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Cassiar, BC Natural Resources
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Diamond core drilling

Six metal storage cases containing primarily slides depicting drill core sections in wooden storage trays. Cases contain inventories of slide images as well as annotations which document the year, drill hole number, and the length along the drill hole from which core sections are taken. In addition to the documentation of drill core sections, the cases contain slides depicting the following subjects: “Representative samples” of drill core fragments, drill core fragments in perspective, “physical characteristics” of the drill cores and the storage trays, the pit mine, a worker in a plaid shirt, close up shots of the geology of the working face, and images annotated “SHOTS OF JADE BOULDER CORE J5-J1”. Five slides originally filed separately and stamp dated “Jul. ‘73” depict what is speculated to be employees working on the diamond drilling project include 2 images annotated ‘R. Dickin Aug ‘72’, ‘I. Oliver Aug ‘73’, ‘S. Zimmer Aug ‘73’, and ‘core shack ’73’. The cases contain 234 7x7cm slides and at least 8 5x5 cm slides which are duplicates of the remaining images. The file also contains a slide strip containing several 7x7 cm slide images.

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

  • 2000.1
  • Fonds
  • 3 April 1952 - 15 March 1993

Fonds consists of textual, photographic, cartographic, electronic and promotional films/video recordings related to the mining operations of Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation (CAMC) and creation of Cassiar townsite. CAMC records primarily consist of records related to mining operations including construction, engineering, daily mining operations, administration of CAMC, tallies of extractions, labour and union activities, corporate events and visits by dignitaries. Townsite records are primarily visual representations of townsite construction, including the creation of health, education and community services including Cassiar's private hospital, school, library, as well as townsite images. Photographs include documentation of natural and man-made landscapes within the Cassiar region of Northern BC. Other holdings include a near complete run of Cassiar's community newspaper.

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd.

Geology rock samples

The file contains eight photographs depicting close up images of three rock samples, some photographed with a ruler for scale. One of the rock samples is speculated to be obsidian and the other two are likely serpentine. The images where originally found in an envelope titled "ROCKS" and are likely dated around 1991.

Included in this file are an five photographs of rocks on a shelf, which may be asbestos sample rocks. There are five accompanying negatives to these photographs and are likely dated around 1977. The photographs and negatives were found in an envelope labelled "Negatives - CIMM Photos."

Additionally two negative strips of geology maps of Canada. These negatives were found in an envelope labelled "Negatives - CIMM Papers, Mining, Planning, Geology."

Manager's Photos - Snow on Talus

Photograph depicts snowy mountaintop, wooden shelter and truck in foreground. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken July 2nd, 1952. 1. Picture taken from campsite showing snow on talus."

Manager's Photos - Talus Slide of Asbestos and Serpentine

Handwritten annotation below photo on page taped to photograph: "PHOTO #2: Looking N across talus slide of asbestos fibre and serpentine fragments." Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph in blue ink describing sections of photograph which have been pointed to or outlined: "Talus of asbestos fibre & serpentine fragments -->" "Photo #1 -->" "Approx upper contact of serpentine -->".

Construction Album - New Mill

File contains photographs documenting the construction of Cassiar's new mill building. Photos depict early excavation, foundations, framework, construction of all seven stories, sheeting, siding, and roof tarring. Also included are photos depicting the large model of the mill, as well as construction work done on the tramline. Photos taken inside the mill depict flooring work, and milling machinery including feed chutes, screens, fans, wheelabrators, control panels, electrical panels, conveyor systems, vacuum systems, and the fan-driven air system that transported the fiber. Many photos depict construction workers, building supplies, worksites, and equipment including cranes, bulldozers, tractors, hauling trucks and trailer flatbeds. Some photos depict aerial views from the new mill and feature the plantsite, tramline, mine road, mountains, and valley.

McDame Project - construction progress reports

This file includes two major photographic collections concerning the construction and development of the underground mine at Cassiar, title the McDame Project.

