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Cassiar District mining claims
2008.2.1.037 · Item · [after 1901]
Parte de Northern BC Cartographic Collection

Original linen map depicts mining claims in the Cassiar District of British Columbia that were located in 1900-1901: L. 115 Princess Louise, L. 310 North Star, L. 311 Bonanza, L. 309 Emerald, and L. 312 Emma.

2001.1.088 · Item · 1953-1976
Parte de NBCA Document and Ephemera Collection

This Canadian National Railways trip passes book is believed to have been created and maintained by the Office of the Locomotive Foreman (Boston Bar). CNR pensioners, employees, and employee dependents were eligible for types of trip passes for travel on CNR trains (annual, long service, and trip passes). The use of these passes were recorded in this log book, organized alphabetically by the last name of the employee with alphabetical dividers. Each employee's section includes the employee's starting date of employment, pass destination information, the pass number provided, the date the pass was received, and the signature of the traveller. Some employee sections also contain inserted CNR pass forms and other inserted documentation that include personal information. Numerous other textual materials have been inserted at the beginning and end of the log book, including CNR circulars, policy documents, blank forms, and inter-departmental correspondence regarding pass policies as well as inquiries about specific employees.

2001.1.086 · Item · 2 Sept. 1943
Parte de NBCA Document and Ephemera Collection

Pennock, W.B. RIVER CROSSING EXERCISE. Prince George, B.C. 2 SEP 43. Presented to Major-General H.N. Ganong G.O.C. 8 CDN. DIV. by Lt-Col. W.B. Pennock C.R.C.E. 8 CDN. DIV. 1943. Oblong 4to. 24pp of text, color maps, one showing the proposed crossing of Nechako River. 20 b/w snapshot photos, mounted with corners, each with captions + Appendix A, B and C of facts and figures. A large folding contemporary map of Vernon is laid in, with one of the training zones (?) highlighted on the map in a red square box. Fabricoid spine and corners.

The original typescript for a (presumably confidential and secret) document listing the preparations for defensive manoeuvres in the event of war with Japan taking place in Northern British Columbia. This document describes a simulation of what events and defences could take place, including how to conduct river crossings; when in the war game, the author imagines what would happen should the Japanese invade Prince Rupert as a starting point for the invasion of Canada.

An important document providing insight into the thinking of the Canadian military while preparing for the possibility of Japan extending its war into the North Pacific Theatre during World War II.

2012.11 · Colección · 1844-1935

Collection consists of reproduced archival material collected from other heritage institutions in order to facilitate regional access to records.

2012.11.3.2 · Item · 1865-1866
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Reports as follows: Number 2. Report of the Exploration from Quesnal to Lake Tatla, via Natla and Nakosla, by Major Frank L. Pope. 1865. Title page, map, and pages 1-36. (Pages 15-17: Indian tribes; pages 32-36: vocabulary of "Siccany" (Sekani) tribe, living n. w. of Lake Tatla.) Number 3. Report of the British Columbia and Stekine Exploring Expedition, by Major Frank L Pope. 1866. Title page and pages 1-42. (Pages 27-28: Indian tribes; pages 29-30, Trading with Indians.) Number 4. Report of the Lake Babine and Skeena River Exploration, by Captain James L. Butler. 1866. 19 pages. Number 5. Report of the Atnah & Northern Explorations, by Captain J. Trimble Rothrock. 1866. 10 pages. Number 6. Report of Provisions Expended by the Stekine Exploring party; and proposed plan of an exploration from the Stekine to the Youkon, by George Blenkinsop. 1866. 8 pages, including map.

2012.11.2.7 · Item · 16 July 1858
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Wyld, James. "Map of the Colony of New Caledonia and the British & American Territory West of the Rocky Mountains including Vancouvers Island and the Gold Fields" by James Wyld, Geographer to the Queen & the Prince Consort, Charing Cross East & 2 Royal Exchange, London, July 16, 1858.

2012.11.2.5 · Item · 1878
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Mckay, Joseph William. "Recollections of a chief trader in the Hudson's Bay Company." 1878 Hubert Howe Bancroft Collection. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkley. BANC MSS P-C 24.

