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Interior University Society fonds (Dale McMann)

  • 1992.5
  • Fonds
  • 1987 - 1990

The fonds consists of Mr. McMann's records relating to the Interior University Society and the Implementation Planning Group (for the proposed University of Northern British Columbia), including correspondence, minutes, briefs, proposals, and committee and program files. Although a correspondence series was created, correspondence in the form of letters and memos are found in all series.


Accruals consists of recording interviews and research materials generated primarily by Bob Harkins; audio recordings were conducted for radio broadcast on CJCI Radio Station or its affiliates. Also includes video recordings created with Bob Harkins as interviewer or panelist and conducted for broadcast, some with CKPG-TV. Collection also includes video-recordings collected by Bob Harkins related to local and regional subjects of research interest to the creator.

Harkins, Bob

Northern Medical Program / Health Sciences Building Opening

File consists of summaries regarding A Northern Centre of Education for Rural Health, Rural and Northern Health Research, Rural & Remote Health Research and ephemera pertaining to the opening of the Northern Health Sciences Building at UNBC and one CD, Jago Powerpoint & Files..

Learning Skills Centre micropublication, "Inked"

File consists of the following issues of the UNBC Learning Skills Centre micropublication zine, "Inked": Issue No. 1, Oct. 2008 Issue No. 2, Nov. 2008 Issue No. 3, New Years 2009 Issue No. 4, Feb. 2009
*Issue No. 5, Mar.-Apr. 2009

"UNBC's 1st Annual Green Day: 'Spring into Green' - Final Report"

Item is an original final report from UNBC's first Green Day entitled: "UNBC's 1st Annual Green Day: 'Spring into Green' - Final Report". The final report is a compilation of reports written by the organizers of Green Day, the students of ENVS 325 (Global Environmental Change: Science and Policy).

Northern Sport Centre brochures

File consists of: Northern Sport Centre - Grand Opening September 21, 2007 - Commemorative magazine Northern Sport Centre 2007 brochure Northern Sport Centre 2008-2009 Timberwolf Trail Challenge brochure Northern Sport Centre Spring/Summer 2012 Activity Guide
*Northern Sport Centre Summer 2013 Activity Guide

Audiovisual Material

File consists of 6 videocassettes of the construction of ceremonial mace, chairs, and Senate doors for the University of Northern British Columbia.

David G. Fish fonds

  • 2000.10
  • Fonds
  • 1963-1997

Fonds contains 12.5 cm of textual records consisting of drafts of papers, off-prints of articles authored and co-authored by Fish, and files pertaining to his consultancy work in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Also contains digital records and on diskettes (which have been migrated to CD), which include correspondence, memoranda, drafts, and other working files.

Fish, David G.

R. J. Baker fonds

  • 2000.14
  • Fonds
  • 1960- 1961; 1989-1990

The R.J. Baker fonds is made up of two distinct series. The first consists of textual materials including reports and correspondence between R.J. Baker and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Job Training, as well as, copies of reports written by other consultants and by the Implementation Planning Group - all of which have as their subject the creation of a university in northern British Columbia. The second series consists of 26 audio reels created on the Nadleh Whuten (Nautley-Fort Fraser) First Nation community in 1960-61 by Baker while studying the Carrier language in Nautley, BC. The recordings comprise a linguistic study of the Carrier language of that distinct area.

Baker, Ron James

March-April 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 15-Mar-97 - PG Cougars Playoff Game / 16-Apr-97 - Tai Chi Club - Chand, Jeff; de Laronde, Joe / 17-Apr-97 - History Book Launch - Morrow, Trelle; del Mar, David / 18-Apr-97 - Learning Skills Centre - Rudrum, Sarah / 22-Apr-97 - Co-op in Indonesia - Howard, Birch

August 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Aug-97 - Fitness Centre orientation video - Mazo, Cher / 21-Aug-97 - Counting Fish on the Salmon River - Tetreau, Jody; Hartman, Shawna / 21-Aug-97 - AirBC project - Gouger, Claudette / 21-Aug-97 - Orientation 97 - Bacon, Lauren

