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Archdeacon W. H. Collison fonds
2009.7 · Fundo · 1870-2006

The Archdeacon W.H. Collison fonds consists of textual materials, maps, published materials and photographs all documenting Collison’s life and work with North Coastal First Nations communities in British Columbia. Types of records found within this fonds include manuscripts, sermon notes, correspondence, oral history summaries, monographs, cartographic items, photographs and postcards. The Collison fonds also includes some records created by his children and grandchildren as well as a family tree created in 1986. The Collison fonds has been divided into four series.

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2009.7.1 · Série · [ca. 1873 - ca. 1939]
Parte de Archdeacon W. H. Collison fonds

Series consists of images pertaining the Collison family, North Coastal First Nations communities, means of transportation along North Coastal British Columbia, and various church structures and religious events.

Kitamaat Girls Home
2004.2.1.162 · Item · 1898-1920
Parte de Reverend R.W. Large fonds

Photograph depicts a multi-level home with chopped wood in the foreground and a forested area in the background. Annotation on verso of photograph states: "Kitamaat Girls Home"

Kitamaat E.L.M. Home
2004.2.1.163 · Item · 1898-1920
Parte de Reverend R.W. Large fonds

Photograph depicts four women on the front porch of a multi-level home. Annotation on verso of photograph states: "Kitamaat E.L.M. Home"

Robert Bernoff collection
2001.24 · Coleção · [19-]

Collection consists of the typescript of "Excellence in Teaching," by Robert Bernoff.

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2009.7.1.055 · Item · [between 1903 and 1914]
Parte de Archdeacon W. H. Collison fonds

Photograph depicts large buildings on shore. Three unidentified individuals can be seen walking on dock in foreground.

Printed on image: "METLAKATLA B.C. / McRAE BROS"; handwritten annotation on verso reads: "A section of Metlakahtla, showing Church & Schoolhouse." See also item 2009.7.1.58 for similar image also featuring the new church building at Metlakatla, B.C.

Collage of 13 Images Decpiting Prince Rupert, BC
2011.3.3.3 · Item · [ca. 1910]
Parte de North Coast & Central BC Postcard Collection

Printed captions below images on recto read: “Souvenir of Prince Rupert BC; Prince Rupert June 1st, 1909; Prince Rupert Sept 1st, 1913; Public School; Water Front; City Hall; Haye Cove; Margaeto Fleet; Harbour Scene; SS Prince Marquitta at Prince Georg; Sunrise Prince Rupert Harbour; General Hospital; Gold Storage Place; Prince Rupert from Summit”.

Ray Williston fonds
2000.13 · Fundo · 1914 - 1999, predominant 1954 – 2001

Fonds consists of photographs, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and memorabilia, correspondence, reports and other textual material. The photographs relate to Mr. Williston’s life from childhood to the late 1990s, the scrapbooks document Mr. Williston’s years in political office, and the textual materials relate to both Mr. Williston’s public life and private interests.

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2000.13.1 · Série · 1914 - 1997
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Series consists of photographs relating to Ray Williston's life from childhood to recent times, air photographs of Prince George, photographs of Bangladesh, and a listing of photographs slated for use in Mr. Williston's biography "Forests, power and policy: the legacy of Ray Williston" written by Eileen Williston and Betty Keller.

Ferry family fonds
2000.8 · Fundo · 1917-[199-?]

The fonds consists of newspaper articles on John Ferry and several documents related to Carney Ferry's work as a CNR agent. The bulk of the fonds documents William Dow Ferry's accomplishments, from his sixth grade report card to law school transcripts, university diplomas and certificates of appointment. Most photos are formal shots of William Ferry but one series relates to his military service, including photographs of soldiers in Whitehorse ca. 1940.

