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Lax Kw'alaams, BC

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Lax Kw'alaams, BC

  • UF Port Simpson, BC

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Lax Kw'alaams, BC

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Arthur Wellington Clah carrying bundle and gun

Clah or T'amks [Tsimshian name] stands on wood platform in front of shovel and pickaxe leaning against building. Clah was a hereditary chief and Hudson Bay Company employee who helped missionary William Duncan learn the Tsimshian language.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: " 'Clah' or the pioneer missionary's [...?]"

Chopping fire wood near Ft. Simpson

Photograph of a person chopping down firewood in a forest. Printed annotation on recto reads: "Chopping Fire-Wood, near Fort Simpson, 1118." Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "55 Avenell Road, N. 29-2-'08 I wanted to write you a letter, but have had suck a lot to do, I find there isn't time before Prayer meeting; and as I haven't been able to go to P.M. for the last three weeks, I am sure you won't mind just for this once. Here is a p.c. of Canada which I promised you; don't you think it is pretty? Things are going on pretty well now; mother is better & Daisy- well, I never saw SO much improvement in anyone in one short week. As much love as if this were the longest letter I have ever written you, from Effie." Postcard is addressed to: "Mis J.G. Grafton "Belmont" Tividale Road, Tipton, Staffs." Verso is affixed with a British halfpenny green stamp and canceled with a postmark that reads: "Highbury S.O. 915 PM Fe 29 08."

Construction of Tent Church in Caledonia

Photo of 2 men working with hand tools. Printed captions on verso read: "S.P.G. Missionary Post Card - No. 14.", "ERECTING A TENT CHURCH IN CALEDONIA.", "THE S.P.G. supports work in many of the dioceses of N.-W. Canada. The diocese of Caladonia was formed in 1879". Handwritten annotations in pencil on recto read: “PRINCE RUPERT AREA B.C.”, “The Rev S.B. Priston, Farm Cottage Farm lane, Fulham. Thankyou so very much for all you did last night. I am so sorry I did not see you after it was all over to thank you. R.A.[?] You never came to eat the [?] there are heaps.” Half pence postage stamp on recto is canceled with ink stamp reading "DE 7 04".

Cropped View of Port Simpson, BC from Water

Pier, house, and tress with snowcapped mountains in background. Image has been cropped to oval shape. Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “Port Simpson B. C. showing magnificent background in the distance”, on recto: "W. I. O'Neill Es. Aberdeen B.C. Hope you are well my dear D.D. - Have written to K. and are sending you and [?] Boy each a card. [?] will wish to saw we are all ok. Yours, M.", "Yours 10derly". Recto stamped "PORT SIMPSON B.C. MR 14 07".

Eastern section of Port Simpson, BC

Photograph depicts town buildings on opposite shore. Beach and dock can be seen in foreground.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Chapter XXII, No 1. Eastern Section of Port Simpson as christianized."

Epworth League Officers, Port Simpson

Photograph depicts a group of nine men holding a flag and banner that states: "The Epworth League of The Methodist Church of Canada." Annotation on verso of photograph states: "Epworth League Officers Port Simpson This is a fair sample of the "shots" I made"

Eulachon boiling tanks on the river's edge

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "In the foreground is the boiling tanks for the ooligans. A fire is lit in the tanks then big stones heated red hot. When the water becomes boiling hot then the ooligans are shoveled in & left over night. During the night, skin & bones settle to bottom & fat comes to the top. Then with a board the width of the tank, pails hung on a spout at the end of the tank, and fat is scraped into the pails and used for butter. In the background is the smokehouse."

Historical North Coast Photograph Album

  • 2006.45
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1897]

Contains photographs generally depicting landscapes, water scenes, and views of towns on British Columbia's north coast. Includes images featuring sternwheelers and other boats, canneries, fisheries, and individuals. Locations depicted include Port Essington and Port Simpson (Lax Kw’alaams) in BC, Fort Wrangell in Alaska, and other unknown towns. Includes one photograph of a man named Max Lohbrunner, and many other images depicting unidentified individuals.

Illustration of Tsimshian and Haida peoples on shore of Fort Simpson, BC

Photograph has been altered with drawings of people on shore fighting canoes approaching the town. Buildings stand behind fenced and walled areas in background.

Handwritten annotation below image reads: "Drawing by F.A., old Hudson B. [...?]"; on verso: "27. To head Chapter III. No. 2. Tsimshians and Haidas fighting on shore at Fort Simpson."

Memorial dedicated to Ligeex, Head Chief of Port Simpson

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Native Lucaie (aka: Legaic or Ligeex) Head Chief at Pt. Simpson, tomb stone on the beach." Text on headstone reads: "In memory of First Lecaie, A Head Chief, died a long time ago before the white people came, also three other Head Chiefs named Lecaie, also Paul Lecaie a Head chief of the Tsimpshans Nation who died a Christian by at Port Simpson, B.C. Jan 7, 1891, Aged 45 years. Paul Lecaie said the day he died to his people: 'One thing I hope, I would die in a lonely place, so no one would see me and I hope my people will not find me for five hours, for I think I should be in Heaven by that time and if they find my body after that...they can do as they will.' His body was found 8 hours after God gave him more than he hoped for.”

