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Aleza Lake Research Forest fonds
2007.1 · Fondo · 1913-2001

Contains significant materials covering a wide range of topics related to forestry research and forest management practices in Central British Columbia from the 1920s to the 1980s with the bulk of the materials dating from 1924 to 1963. Includes early surveys and descriptions of the Upper Fraser area, early maps and plans of the Research Forest, and historical meteorological registers from the area. Also includes unpublished scientific reports, communications, administrative and technical reports, timber sale records, and general forestry related reports and publications. Photographs include images of the Experimental Station dating from its inception and images of the Young Men's Forestry Training Program situated at Aleza Lake in 1936. Research records include experimental plot files that contain field notebooks dating from 1928 to 1958 which note locations of the experimental plots as well as sample plots from the surrounding areas of Hutton, Penny, and Foreman. The field notebooks also record growth and mortality data of white spruce balsam from 1928 to 1958 and soil types. The fonds also contains some records related to the re-emergence of the Aleza Lake Research Forest (ALRF) in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Grant Hazelwood fonds
2023.7 · Fondo · 1943-2015

Fonds consists of material created and collected by wildlife biologist Grant Hazelwood in relation to his work and research regarding wildlife, habitat, and wilderness parks. Includes material regarding Hazelwood's Tailed Frog (Ascaphus truei) research. Also includes records regarding his contracted biologist work via his consultancy business, Alpenglow Resources, on the BC Ministry of Environment's "Upper Nass Assessment Project", a project that included the biophysical mapping of the Northwest-Klappan Road Access Area.

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Publications and Reference Material
2006.18.4 · Séries · 1949-2016
Parte de Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

Series consists of publications created by those associated with the Aleza Lake Research Forest as well as the Aleza Lake Research Forest Society itself. Includes various clippings and articles from serial publications such as newspapers and newsletters that focus on the ALRF. Also includes publications that served as reference material on topics relevant to the ALRF.

Canadian Institute of Forestry fonds
2007.39 · Fondo · 1951 - 1965

This fonds consists of membership lists and application forms, correspondence, reports, minutes, information bulletins, and constitution & by-law information created or received by the Canadian Institute of Forestry - Cariboo Section during its first years of establishment.

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"Northeastern Loggers' Handbook"
2006.18.4.21 · Dossiê · 1951
Parte de Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

File contains an original copy of a United States Department of Agriculture Handbook No. 6 "Northeastern Loggers' Handbook" by Fred C. Simmons. This handbook includes detailed information about logging tools and techniques, many of which would have been used in British Columbia logging practices.

2000. · Dossiê · [ca. 1955] - 1977
Parte de Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

File contains photographs featuring the tramline at Cassiar which ran from the crushing plant at the mountain mine to the plantsite in the valley (a drop of 427 meters). The first ore was originally transported by truck to the plant until the gravity chute was built in 1953. This chute was replaced with the first aerial tramline model in 1956, which was succeeded by the second model in 1975. This file also includes one photo of the original gravity chute, and one photo depicting a tramline worker.

Additionally there is a collection of eighteen photographs of tramline cars that were being surveyed for damage and condition, and another collection of six photographs of tramline study. The results of this study determined that there was variances in load sizes of the buckets caused by extra material falling off the panfeeder.

Profile of Dr. William Rowan
2002. · Item · [Transferred to video between 1981 and 2001] (originally created 27 Aug. 1956)
Parte de Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

Item is a profile of Dr. William Rowan, a former zoology professor at the University of Alberta.

Office Staff at Main Office, 1958
2000. · Item · October 1958
Parte de Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

Photograph depicts group of 12 men standing on steps at back of main office. Front row: Jack Berry, Mickey Dopson, Andre Beguin, Fred Murray. 2nd row: Dick Stevens, Rene Pasiaud. Third row: Craigie Hood, Alex Powell. Back row: Dr. Charles Cobb MD, Peter Davies, Chuck Caron (holding paper), Bill Johnston. Berry and Dopson are wearing hard hats. Windows and doors of office building in background. Stamped annotation on recto of photograph: "Munshaw Colour Service Ltd. OCT 24 1958".

2023. · Dossiê · 1960, 1971, 1989
Parte de Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

In July 2009, Dr. Paul Sanborn undertook the first soils field research at the Fort Selkirk volcanic field in central Yukon, with helicopter support and funding from the Yukon Geological Survey. This file consists of prints of aerial photographs that depict the area accessed for the study, upstream from the confluence of the Yukon River and the Pelly River.

Air photographs include:
Flight line A17210, Photo Nos. 54-60 (taken 1960)
Flight line A22354, Photo Nos. 43-45, 47-48 (taken 1971)
Flight line A27516, Photo Nos. 48-52 (taken 1989)

2000. · Item · [ca. 1960?]
Parte de Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

Photograph depicts an unidentified individual wearing a welding helmet, and kneeling behind large bearing cups of one of the Ruston Hornsby diesel engines that turned the generators in the power house on the Cassiar plant. Door, bulletin board, and miscellaneous supplies in background.

Ruston Diesel Engine in Power House
2000. · Item · [ca. 1960?]
Parte de Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

Photograph depicts the large bearing cups of one of the Ruston Hornsby diesel engines that turned the generators in the power house on the Cassiar plant. Engine believed to be under repair. Saw horse, machinery, and electric panels in background.

Research projects
2023.2.2 · Séries · 1960-2024
Parte de Dr. Paul Sanborn fonds

Series consists of records created and collected in relation to research projects Dr. Paul Sanborn was engaged in, often with other colleagues, during his employment with the BC Ministry of Forests and/or the University of Northern British Columbia. These archival research records are predominantly unpublished documents, reports, data, and photographs. Some of Sanborn's research projects did not result in a formal scientific publication. In other instances, some of Sanborn's research projects resulted in only a portion of the collected data utilized for a formal publication.

Sanborn compiled details about each research project and its associated records in a summary note. Each of these notes is provided in PDF format along with its research project series. These notes serve as an essential guide for researchers who wish to interpret, utilize, and repurpose Sanborn's data for other future research projects.

Churchill Look-Out Photographs
2006.18.6.01 · Dossiê · [196-?]
Parte de Aleza Lake Research Forest Society fonds

Photographs are panoramas taken from the Churchill BC Forest Service Lookout, located at latitude 54°04' and longitude 122°16'. The photographs were bound together and include a transparent grid that was intended to be used for locating forest fires.