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Archival description
2000.21.1.15 · Item · ca. 1961 [?]
Part of Jack Carbutt Collection

Item is an audio reel to reel recording of Jack Carbutt's Armistice Day Broadcast (ca. 1961 [?] including a rebroadcast recording of the Right Honourable William Lyon McKenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada recorded during the inauguration of the Dominion Carillon, Ottawa on July 1st 1927. Extent 30 minutes

Armistice Day 1914 – 1918
2000.21.1.16 · Item · [196?]
Part of Jack Carbutt Collection

Item is an audio recording of music entitled "Armistice Day 1914-1918" used by Jack Carbutt for his Remembrance Day radio broadcasts. Accompanying note signifies music provided to Carbutt by Bill Ward.

“Dance Tape”
2000.21.1.19 · Item · May 1979.
Part of Jack Carbutt Collection

Item is a reel to reel recording entitled 'Dance Tape' containing music possibly used by Carbutt in his radio show. Extent 15 minutes

2000. · Item · 11 June 1952
Part of Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

Photograph depicts men building truck dump in foreground, building believed to be power house in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 11th: (3) Framing water tank tower. Water well in foreground and tower timbers and oil tanks in background. Looking east." [Note believed to be incorrect.]