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Generator 4

  • 2005.18
  • Item
  • 1957-1960

Film is a dramatization of the construction of the fourth generator at the Kemano hydro-electric power plant in Kitimat

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

  • 2000.1
  • Fundo
  • 3 April 1952 - 15 March 1993

Fonds consists of textual, photographic, cartographic, electronic and promotional films/video recordings related to the mining operations of Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation (CAMC) and creation of Cassiar townsite. CAMC records primarily consist of records related to mining operations including construction, engineering, daily mining operations, administration of CAMC, tallies of extractions, labour and union activities, corporate events and visits by dignitaries. Townsite records are primarily visual representations of townsite construction, including the creation of health, education and community services including Cassiar's private hospital, school, library, as well as townsite images. Photographs include documentation of natural and man-made landscapes within the Cassiar region of Northern BC. Other holdings include a near complete run of Cassiar's community newspaper.

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Photographic Material

The Photographic Materials series consists of 6100 photographs, 900 slides and negatives documenting a wide variety of subject areas pertaining to both the operations of Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd., and the company township of Cassiar, B.C. Types of subject areas found within this series include, but are not limited to: mine, plant, labour, and townsite operations at the company towns of Cassiar and Clinton Creek (including community activities associated therein and townsite development); construction of plant and mine buildings ; mines and equipment not owned by Cassiar Asbestos Corporation, but which are believed to have been used for operational research purposes ; aerial photographs ; company exploration of further mineral deposits outside of Cassiar ; official tours ; community images, promotional material ; executive portraits. The Photographic Materials series has been further subdivided into the following 4 subseries: Exploration & Development, Construction, General (Mining) Operations & (Townsite) Community Operations, and Corporate Affairs.

Documented Exploration

A collection of 10 photographs of documented exploration in the early 1950s in and around the Cassiar area. Noted locations are Quartz Creek, Mocassin Mines, Blue River Bridge and the Alaska Highway.

Early Cassiar Site

A collection of photographs from the site that Cassiar was being built in the early 50s. Photos depict lumber piles, early camp area, the first buildings, mountains, and the creek.
Along with this collection there are a set of images also from the early Cassiar site mainly depicting a dirt road and various individuals and machinery along it.

Kutcho Creek Exploration Camp

This collection is of Kutcho Creek Camp that was set up by a crew led by Cassiar's Chief Geologist Bill Plumb in 1966.

There are six photographs showing the temporary buildings, paths and barrels. These photos were taken from a high hill looking down at the camp. Two photographs depicts the valley of Kutcho Creek area, and the exploration camp is in the distance at foot of hill. One photograph depicts valley of Kutcho Creek area with a body of water in foreground, and mountains in background.
Another photograph depicts man believed to be Matt Bell standing in Kutcho Creek exploration camp. There are tents on either side, a wood structure in background and a sign on wood post: "PLUMB BLVD."
One photograph believed to have been taken near Kutcho Creek, during the initial exploration trip led by Cassiar's Chief Geologist Bill Plumb. Bill stands to left of man believed to be Matt Bell in right foreground. Bulldozer works along talus slope in left foreground.
Another photograph of this initial trip shows a bulldozer working along talus slope in centre of image.

Bill Plumb Exploration

Photograph of Cassiar's Chief Geologist Bill Plumb who led many exhibitions for the purposes of Cassiar's outside exploration endeavors. Various photos in this collection depict Bill on some of these exhibitions.

Infrared dryer

Two large black and white prints of infrared dryers annotated on recto "Thompson Pipe and Steel Company Bulk Material Dryers Van Dorn Iron Works Company" and bearing on verso the ink stamp of a photographer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Diamond core drilling

Six metal storage cases containing primarily slides depicting drill core sections in wooden storage trays. Cases contain inventories of slide images as well as annotations which document the year, drill hole number, and the length along the drill hole from which core sections are taken. In addition to the documentation of drill core sections, the cases contain slides depicting the following subjects: “Representative samples” of drill core fragments, drill core fragments in perspective, “physical characteristics” of the drill cores and the storage trays, the pit mine, a worker in a plaid shirt, close up shots of the geology of the working face, and images annotated “SHOTS OF JADE BOULDER CORE J5-J1”. Five slides originally filed separately and stamp dated “Jul. ‘73” depict what is speculated to be employees working on the diamond drilling project include 2 images annotated ‘R. Dickin Aug ‘72’, ‘I. Oliver Aug ‘73’, ‘S. Zimmer Aug ‘73’, and ‘core shack ’73’. The cases contain 234 7x7cm slides and at least 8 5x5 cm slides which are duplicates of the remaining images. The file also contains a slide strip containing several 7x7 cm slide images.

Geology rock samples

The file contains eight photographs depicting close up images of three rock samples, some photographed with a ruler for scale. One of the rock samples is speculated to be obsidian and the other two are likely serpentine. The images where originally found in an envelope titled "ROCKS" and are likely dated around 1991.

Included in this file are an five photographs of rocks on a shelf, which may be asbestos sample rocks. There are five accompanying negatives to these photographs and are likely dated around 1977. The photographs and negatives were found in an envelope labelled "Negatives - CIMM Photos."

Additionally two negative strips of geology maps of Canada. These negatives were found in an envelope labelled "Negatives - CIMM Papers, Mining, Planning, Geology."

