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Loading Station

Photograph depicts a man in work clothes and hard hat standing with hands placed on the first of many tram buckets hanging in a line. Steel beam framework of station building rises above him. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "[F1?] LOADING STATION EL. 5800". Photograph was glued to cardboard backing with the annotation: "1962".

1961 - Dryer Burners

Photograph depicts the diesel-fired burners of the ore dryers. The large pipes and valves above were part of the fuel supply system fed by Cassiar's fuel tank farm which also supplied the power house generators. The dryer section of the mill received ore from the crushing plant by tramline and truck. These burners blasted the ore with hot air, and dried ore to desired moisture content before it was sent to the dry rock storage building and stored for mill use. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961".

1965 - Office Staff at Main Office

Photograph depicts group of twenty-four men standing on front steps of main office building. Handwritten annotations on recto of similar photograph: "OFFICE STEPS APPROX 1965 / TOP L-R / JULIEN ST. GEORGES / GEORGE TROWSDALE / HANS VELTMEYER / BOB LOVETT / KARL SHULTZ / LOTHAR TISCHLER / - "; "2ND / FRANK CLEMENTS [i.e Kliment?] / BILL PLUMB / HEWETT / - "; "3RD - / - / RENE PASIAUD / DICK [Stevens]"; "4TH / DOC NAVIN / VIC SARAKOSKI / - "; "5TH / CHARLIE GANDER / GORDON EDWARDS / AL FLANIGAN [i.e. Flanagan?] / ANDRE BEGUIN / CHARLIE BRONSON / JACK THORNICROFT". Information in above annotation supplemented with insight from individuals who contributed to Northern BC Archives Facebook Photo ID Project, contact archivist for more information in research file pertaining to this photograph.


Image depicts a large, old piece of machinery, possibly some form of mining or prospecting equipment; it is located in Quesnelle Forks, B.C.

Churchill Look-Out Photographs

Photographs are panoramas taken from the Churchill BC Forest Service Lookout, located at latitude 54°04' and longitude 122°16'. The photographs were bound together and include a transparent grid that was intended to be used for locating forest fires.

ALRFS Natural Resource History Internship

File consists of:

  • David Mills, "Aleza Lake Research Forest Historical Internship Summary" (2 Jan. 2007), 26 p. - In print and original digital .doc file
  • David Mills, "Aleza Lake Forest Experiment Station Socio-Economic Time Line 1905-1937" (2007), 68 p. - In print and original digital .doc file
  • ALRFS employment paperwork for David Mills, the ALRFS Natural Resource History Intern
  • Research notes, including a copy of a map of the town of Aleza Lake in the 1920s

Resource Folio, T.S.H.L. A 01847, Willow River Block, Willow River P.S.Y.U.

File is a Resource Folio of maps and accompanying information created by Northwood Pulp & Timber regarding Timber Sale Harvesting Licence A01847, Willow River Block, Willow River P.S.Y.U. Includes maps that depict ungulates, waterfowl, recreation areas, special influence areas, and timber types. Most of the sheets have a duplicate, some with very slight variations. The following maps are supposed to be included in the but were missing upon arrival at the Archives: fish & topography, cutting permits & roads, and soils.

A Saw

Image depicts a saw and numerous wooden boards at an uncertain location.

Inside Machinery

Image depicts two individuals at work inside what appears to be a piece of machinery. It is possibly located somewhere in Fort St. John, B.C.

Evaporation Gauge (Atmometer)

Image depicts an atmometer. According to the slide, it is being used for measuring the rate of water evaporation "from carborundum stone." The location is uncertain.

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