Details from Bancroft Library:
McKay came from Canada to Fort Vancouver in the Hudson's Bay Company service in 1844. Describes disturbed conditions in the old Oregon country, in consequence of the American influx; duties in 1845-1846 escorting British officers; visit to San Francisco and Hawaii in 1846 on Company business; Frémont's activities; experiences in charge of Fort Simpson, 1846-1849; relations with the Russian American Company and Indians of the Northwest Coast; duties on Vancouver Island, 1850; discovery of gold on Queen Charlotte Island, 1851, and of coal at Bellingham Bay, 1853; life at Fort Simpson during the Crimean War. Includes typed transcript. (21p. )

2012.11.2.1 · Item · 1871-1900
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Chismore, George. "Record of travel from Skeena Mouth to Peace River mines." George Chismore Papers. 1871-1900. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkley. BANC MSS 81/24p.

Details from Bancroft Library:
Include: journal of journey to Peace River Mines, British Columbia, June-Dec. 1871, with descriptions of mines and mining, encounters with Indians, and an account of performing surgery on an injured miner; eleven journals, 1883-1893, primarily of hunting trips to Rogue River, Oregon, and one journal of trip to Siskyous, with descriptions of wilderness, life in hunting camp, account of associations with black ex-slave woodsman-hunter of Rogue River area; journal of trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, June-Sept. 1898, with descriptions of museums, churches, palaces, impressions of life in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other European cities; journal of trip to Panama, Jan.-March 1900; collection of speeches to Bohemian Club; collection of his poems, ca. 1897. Also includes articles about Chismore's medical career. (32p.)

2012.11.2.2 · Item · 1866
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Chismore, George. "Log-book of a trip among the Siwash of British Columbia." George Chismore Papers. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkley. BANC MSS P-K 219.

Details from Bancroft Library:
Logbook of "a trip among the Siwash of British Columbia" (August 31-September 28, 1866), on the way to join, as surgeon, the Western Union Telegraph Company's expedition for the Russian Extension; record of a hunting trip to Old Tongass, March 3-9, 1870, and of a prospecting trip in British Columbia, June 25-July 20, 1870; a paper read before the Geographical Society of the Pacific in 1881, "From the Nass to the Skeena [Stikine]." An obituary clipping relates to Dr. Chismore's practice of medicine in San Francisco after 1873. (25p.)

2012.11.2.3 · Item · 1878
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Compton, Pyms Nevins. “Forts and fort life in New Caledonia under Hudson’s Bay Company regime.” 1878 Hubert Howe Bancroft Collection. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkley. BANC MSS P-C 5.

Details from Bancroft Library:
Compton landed at Victoria in 1859, and was afterward stationed at Fort Simpson. A sketch plan of Fort Simpson is included. (9p.)

2012.11.2.4 · Item · 1878
Parte de Northern BC Archival Replica Access Collection

Cooper, James. “Maritime matters on the Northwest Coast and affairs of the Hudson’s Bay company in early times.” 1878. Hubert Howe Bancroft Collection. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkley. BANC MSS P-C 6.

Details from Bancroft Library:
Describes his maritime service with the Hudson's Bay Company from 1844, and the early development of Victoria and Vancouver Island. Primarily an account of the Hudson's Bay Company control over the region and the evolution of local and provincial government.

2014.9 · Item · [1996?]

Prince George's Central Interior Radio station CJCI interviewed Mayor John Backhouse about his 25 year career in Prince George at the end of his mayoral term. The interview covers his early career in England, his job at the Prince George Public Library as Chief Librarian, and his activity in Prince George municipal politics.

2013.15 · Colección · 1991-2001

Collection consists of various originals, drafts, and photocopies of development planning reports for the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of British Columbia. Many of the reports were authored by the Cariboo Economic Action Forum.

Columbia Cellulose Company, Ltd. fonds
2012.05 · Fondo · 1959-1970

Fonds consists of documents providing information on the Columbia Cellulose Company, Limited covering the period of 1959-1970. These documents detail the company’s history, historical and geographical context, and plans for the future. Files often include photographs, maps, and technical drawings of the mills.

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Dr. Bill Morrison fonds
2013.18 · Fondo · [between 1985 and 2002]

Collection consists of a selection of academic research papers from Bill Morrison. Consists of academic works written by Morrison (often in collaboration with Ken Coates), papers presented at conferences, and background material that related to his research.

Louise Burgener collection
2015.02 · Colección · 1980-2000

Collection consists of records related to the Alcan/Kemano project on the Nechako River circa 1980-2000 from the Nechako Neyenk'ut Society, the Rivers Defense Coalition, and the Smelter Study Group.

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