The first collection includes fifteen monthly progress reports documenting the development from July 1988 to December 1989. The progress reports are authored by G. Verret, and were distributed to the executives of Cassiar Asbestos in Vancouver as well officials of the B.C. Government and other creditors of the Corporation. Most images are annotated and dated. Many of the loose photographs are accompanied by an inventory sheet.

Subjects depicted include: the staging area prior to mine development, the initial development of the “Vent Portal”, a jumbo drill working on the mine face, the working face marked for drilling and wired with fuses, a Caterpillar dozer clearing snow after an avalanche, scene of a fire in winter time, complete conveyor sump decline, mining vehicle parked on the “Lay-Down Area” presumably near the portal, the working face of the mine at various stages of development, 1563 portal being slashed, the removal of the overburden for the tramline loading station site, the construction of the transfer tower(s), construction of the stockpile area, the construction of a sedimentation pond, a presumed cave in, construction of footings for the conveyor, construction of the tramline loading terminal station, construction of the crusher building, a slash titled “Breakthrough in Access Ramp”, storage of powder and fuses, a washout in conveyor decline, fog at the portal in -30 degrees Celsius, the 1290 junction flooded, a slab of shotcrete which fell on and injured a miner while shotcreting, shotcrete blasted off walls for repairs, images of the “Hilti-test”, shots showing grade of drift, and structural failures in the 1350 adit.

Locations and structure within the underground mine depicted include: yellow ventilation ducting, ground support including steel screen and shotcrete, steel cables bolted unto ground support, puddles in the adits, the access road to the lay-down area, the exhaust drift, “Fans and Heaters in the 1415 adit”, the 1350 sump, the access ramp to the 1320, the exhaust ramp safety bay, the conveyor decline, the ventilation adit, the 1563 portal, the temporary repair shop at the 1415 portal, junctions of various drifts, the ”Fresh Water Pump & Pumphouse on lower Creek”, the “Ventilation Raise/1563 Platform”, a “Diamond Drill Station” at 6066 North in the underground mine, the “Bridge to the Gravel Pit”, the “Crushing and Screening Plant” in the gravel pit, the ventilation bulkhead in the conveyor decline, and the “Powder Magazine”.

People depicted include Rose Gay and R. Tyne on a tour of the underground mine, a geologist with a rockhammer, a miner identified as A. Jacobs working, contract miners Bruno and Marbel from Canadian Mine Development, and unidentified miners rockbolting, shotcreting, and drilling using jackleg drills.

Vehicle and mining equipment depicted include jeeps, pickup trucks, a front end loader, an unidentified a small unmanned tracked machine with a long arm, scoop trams, a land cruiser, an ore truck with a flat tire, the cone crusher, a “scissor lift”, a mobile shotcrete machine, a new grout pump, a new Boart Jumbo Drill, and a detached bucket half of a 413 ore truck.

The second collection depicts the McDame Project construction in 1986 and 1987.
Content of these photographs includes: various machinery used for excavating and drilling, underground progress of tunneling, supports, wire meshing, rock formations in mine, and exposed asbestos. There are no annotations regarding this photographs.


File contains images depicting various landslides near Cassiar BC. Set of 20 photographs (with 9 corresponding negative strips) date stamped June 1987 depict landslide near creek and dirt road with a Cassiar company truck. Set of 5 black and white photographs found in envelope marked "D. Stewart" are likely from 1988-1989 and depict a rockslide on the south western side of the pit mine, near the tramline. Album entitled “6200 DUMP SLIDE / SPRING, 1979” contains 34 photographs depicting aerial shots of a massive rockslide on the eastern slope of McDame Mountain, originating from the mine waste dump. Several images from album show greenish water pooling in the toe of the slide.

Superintendent’s Office 1988

File contains images of mine operations and construction, as well as a variety of other subjects.