Russian Mine Tour

Photographic negatives depict men on tour in unknown locations in Russia. Images depict urban areas, mining areas, construction of buildings, railway, mineral samples, and equipment including dump truck and electric shovel. Also includes images of area speculated to be a mine pit. Men on tour are dressed in formal attire.

Handwritten annotation in pencil on envelope containing negatives: "Russian 'Asbest' Mine Slides" "7 copies of each - 23 negatives - 161 prints".

Cyprus Anvil Mine in Faro, YT

File contains set of images taken in Faro, Y.T. Annotation on photo envelope reads: “Visit to / CYPRUS ANVIL / FARO Y.T. / SEPT 1975 / BY DALE CARIN / R. WILSON.” Images depict the pit mine operated by Cyprus Anvil Corporation, including a grader, ore hauling truck (likely a Wabco), an explosives transport truck, and unidentified equipment including an electrical utility box and some type of rotating wheel in the mill building.

Thetford Mines, Quebec

The file contains photographs originally found in an unmarked and undated black binder depicting colour-coded mill equipment and machinery. Several of these images are annotated “Bell”, “Bell Asbestos”, and “National”. It is speculated that these images originate from the underground asbestos mine in Thetford Mines, Quebec operated by Bell Asbestos Mines Ltd. and the National Mine in Quebec. One image appears to be, or looks similar to the new mill at Cassiar, built in 1971.

Bagging Machinery at Nordenham, Germany

File contains photographs annotated Nordenham, presumably indicating that these images were taken in the Asbestos Corporation's plant in Nordenham Germany. The images depict bagging machinery in the mill, including a palletizer, automatic sewing machine, packer, shrinkwrap machine, glue applicator and cement bags. Some of the images include detailed annotations.


Photograph depicts an unidentified man engaged in the bagging process at Nordenham Finishing Mill in Germany. Part of trip report.

Visitation of the A.B. Matke Quarry and Plant at Boforkstan Sweden

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to R.C. quarry plant in Sweden. This plant utilized rubber type dust enclosures to maintain low dust levels. Labelled Appendix F, this collection includes: landscape photograph of quarry, seal to conveyor gallery, rubber lined truck, rubber seal on equipment, rubber cover screen, and rubber bucket elevator.

Visitation to Dikkon Works, England

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to Ditton Works, a pipe division of TAC Construction Materials Ltd. Asbestos pipe was made at this particular factory. The company used some Cassiar fibres in their production. Labelled appendix I, this collection includes: photographs of equipment, bagging, packaging, fibre, pipes, and screens from inside the factory.

Trip Report to Afton Mines

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to Afton Mines in British Columbia. This collection of photographs depicts the road maintenance by cat. and grader, the bench heights, levels, scaling, holes and maintenance, and equipment used such as drills, buckets, trucks, crusher for pit maintenance of walls, slopes and angles.

Trip Report to Brenda Mines

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to Brenda Mines in British Columbia. These photographs depict pit design, landscape of field and pit, cable stations, mine rescue truck, and equipment such as graders, trucks, drills and cats.

Trip Report to Similkameen Mine

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to Similkameen Mine in British Columbia. This collection of photographs depicts road conditions of mine pit, bench maintenance, landscape of pit, cable equipment, and machinery such as drills and graders.

Trip to Kaiser Resources and Fording Coal

Photographs from Cassiar trip report to Kaiser Resources and Fording Coal near Sparwood, British Columbia. This collection depicts equipment in the field such as a backhoe, shovel loader, trucks, mobile service trailer for shovel maintenance, dragline bucket and exploration tank drill. there are also landscape photographs of the mine area.

Trip Report to Vancouver

Photographs from Cassiar trip to Whitewood and highvale Mines. This collection includes photographs of Rapier Dragline depositing spoil, Erie Dragline, Dragline bucket size, Marion Dragline, coal removal with Bucyrus-Erie coal shovel, Euclid coal hauler, Caterpillar loader removing coal, Euclid hauling coal seam, Highwall and spoil pile, angle of spoil pile, landscape of reclamation mined land, beginning of vegetation, utilization of reclaimed land, water druck and road between spoil piles.

Asbestos Milling in Welshpool, Australia

Photographs of asbestos milling in Welshpool, Australia. Collection depicts the mazza machine, mixing plant, beam rollers, paper machine, asbestos feeder, asbestos store house, asbestos transport, bower separator, laboratory equipment, curling box rollers, pipe turning lathe, pipe flexural tester and pipe coupling multi parter.

Equipment Research

Various photographs of equipment that Cassiar was researching to potentially purchase.

One photograph of proposed conveyor, to be used to transport material to the stockpile in 1957. One photograph of DUX Jump Tracker from DUX Machinery Corporation in 1976. Four photographs of George O. Hill Supply ltd. "Hill Belt Cleaner" (a rotary cleaner) in 1985. One photograph of George O. Hill "Poly-Teflon Conveyor Roller" in 1991. Three photographs of an overhead container crane from Kingsway Engineering Corporation in 1978. Two photographs of equipment from Sintra for Underground tunneling machinery in 1985. Two photographs (attributed to Ward&Davidson photography in Montreal) of Denovan machine from Victory Tool & Machine Co. Ltd. Two photographs of minpack system of cable from Mincon Inc. in April 1990. Three photographs of Transwest Dynequip from Por Coquitlam in 1990, with a note stating "To big for our need." Four photos of Euclid Trucks. Four photos of proposed Grader for mine from "Champion." Seven photos of Reed Guncrete equipment for shotcrete in 1989.

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