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Transportation and Utilities
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Manager's Photos - Oil Tank Foundations

Photograph depicts building materials and men working in construction area on plant site. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 11th: (2) Walls for power house poured. Oil tank foundations in foreground and mill in background. Looking south."

Manager's Photos - Truck Dump & Power House

Photograph depicts men building truck dump in foreground, building believed to be power house in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 11th: (3) Framing water tank tower. Water well in foreground and tower timbers and oil tanks in background. Looking east." [Note believed to be incorrect.]

Manager's Photos - Water Tower, North West View

Photograph depicts water tower framework. Building materials, truck, and oil tanks in foreground; mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 28th, 1952: (8) Water tower erection. Looking northwest."

Manager's Photos - Diesel Engine Foundations

Photograph depicts 8 men and possibly 1 woman working in construction area, mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "2. Pouring concrete for second Ruston diesel engine. In foreground is the first diesel foundation stripped of concrete form ready for engine. Looking west."

Manager's Photos - Snow Conditions in Mountain Gully

Photograph depicts mountain side, semi-covered in snow. Snowbank in foreground. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "8. Shows snow conditions in gully just north of talus deposit on south slope. Note considerable snow still above road. Estimated depth of snow here to be from 10 to 20 feet [see also item 2000.]."

Manager's Photos - Warehouse at Watson Lake

Photograph depicts a long one-story building in airport yard at Watson Lake. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "1. Warehouse, containing refrigerator in the far end and heating plant in the near end. Locked and in good condition."

Manager's Photos - Bunkhouse Buildings at Watson Lake

Photograph depicts five long buildings in flat area at Watson Lake Airport, power poles in foreground. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "4. Group of buildings used as living quarters (not prefab). In fair condition. Many good windows and doors, and electrical fittings. Picture taken looking west."

Manager's Photos - Pump House & Water Tank at Watson Lake

Photograph depicts a small building and large water tank at end of road in flat, wooded area at Watson Lake Airport. Truck to left, power poles barely visible in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "6. Pump house and water tank. Contains both electric and diesel driven pumps all in excellent condition. Building locked."

Manager's Photos - Bunkhouse Buildings at Watson Lake

Photograph depicts four bunkhouse buildings leading to recreation hall at Watson Lake Airport. Power poles on left. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "7. Same group of buildings as in picture No. 4 [see item 2000.] showing steel building on the end [see item 2000.]. Picture taken looking east. Note: There are at least as many more buildings again as shown in these snaps."

Manager's Photos - Diesel Engine Foundations

Photograph depicts man working on foundation site, building materials in foreground, oil tank and mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "10. Shows one foundation already poured for the diesel engines, and behind is seen the concrete form for the second."

Manager's Photos - Snow Plowing Mine Road

Photograph depicts high snow bank on right, side of tractor plow on left. Mountainside in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "3. Plowing snow on road to mine. This location is just past the Upper Camp. Our TD-14 tractor to left."

Manager's Photos - Surveying Power House Site

Photograph depicts snowy, cleared area bordered by dirt piles. Stakes visible in mid ground, trees and mountainside in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "3. Survey stakes on power house site. Snow piles in background."

Manager's Photos - Industrial Water Well

Photograph depicts man working in dirt area behind wood fence-like structure. Trees in background, track plow semi-visible on right. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "8. Well for industrial water. Located in Northwest corner of Plant Site."

Construction Album - New Mill

File contains photographs documenting the construction of Cassiar's new mill building. Photos depict early excavation, foundations, framework, construction of all seven stories, sheeting, siding, and roof tarring. Also included are photos depicting the large model of the mill, as well as construction work done on the tramline. Photos taken inside the mill depict flooring work, and milling machinery including feed chutes, screens, fans, wheelabrators, control panels, electrical panels, conveyor systems, vacuum systems, and the fan-driven air system that transported the fiber. Many photos depict construction workers, building supplies, worksites, and equipment including cranes, bulldozers, tractors, hauling trucks and trailer flatbeds. Some photos depict aerial views from the new mill and feature the plantsite, tramline, mine road, mountains, and valley.

Maintenance Projects

Photographs depict different construction projects at separate locations in Cassiar. Photographs were originally housed in envelopes with the following annotations: "POLICE STATION. July 15, 1977."; "Aggregates and Concrete (PERMASTEEL)"; "Fibre Storage and Handling"; "Powerhouse Expansion"; "Sewage Collection Plant."; "Sewage Treatment Plant"; "Single Person Accommodations - Site Work."; "Outside Work - Camp Nos. 1,2,3." Photos generally feature the work sites, supplies, vehicles, machinery, and work in progress at each location.

Additional photographs integrated into file include maintenance project on lining of tubes, lining of aspiration hood, and lining of willow fiberizer. Also five photographs of maintenance in the townsite to fix in ground piping.