Monument at Port Simpson, BC

Tall monument featuring a man's profile stands in foreground. Base of monument features writing on plaques.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "No. 30 Paul [Segaics?] Monument at Port Simpson".

Near Port Simpson

Photograph depicts a wooden boat run aground on a sandy beach. Annotation on verso of photograph states: "near Port Simpson"

North Coast & Central BC Postcard Collection

  • 2011.3
  • Collection
  • 1901 - [ca.1930]

A collection of postcard photographs of Port Essington BC, Port Simpson BC, Atlin, Quesnel, McBride, Hagwilget Village, Giscome, Likely, Kitwanga, Smithers, Prince Rupert BC, Prince (Fort) George BC Images depict street scenes, water scenes, community events, businesses, buildings, and aerials of the towns. Collection also depicts a number of Northern BC paddle wheelers.

Opening of Grace United Church in Port Simpson

Clergy standing at the entryway to the newly reconstructed church as the choir walks towards them in two lines. The attendant congregation watches. The original Grace Methodist Church had been dedicated in the late 1800s and had its name changed to Grace United Church with Church Union in 1925; it was destroyed by fire, however, in 1931. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Opening of new church 1938."

Opening of Grace United Church in Port Simpson

Clergy standing at the entryway to Grace United Church speaking to a crowd gathered to witness the opening of this newly reconstructed church. The original Grace Methodist Church had been dedicated in the late 1800s and had its name changed to Grace United Church with Church Union in 1925; it was destroyed by fire, however, in 1931. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Opening of new church 1938. The left hand row of people with the white collars were the P.S. Choir. The right hand row was the band & Chair from Metlakatla, Alaska."


Series consists of images pertaining the Collison family, North Coastal First Nations communities, means of transportation along North Coastal British Columbia, and various church structures and religious events.


The images consists primarily of 130+ photographs taken by or belonging to Reverend R.W. Large, MD which depict communities on the Northwest Coast between approximately 1898 and 1920 including Bella Bella, Rivers Inlet, and Port Simpson, including native villages in which Reverend Large worked. Images show scenes of native fishing, canneries, mission hospitals, churches, girls schools, portraits of native families, and Northwest Coast totems. Other images include 25+ photographs and postcards from the Large family depicting ships and boats on the North Coast.

Reverend R.W. Large fonds

  • 2004.2
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1898]-1960, prominent 1900-1920

Consists of 165 black and white photographs depicting Northwest Coast communities including Bella Bella, Rivers Inlet, Port Simpson, and Prince Rupert between approximately 1900 and 1920. Also includes postcard images of ships and boats on the North Coast belonging to the Large family, from Reverend Large's son Dr. R.G. Large. Also includes 39 colour slides ca. 1960 of ship scenes and weather balloon launches from the Dr. R.G. Large family.

Large, R.W., Rev.

River Boats at Port Simpson, BC

Photograph depicts sternwheeler, smaller boat, and canoe in foreground. Second sternwheeler named the 'Caledonia' can be seen anchored to shore in background. Town buildings stand on hill in background. Photo believed to have been taken in Port Simpson, B.C.

Statue and headstone of grave at Port Simpson, BC

Photograph depicts a figure with two heads standing above stone reading "Here lies the last but not the least because He is the last of all his line the [?] Tribe ABEL WARD SOLOMON WARD". Bushes, building, and hill visible in background.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Port Simpson BC".

Thomas Crosby Mission Ship Photograph Collection

  • 2009.21
  • Collection
  • 1932-1946

Subject areas identified in this collection include: church and hospital buildings (including nurses quarters); group photos featuring doctors, nurses, and hospital workers; grave markers; landscapes; processing of oolichan fish; and various church-related events such as weddings and church openings.

Thomas Crosby Mission Ships

Three women standing on a boardwalk

Three women, two wearing hats and pants and one in a dress, stand together in front of what is possibly the Hudson's Bay Store. The woman on the left is Mrs. Huston, wife of the Hudson's Bay Company store manager. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Light House caretakers, wife in centre, Lady with cap on, wife of ....the Hudson Bay Store at 1932 ."

View of Port Simpson, BC from Water

View of pier, cluster of houses and trees with snow topped mountains in background. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Hospital” with an arrow pointing to the building. Postage cancelation stamp on verso reads: "PORT ESSINGTON B.C. JUL 7 07". Handwritten annotation on recto reads: “PORT SIMPSON. Mrs. Noble Port Essington B. C. Hope you are feeling better. I am doing splendidly have not felt so well for years. Dr. advises me to stay at least another month A.W.B.”

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