  • Elements of the underground mine are depicted, including miners working, the marked rock face, yellow ducting and ventilation fan, the portal, mesh rockbolted onto adit walls, shotcrete being applied, and stacked mining construction materials.
  • Mining equipment depicted in this file includes underground ore haulage truck, Wabco ore haulage truck, jackleg drill, stoper drill, scoop tram, jumbo drill, conveyor, pickup trucks, unidentified mixing or grinding machine, a cable wagon and half constructed ore haulage truck in the shop, and a continuous miner (also known as alpine miner or roadheader).
  • A set of images show a dozer and a lowbed truck transporting a temporary building down the pit mine access road.
  • Several images depict drill core fragments, asbestos ore, and geological features of the mine.
  • Mining related process are depicted, including a young man sluicing and panning, a mine building under construction, and an unidentified steel frame structure with a hydraulic device suspended on a rail.
  • A set of images shows a railway or highway construction project, including stockpile of construction materials, rail cars, caboose, locomotive, front end loader, dump truck, concrete mixing trucks, semi-trucks, and a rail car with large steel drums which are speculated to be specialized for tunnel construction.
  • Further images show what is speculated to be tunnel construction.
  • A set of images at a high ceiling underground mine which is not Cassiar depicts a man in a suite by a underground ore haulage truck, and other mining vehicles including a crane.
  • A set of images depict an ungulate herd, possibly bighorn sheep, on a mountain side.
  • The file includes several images which depict personal life, presumably from a family vacation, and access to these images may be restricted. These images depict man with children on a fishing trip, adults and children around a pool, a woman on a motorcycle, and a house and kitchen. Several groups of images are contained in envelopes annotated with dates and “K. Minty”.

Underground mine

This file contains various aspects of the underground mine.

  • Photos depicting damage to the underground mine such as fallen rocks, cracked shotcrete, twisted rock bolts and metal mesh, exposed and damaged steel structural frames, and repairs underway.
  • Steel cables, chains, support arches, and custom welded rebar frames used in the structural reinforcement of the underground mine.
  • Several engineering tests related to the structural damages are depicted.
  • Two sets of images show a Porta Power hydraulic tool with a ready rod attached, a hand pump, as well as images of a technician testing the holding power of a rock bolt.
  • Set of images documents a technician drilling cores and installing extensometer anchors, as well as grouting the anchors and connecting an extensometer. Technicians are shown inspecting damages with a ruler and rockhammer for scale.
  • A set of images showcase the threaded rebar, nuts, and face plates used for rockbolts.
  • Utility vehicles, yellow vent ducting, and utility pipes are visible in several images.
  • Also include is an image of a man in office space, foggy night scene with a telephone pole, office desk, stack of supplies including concrete, steel cable, and spray paint, and several images of a broken piece of ore and concrete outside the mine portal.
  • Several images depict miners working in the bucket of a scoop tram.
  • Photos of the stramler feeder breakers, which was used in the underground mine.
  • Images of ground support verifications where the deficiency of the exhaust ramp was investigated. This collection has various annotations explaining the broken shotcrete and the wire mesh installed.
  • A collection of photographs depicting tunnel shotcrete failures. Each photograph has an accompanied textual annotation.
  • Photos of MMD #750 Sizer equipment - assumed used in Underground Mine.
  • Photos of pump used in 1335 level, wheel fan for ventilation removed from 1350 level,
  • A collection of ground fall event 29 March 1989 - with annotations depicting damage

Underground Mine Structural Inspection, Rock Mechanics Dept. Foto Documentation

File contains images depicting the underground mine at Cassiar, showing structural damages, repaired damage ground support, and mining and repair processes.

The file contains a photo inventory entitled “Underground Mine Structural Inspection, Rock Mechanics Dept. Foto Documentation” with a complete file inventory linking the picture number to a location, title, and dated film. This photographic documentation was assembled for the purposes of liaising with a underground mining consultant located in South Africa.

