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Spruce dollars

File consists of various "Spruce Dollars" consisting of thin rounds of spruce wood stamped commemorating an event or place. Some are contained in their original plastic bags with some of the bags marked with the names of the people who owned them. File also includes a thank you note from UNBC for the donation.

Family Records series

Series consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Series include mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George. Series includes materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Series also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, series includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

Atlin - the Garrett Store

Image depicts the Garrett Store in Atlin, B.C. A plaque on it reads: "John Garrett, a prominent English cricket player, came to Atlin in 1910 to mine gold. In 1917 he opened this grocery and dry goods store where he also sold his wife's fresh baked bread and sweets."

Pine Tree Restaurant

Image depicts the Pine Tree Restaurant in Atlin, B.C. It is possibly part of the Atlin Museum.

The Caribou Hotel

Image depicts the Caribou Hotel and the Matthew Watson General Store in Carcross, Y.T.

Hudson's Hope - Hotel

Image depicts an old, three-storey building beside a two-storey hotel in Hudson's Hope, B.C.

Honey Sales

Image depicts several unidentified individuals standing in front of a store selling honey.

Chetwynd - Motor Hotel and Esso

Image depicts several businesses in a small section of Chetwynd, B.C. There is a motor hotel and a half-visible sign for an Esso gas station.

Uncle Ben's Beer Advertisement

Image depicts an advertisement for an "Uncle Ben's Beer Malt Liquor" in the Willow River General Store. Map coordinates 54°04'23.7"N 122°28'26.9"W

Willow River Street - Esso Station

Image depicts a snowy street in Willow River, B.C. There are several buildings, one is an Esso station and another is labelled as "Red & White Food Store."

Street in Giscome - Before

Image depicts a street in Giscome B.C. The Giscome Store is located on the left side of the image with the church in the background. Map coordinates 54°04'18.5"N 122°21'57.7"W

Buildings in Upper Fraser, BC

Image depicts a row of buildings in Upper Fraser, B.C. with the store (titled "Paradise") with a Pepsi sign. Map coordinates 54°07'09.1"N 121°56'47.0"W

Upper Fraser General Store

Image depicts the Upper Fraser General Store in Upper Fraser, B.C. Two other signs indicate that it is also a post office and a place that offers propane refills. Map coordinates 54°07'10.8"N 121°56'51.7"W

McBride - Abandoned Corner Store

Image depicts an abandoned building on the corner of a street in McBride, B.C. The faded letters on the side read: "McBride Trading Co. Mens Wear, Drugs, Equipment."

McBride - Engine Services

Image depicts a machine shop somewhere in McBride, B.C. The sign above the door reads "McBride Air Cooled Engine Services Ltd."

Main Street

Image depicts several buildings along the main street in Stewart, B.C.

Prince Rupert - Old Building

Image depicts an old building on the main street of Prince Rupert, B.C. Only half of the business name is visible: "Skeena Color [sic]."

Mackenzie Centre

Image depicts numerous vehicles parked outside a building with a sign which reads "Mackenzie Centre;" it is possibly the mall in Mackenzie, B.C.

Mackenzie - Mall

Image depicts numerous individuals inside a mall in Mackenzie, B.C.


Image depicts a street of businesses, possibly 3rd Avenue, in Prince George, B.C.

3rd Avenue

Image depicts a view of 3rd Avenue with the Columbus Hotel prior to the fire that destroyed it in 2008.

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