2009.
Forest History Association of BC
UNBC History Collection
1993.1 · Collection · 1988-2019

Collection consists textual material, objects, and ephemera related to the history of the University of Northern British Columbia.

University of Northern British Columbia
1993.1.2.047 · File · 2008-2019
Part of UNBC History Collection

File consists of issues of "The Northern Voice" UNBC Northern Studies Program newsletter. Includes:

  • February, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • May, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • October, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • December, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • January, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • May, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • November, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March, 2010 Edition (Print and digital)
  • October, 2010 Edition (Print and digital)
  • January, 2011 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2011 Edition (Print and digital)
  • February, 2012 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2012 Edition (Print and digital)
  • February, 2013 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March 2014 Edition (Digital)
  • January 2016 Edition (Digital)
  • January 2017 Edition (Digital)
  • November 2018 Edition (Digital)
  • March 2019 Edition (Digital)
Sustainable Forest notes
2016.5.2.14 · File · 2019
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of possible speaking notes and related materials by Harry Coates on the need for sustainable forests.

Wartime Freight
2013.6.29.27 · File · 1995-2019
Part of David Davies Railway Collection

File consists of:

  • Canadian Rail issue no. 447 (July-August 1995) which is devoted to Canada's Railways in World War II
  • Article by David Davies, "Wartime Freight in BC in WWII, 1939-1945"
  • Summary piece by David Davies, "What happened in British Columbia in WWII? 1939-1945: A Review of Military Events"
Dr. Joselito Arocena fonds
2016.7 · Fonds · 1988-2019

Fonds consists of the research and professorial records of Dr. Joselito Arocena, a founding faculty member of UNBC. Arocena was an internationally-recognized soil scientist and UNBC’s first Canada Research Chair. His records demonstrate his accomplishments as an academic and researcher, as well as his many and varied interdisciplinary research endeavours. Also included are selections from Arocena’s extensive photographic slide collection which illustrate his teaching, research projects, and personal interests.

Arocena, Joselito
2013.6 · Collection · [before 2020]

The David Davies Railway Collection encompasses all facets of railway history specifically in the province of British Columbia and the Yukon territory. The collection consists of research material accumulated over the course of more than fifty years, and includes monographs, periodicals, articles, clippings, railway timetables, photographs, maps and plans, and excerpts. Material covers public, tourist, and private (industrial) railways, including: CPR, KVR, E&N; CNR, CNoR, GTPR; and PGER, BCR. The collection excludes material regarding streetcar systems and rapid transit, but includes long distance electric interurbans.

Posthumous Records
2016.7.4 · Series · 2015-2019
Part of Dr. Joselito Arocena fonds

Series consists of records created and collected after Dr. Joselito Arocena's death on December 20, 2015. Includes information about Arocena's work in China, photographs and video of the unveiling of the Lito Lab, and video recordings and presentation materials from a memorial lecture for Dr. Joselito Arocena by Mike Rutherford, Hugues Massicotte, and Paul Sanborn.

2019.15 · Collection · Nov. 2019

Growing collection of strike ephemera from students, CUPE staff, and faculty members at UNBC. Collection includes picketing signs, strike buttons, photographs, art, and videos from pickets and UNBC Faculty Association events during the 2015 and 2019 strikes, as well as posters and other ephemera from the UNBC Occupiers group.

2006.18 · Fonds · 2001-2019

The Aleza Lake Research Forest Society (ALRFS) records encompass material that was created or collected by the Society over its existence (2001-present). Records created by the ALRFS consist of administrative and operational records, as well as publications from the Society. Collected records include historical records relating to the Aleza Lake Experiment Forest gifted to the Society or its members. These include maps, photographs, reference material, and documents. Members and associates of the ALRFS also documented the history of the forest through the creation of oral history recordings and written histories such as John Revel's "Devil's Club, Black Flies, and Snowshoes".

The fonds includes a significant amount of reproduced archival material about Aleza Lake from other institutions, such as BC Archives, the Canadian Forest Service, and the BC Forest Service. Many of these reproductions were created as part of the 2006 ALRFS Natural Resources History Internship in an effort to compile the history of the research forest.

Also included are cartographic and photographic materials that depict the Aleza Lake Research Forest and surrounding areas.

2016.5.2 · Series · 1911-2019
Part of Harry Coates fonds

Series consists of materials reflecting Harry Coates life-long dedication and activism for sustainable forest management. Series also reflects Harry Coates' interest in forest history; series includes old forest industry records collected by Harry Coates including a timber sales ledger and timber license.

Informational posters
2016.5.2.12 · File · [2008-2019]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of five posters Harry Coates created to convey his ideas about sustainable forest management. Posters contain photographs and text.

Norway Spruce
2016.5.2.15 · File · [after 2010]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of notes, charts, and photographs showing forest management. May have been for a presentation by Harry Coates.

Ann Walsh fonds
2019.12 · Fonds · 1959-2018

This fonds illustrates the writing career of Canadian author Ann Walsh. Types of records included in this fonds include: published and unpublished short stories, manuscripts, correspondence, grant applications, photographs, audio and video recordings, contracts, book reviews, plotting notes, speaking notes, promotional materials and workshop materials.