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William Dow Ferry Documents
2000.8.3.01 · Dossiê/Processo · 1920–1966
Parte de Ferry family fonds

Files contain a grade six report card, high school entrance certificate, certificates of appointment to various positions, a photocopy about the Dow Family, a map of the Cariboo District, Judge Ferry’s law degree from the University of British Columbia, his Law Society diplomas and his certificate of appointment to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

2009.7.1.140 · Item · [ca. 1925?]
Parte de Archdeacon W. H. Collison fonds

Group of six men sit and stand on small boat close to shore. Rev. W.E. Collison stands on far right (son of Marion and Archdeacon W.H. Collison).

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Dr. Macdonald Med officer (Kincolith) / Dr. [McQuarrie?] Med officer Victoria / Steven Clayton Native boat owner / Capt. Bary - Insp. of Indian Schools / W.E. Collison Indian agent. / Inspection trip to villages of upper Nass River".

Boy’s Parliament
2000.13.1.2 · Item · 1930
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Item is a photograph of the Boy’s Parliament taken on the steps of the Legislature in Victoria. Mr. Williston is on the left in the second row from the front.

Personal Papers and Correspondence
2008.3.4 · Série · 1935-1999
Parte de Bridget Moran fonds

Series consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, academic transcripts and diplomas, marriage announcements, a copy of a Last Will & Testament, a copy of a Court Order, a poster, a map, photographs, events programs, lyrics, a copy of a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship and an autograph book all pertaining to the personal life of Bridget Moran.

Success Saskatchewan poster
2008.3.4.03 · Dossiê/Processo · [19-]
Parte de Bridget Moran fonds

File consists of photocopies of oversize poster which featured Charles Drugan's feed barn and photocopies of a Success, Saskatchewan Homesteader's Map, pre 1920.

Bridget Moran fonds
2008.3 · Fundo · 1935 - 1999, predominate 1954 - 1996

This fonds illustrates Bridget Moran’s careers as a writer, a social worker and a social activist primarily within the Prince George region of British Columbia. This fonds also contains records pertaining to her personal relationships with family and friends and her receipt of various honours and awards.

Types of records reflective of her career as a writer include: published articles and unpublished manuscripts, drafts and front cover mock-ups, correspondence with editors from Arsenal Pulp Press, grant applications, notebooks, background material, writer’s workshop invitations and overviews, photographs, oral history interviews and transcripts, and VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications.

Types of records reflective of her career as a social worker and social activist include: annual reports, work journals, correspondence and published newspaper articles re: social policy, photographs, and general background material. Correspondence, photographs and newspaper clippings highlight her personal relationships, while her receipt of honours and awards is demonstrated through copies of letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, photographs, VHS recordings of award ceremonies, event itineraries, congratulatory correspondence, and invitations.

The Bridget Moran fonds has been divided into the following four series:

  1. Published and Unpublished Materials
  2. Career Related Materials
  3. Personal Papers and Correspondence
  4. Honours and Awards.
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Personal Records
2001.15.1 · Série · 1938-[ca. 1965]
Parte de Nedra Jane Paul collection

Series consists of a 1938 Lord Byng High School Annual, two certificates, and a photograph.

Princeton School grade 8
2000.13.1.98 · Item · 1939.
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Item is a photograph of the Princeton School grade 8 class in 1939 with Mr. Williston their teacher.

Staff Princeton Schools 1939
2000.13.1.12 · Item · 1939.
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Item is a photograph of the elementary and secondary school staff in Princeton in June 1939. Mr. Williston is first on the left in the front row. Bill Lucas (centre front row) and Cecil Ritchie (second from the left back row) also became school superintendents.

Grade 8 Princeton Junior High
2000.13.1.10 · Item · 1941.
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Item is a photograph of the grade 8 class at Princeton Junior High School taken in May of 1941 with their teacher Ray Williston.

Service flying training school
2000.13.1.14 · Item · 1944
Parte de Ray Williston fonds

Item is a photograph of graduates of the Service Flying Training school in Calgary taken on October 27, 1944. Ray Williston is third from the left in the front row.