Clinton Creek Construction

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd opened a second mine in 1967 at what became the one-industry town of Clinton Creek, Y.T. File contains photographs depicting progressive construction of buildings at the Clinton Creek mine, plant, townsite and powerhouse. Mine photos depict the crusher site and tramline station. Plant photos depict the dryer, fibre storage, mill, service, vault, and office buildings, as well as the dry rock storage tunnel, reclaim tunnel, and loading dock. Construction living quarters are depicted as well as the construction of residences at the townsite. The power house was built south of the town and plant, on the shore of the 40 Mile River. Some annotations describe the type of material being used for construction.

General & Community Operations

Subseries consists of photographic material pertaining to the following subject areas: mine operations; plant operations;labour strike 1970s images; townsite operations of the company towns of Cassiar and Clinton Creek (including community activities associated therein and townsite development); as well as, images of mines not owned by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation, but which are believed to have been used for operational research purposes.

Accidents and Incidents

File contains images relating to Incident & Accident Investigations and Occurrences. The photographs are grouped into sets relating to separate incidents.

File contains photographs related primarily to the following subject areas: personnel vehicle accidents, mine vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, fires, and rock falls in the pit mine.

Identified objects include Euclid ore hauling trucks, Wabco ore haulage trucks, drill rigs, derailed train car, Clark forklift, dump trucks, twisted steel girder, and cat machine.

Locations identified include the townsite, mill building, pit mine, tramline, railroad, the powerhouse, the plantsite, and the underground mine.

The following is abbreviated description of the incidents documented in this file:

  • Photos and negatives of a rock slide in the pit mine, a flooding creek, a house severely damaged by fire, a parking lot in Cassiar, and what are speculated to be oil drums.
  • Various of Finning Tractor and equipment damage incidents, one occurred on 2 July 1981 because of HOS blade, another in Nov, 1987, and another in Oct. 1986. Also Euclid accidents, of which one occurred 29 May 1987
  • Photos of split fibre bags in snow, a damaged brown car in Cassiar parking lot, various Blast Hole Drill accidents, of which one occurred in pit in September 1985, and another planned blast that failed to detonate - powergel 'A' slurry failure on 10 June 1985.
  • a derailed train, and a young woman measuring damaged steel trellis.
  • Photos of Drill #707 fallen over in bank, a broken haulage truck, a fire damaged truck, and of Drill and Wzbco accident, #650 Haulage Truck accident on Oct. 24, 1990, and another accident near gas pump area involving truck on 5 Feb. 1987.
  • Photos of damaged tramline after avalanche with annotated envelope "Bill Zemenchick", a set of photos showing tramline trackrope incident in 1986, and a derailed tramline carts in discharge area on 6 October 1986.
  • Photos of Pressure Packer Accumulator Failure from the Plantsite in 1986, incident neraby Fibre Storage building involving #872 Forklift during 80s, another incident involving the #489 Hydraulic Shovel in the Mine during 80s.
  • Photos of broken windshield and overloaded bucket on 30 April 1985, a screw gun malfunction caused by outlet having 600v power source in 1985, incident caused injury.
  • Photos of "G" conveyor accident in April 1988, equipment damage in Underground mine in 1990, damaged screens in Mill, malfunctioning blade incident 11 Jan. 1992.
  • Photos of Cat Engine cracking, damaged garbage truck, Haulage Truck engine failure on 27 Oct. 1986, Truck #84 backed into trench on 17 Oct. 1990, a loader that caught fire 21 June 1989, a grader accident on 21 Nov. 1985, and Haul track #59 broken tie rod that caused significant equipment damage.
  • Photos of a fuel oil spill on 11 June 1990 in the Cassiar valley around plantsite.
  • Photos of ground failure in Cassiar open pit 22 June 1988, 5 May 1987, and 2 Sept. 1987.
  • Photos of damaged tires and damaged cart, a panfeeder accident in trench, shovel accidents on 6 March 1986 and 15 November 1986, Cylinder rod accident on 7 March 1986, manhole incident 9 April 1984, snow damage to building 29 March 1982, another loader engine fire on 3 Sept. 1987, and a broken tail light on 6 April 1988.
  • Photos of accident in Underground mine when drilling piece of shotcrete fell on 20 June 1991, incident of disconnecting sling from chute causing damage on 4 July 1990, and accident in open pit of machinery going off road on 14 January 1988.
  • Photos of Mine Garage Parts-room fire collection; 18 January 1986, also included are two photographs of a Euclid truck - kept with collection of context. Truck could have been used to transport debris.
  • Important collection of three photographs of scoop tram sabotage incident - "foul play" on 15 June 1990. The Scoop tram was used in the underground mine.

Some of the above accidents involved personnel and therefore access is restricted - See Archivist for accessibility.

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