Walsh, Ann
2019.12.1.37 · File · 2013-2018
Part of Ann Walsh fonds

File consists of essays and other short unpublished works by Ann Walsh including: "Being Different"; "Yeah, Right"; "Leaving Home"; "Don't Vote"; and "The F. Word"', among others.

2019.12.1 · Series · 1959-2018
Part of Ann Walsh fonds

Series consists of unpublished manuscripts and publications of Ann Walsh's short literary works, including short stories, poetry, essays, articles, writing exercises, and short dramatic works. Includes correspondence with publishers and publication contracts. Also includes full issues of various periodicals in which Ann Walsh's writing was published.

2016.5.1 · Series · 1941-2018
Part of Harry Coates fonds

Series consists of records pertaining to Harry Coates work and training as a BC Forest Service Research Technician. Series includes documentation for various Sx trials and experimental plots (E.P.) Harry Coates worked on.

G.G. Runka Land Sense Ltd.
2020.4.5 · Series · 1978-2018
Part of G. Gary Runka fonds

Series consists of the business records of G.G. Runka Land Sense Ltd., Gary Runka's consultancy business (co-owned with Joan Sawicki until 1991). G.G. Runka Land Sense Limited was incorporated as a company on 30 Nov. 1978 and dissolved on 30 Nov. 2018. Most business activity ceased after Gary Runka's death in July 2013. The company provided comprehensive professional services in land inventory, environmental assessment, integrated resource management, land and water use conflict resolution and interdisciplinary land use planning. Over the course of the company's operation, Gary Runka and his firm consulted on 681 assignments ranging from very large projects (such as the Site C project) to small residential/commercial land capability assessments.

The records within this series include company information documents, company client and project lists, and an early company accounting ledger. Also included are Runka's business "Communications Planners", which include a page for every business contact with summarized notes about communication with that individual; these provide a very detailed record of company business.

2020.4.5.01 · File · 1978-2018
Part of G. Gary Runka fonds

File consists of folders containing company information for G. G. Runka Land Sense Limited. Includes photocopied documents of company incorporation (30 Nov. 1978) and dissolution (30 Nov. 2018) for G. G. Runka Land Sense Limited. Also includes a company description, a philosophy statement, a services summary, a brief biography and resume of G. Gary Runka, a client list, a completed projects list, blank letterhead, a presentation pamphlet, company logo, and business cards.

Miscellaneous papers
2016.5.1.92 · File · [1992-2017]
Part of Harry Coates fonds

File consists of various documents including:

  • plantation charts at McLeod Lake
  • notes on lodgepole pine
  • notes entitled "A Sustainable Forest for Tomorrow"
  • notes on white spruce
  • "B.C. Natural Resources"
  • E.P. 966 Post-Planting Ecophysiology on Interior Spruce Handout, 92.07.30 Tour
  • "The Rise and Fall of Lodgepole Pine"
  • Aleza Lake Research Forest "Historic Timber Sales" map (2013)
  • "The Need to Develop a Sustainable Forest"
  • "1992 N.S.C. Field Tour" Aleza Lake Research Forest"
  • Typed notes entitled "Fifty Years of Practical Research - White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine" consisting of brief point-form notes on white spruce, lodgepole pine, and other species
  • "E.P. 972.01 The Biological Effectiveness of Mounding and Herbicide Treatments Handout, 92.07.30 Tour"
  • Photocopy of page from Appendix II of EP 668
  • Edits to text entitled "Forest Management in BC: Evolve or Die" and accompanying email exchange
  • handwritten notes
  • photocopied pages from E.P. 786.06 and 859.03 report
  • correspondence regarding presentation.
2014.6.1.16 · Item · 2017
Part of Rustad & Dezell Family fonds

Item is the published book "Sunshine and Rhubarb Wine: The Life and Legacy of Bea Dezell". The book is the life story of Bea Dezell, born in Vancouver in 1908 and moved to Williams Lake in 1932, then lived in Wells and Quesnel before settling in Prince George. She was a pioneer of the Cariboo region. Her husband Garvin Dezell, a builder, was the mayor of Prince George for many years in the 1950s and 60s. Bea died in 2014 at the age of 105.

This version of the book contains colour photograph reproductions. Other versions of the book have black & white photograph reproductions.

Family Records series
2014.6.1 · Series · 1953-2017
Part of Rustad & Dezell Family fonds

Series consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Series include mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George. Series includes materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Series also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, series includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

Rustad & Dezell Family fonds
2014.6 · Fonds · 1953-2017

Fonds consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Fonds includes materials related to the Rustad Bros. & Co. Ltd. company and mills as well as materials related to the forest industry in British Columbia and Canada. Fonds includes mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George as well as materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Fonds also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, fonds includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

Dezell, Garvin
2006.18.4 · Series · 1949-2016
Part of Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

Series consists of publications created by those associated with the Aleza Lake Research Forest as well as the Aleza Lake Research Forest Society itself. Includes various clippings and articles from serial publications such as newspapers and newsletters that focus on the ALRF. Also includes publications that served as reference material on topics relevant to the ALRF.