Published and Unpublished Materials
2008.3.1 · Série · 1945-1999
Parte de Bridget Moran fonds

Series consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements, contracts, notebooks, audiocassettes of oral interviews and readings, transcripts, book launch announcements, front cover mock-ups, edited drafts, manuscripts, fact sheets, poems, catalogues, bookmarks, skits, conference events programme, poster, grant applications and related correspondence, a wooden placard, handwritten notes, book reviews, inquest reports, background material, VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications, and ephemera. This series contains material from all five of her publications:

  1. (1988) Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  2. (1990) Judgment at Stoney Creek. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press
  3. (1992) A Little Rebellion. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  4. (1994) Justa: A First Nations Leader. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  5. (1996) Prince George Remembered. Prince George, British Columbia: Moran Publishing.
    This series also consists of, but is not limited to, a number of unpublished manuscripts and drafts and/or writing contest submissions also written by Bridget Moran, such as:
    • "Mary and Me" (ca. 1998)
    • "Where Winds Come Sweet" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Horizontal Land" (ca. 1992)
    • "The Summer of '81"
    • "The Relief Cheque" (ca. 1998)
    • "The Case of the Box of Matches" (ca. 1987)
    • "Unholy Deadlock" (ca. 1990)
    • "The Numbers Game"
    • "Reflections on Theme" (ca. 1967)
    • "Come Hell or High Water" (ca. 1976)
    • "Man Alive"
    • "The Deadbeat Mystique"
    • "Hell on Wheels"
    • "Backstairs at the Palace"
    • "James MacCallum" (ca. 1984)
    • "Hushaby, Baby" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Decline and Fall of Mr. Sullivan"
    • "Case History of a Gadfly"
    • "Welfare and the Good Life"
    • "Childhood Memories" (ca. 1976)
    • "The Three Musketeers" (ca. 1974-75)
    • "A Child's Christmas in Saskatchewan" (ca. 1979)
    • "Diary of Success Homecoming"
    • "My Old Flame" (ca. 1992)
    • "O Ye Dry Bones" (ca. 1996)
    • "Supper, Little Children" (ca. 1983).
Career Related Materials
2008.3.2 · Série · 1945-1999
Parte de Bridget Moran fonds

Series consists of annual reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, records of employment, a Retirement Party guest book, business cards, invitations, speeches, appointment announcements, pamphlets, Bridget Moran's "Oath of Allegiance; Office and Revenue to the Government of British Columbia", social work reports, contracts, copies of Employee Earnings Statements, background material on the case Hale vs. Her Majesty the Queen, and social work notebooks all pertaining to Bridget's career as a social worker with the Province of British Columbia and the Prince George School District, and as a member of the College of New Caledonia (CNC) Board, the Legal Services Society of B.C. and People on Welfare.

Giscome, BC Historical Photograph collection
2011.12 · Coleção · September 1950 - June 1951

This photograph collection consists of 53 photographs featuring primarily Giscome with a few of Prince George. Subjects include the Eagle Lake Sawmill, Eagle Lake, Giscome townsite (including specific buildings and general road perspectives), Giscome School, Division II class photos (1950-51), and the Giscome School teacherage.

Giscome School – streetview along Brown Ave.
2011.12.09 · Item · [ca. September 1950- June 1951]
Parte de Giscome, BC Historical Photograph collection

Street view featuring a dirt road leading directly to Giscome School, a three room institution. On the right the steeple of the Catholic church is visible, beside which was Neff’s (sp?) corner store. Handwritten annotation in pen on verso reads: “Looking up our street. The school is at the end.”

Teacherage outhouse
2011.12.21 · Item · [ca. September 1950- June 1951]
Parte de Giscome, BC Historical Photograph collection

Small wooden outhouse with wooden planked pathway sits in an open field behind the Teacherage. Handwritten annotation in pen on verso reads: “Behind the teacherage. Guess what?”