September 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 24-Sep-97 - Tourism Inventory Project - Webber, Shelly; Draper, Robin / 25-Sep-97 - Northern Advancement Program - Zatorski, Rena / 25-Sep-97 - NAP group / 25-Sep-97 - Cut-aways of Todd Whitcombe in the Lab / 25-Sep-97 - NAP student - Joseph, Phyllis / 25-Sep-97 - NAP - First Year - Constantineau, Edmond / 25-Sep-97 - Start of 97-98 school year - Reed, Alex / 25-Sep-97 - UNBC's first PhD program - Blouw, Max

October 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 7-Oct-97 - Farmer's Market slide show / 9-Oct-97 - Mascot Unveiling - Jago and O'Meara, Jim / 9-Oct-97 - JET session / 21-Oct-97 - Japan exchange - Ing, David / 21-Oct-97 - International Studies program - Munton, Don / 22-Oct-97 - Stand-ups - Rob / 22-Oct-97 - International students - Singh, Manmohan / 23-Oct-97 - Shots of the Brewery and sawmills

January 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 10-Jan-98 - UNBC vs UCC in basketball in Kamloops - Kerr, Nicole; O'Meara, Jim; Box, Brian / 14-Jan-98 - Senate Meeting - Northern Studies approved / 20-Jan-98 - Iona Campagnolo steps down as Chancellor - Campagnolo, Iona

January 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 22-Jan-98 - New Masters of Science Degree - Beveridge, Erin - 1st student / 23-Jan-98 - Laboratory Shots / 23-Jan-98 - New Masters of Science Degree - Blouw, Max / 24-Jan-98 - news@unbc. and stand-ups - Rob / 25-Jan-98 - Web courses - Clarke, Michael / 25-Jan-98 - Rex Murphy on campus for Cross-country Check-up / 26-Jan-98 - Dissecting salmon at Sacred Heart School - Yarmish, Jason

February 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Feb-98 - Interviews about Muskwa-Kechika workshop - Stewart, Gord / 20-Feb-98 - Northern Land Use Institute - Pfister, Bob / 20-Feb-98 - Campus people shots / 23-Feb-98 - news@unbc. and stand-ups - Rob / 23-Feb-98 - University Expansion Plans - Jago, Charles / 23-Feb-98 - Research on Dads and Kids - Pratt, Michael / 23-Feb-98 - UNBC and the Campaign for the Art Gallery - Whittaker, Julia; Young, Jane; Firth, Laura

May-June 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 31-May-98 - Computer Club - Polajnar, Jernej; Turner, Dayton / 31-May-98 - Alumni Reception / 1-Jun-98 - Convocation events on campus / 1-Jun-98 - Construction of Enhanced Forestry Lab / 1-Jun-98 - Convocation at Multiplex - Tape 1

November 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 13-Nov-98 - Basketball interviews - Murdoch, Loralyn; Hausot, Heather; Cheveldave, Nick / 16-Nov-98 - Library shots after Maclean's ranking - Campbell, Neil / 17-Nov-98 - DNA research - Kelly, Joanne; Heath, Dan / 17-Nov-98 - Air Pollution Study -- comment - Sutherland, Dave / 19-Nov-98 - Maclean's ranks UNBC #9 - Jago, Charles

February-March 1999 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 4-Feb-99 - Awards Night / 13-Feb-99 - Cultural Day - Wood, Hiroe; Lu, Christina / 25-Feb-99 - Quesnel Med and Prince George Bed - Napier, Ed / 26-Feb-99 - BC Minister of Aboriginal Affairs visits - Wilson, Gordon / 9-Mar-99 - Matt Halpin Memorial Scholarship - Wiley, Keona / 11-Mar-99 - Fair Trade Fashion Show - Hooper, Elaine

March 1999 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 3-Mar-99 - Basketball camp at Cedars Christian - Woods, Alicia / 5-Mar-99 - Business dinner - Nygren, Joe; McMann, Dale; Calder, Lorne; Butow, Bjorn / 9-Mar-99 - PIRG Office and Recycling at Res - Collins, Bev; Hawkins, Chris / 17-Mar-99 - UNBC Career Fair - Stafford, Mark; Roa, Linda / 19-Mar-99 - Canada Trust donates for environmental bursaries - Jago, Charles; Morabito, Joe

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