  • Images document structural ground support including steel cables, support arches, metal mesh, shotcrete, rockbolts, wooden beams.
  • Images show ground support damaged through ground movement, but some depict newly installed or repaired support.
  • Images depict ventilation ducting that was crushed or torn.
  • Mining processes depicted include miners installing a rock breaker, miners paving the adit floor with concrete, miners inspecting a damaged section of mine, miner loading drill or blastholes with ANFO (ammonium nitrate / fuel oil mixture) explosives, and long hole drilling.
  • Technical elements of the underground mine depicted include a mining device and ore in a chute (annotated ‘1290 crusher’), the conveyor, ‘LH drill’, ore processing machine annotated ‘1350 breaker’, and an electrical box titled ‘Weighometer’.
  • Specific locations shown include ore draw points, ore passes, access drifts, a hatch and door titled “Fuel station 1415”, and a dead end drift with a stack of equipment and an orange cable annotated “1335 access electrical stations”.

Cassiar Aerial Photographs

Photographs depict aerial views of the Cassiar townsite, plantsite, tailings pile, mine road, bench and pit mine, mine buildings (tramline loading station, crusher, shop, and garage), and surrounding mountain range. Here "aerial" refers to photos depicting a large area and taken from the air or from a high point of elevation.

North Peak Strip Mining

Photograph depicts the North peak of McDame mountain after extensive strip mining, South peak unmined in background. Old mine garage visible on right of West peak in foreground. Crusher plant partially visible on far right. Photograph believed to have been taken just prior to the development of the pit mine between the North and West peak.

Waste in Mine Valley

Photograph depicts large swath of dark waste down mountainside to right of valley. The waste dump is believed to be visible at top of swath on right of image. Bench mining visible on the North and South peak in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Oct. 25 / 65 4:25 PM."

Early North Peak Strip Mining

Photograph depicts the North peak of McDame mountain in the earlier stages of strip mining, South peak unmined in background. Quonset and other shops visible in left foreground, unknown building built into mountainside in right foreground.

Strip Mining, 1971

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine after extensive strip mining. It is believed that the North and South peak stand in background, and the West peak in foreground. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "1971".

Mine, South East View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine, switchback road in foreground, mountain range in background. Pit is visible behind the West peak. The new mine garage can be seen on West peak just above "#7 switchback" in centre of image. Photograph was taken from the air, portion of plane visible in top left of image.

Mine, East View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine, switchback road in foreground, mountain range in background. Pit is visible to right of West peak. The new mine garage can be seen on West peak just above "#7 switchback" in centre of image.

Mine, South East View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine, switchback road in foreground, mountain range in background. Pit is visible behind the West peak. The new mine garage can be seen on West peak just above "#7 switchback" in centre of image. Photograph was taken from the air, portion of plane visible in top left of image.

Mine, North East View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine in foreground, north east mountain range in background. Tramline station and crushing plant visible in foreground in front of pit. Photograph was taken from the air, portion of plane visible in top left of image.

Mine, North East View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine in foreground, north east mountain range in background. Tramline station and crushing plant visible in foreground, west of pit. Photograph was taken from the air, portion of plane visible in top left of image.

Mine, North View from Airplane

Photograph depicts the Cassiar mine above valley, north mountain range in background. Tramline station and crushing plant visible to west of pit. Photograph was taken from the air, portion of plane visible in top left of image.

West Peak from Airplane

Photograph depicts the West peak of the Cassiar mine, pit partially visible below. Mining equipment barely visible in foreground at highest elevation of mine, north west mountain range stands in background, and mine valley crosses midground.

Pit & Crushing Plant

Photograph depicts a portion of the pit in foreground at the Cassiar mine. Crushing plant visible in centre below base of West peak. Footwall road in midground, mine valley in background. Building near trucks at top of pit was called the "shifter shack," where crews were relieved or dropped off for work.

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