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Linda Morra
1996. · Dossier · [before 2006]
Fait partie de Brian Fawcett fonds

File contains correspondence between Brian Fawcett and Linda Morra.

2020.4.6 · Série organique · 1976-2012
Fait partie de G. Gary Runka fonds

Series consists of the client file project records of G.G. Runka Land Sense Ltd., Gary Runka's consultancy business (co-owned with Joan Sawicki until 1991). G.G. Runka Land Sense Limited was incorporated as a company on 30 Nov. 1978 and dissolved on 30 Nov. 2018. Most business activity ceased after Gary Runka's death in July 2013. The company provided comprehensive professional services in land inventory, environmental assessment, integrated resource management, land and water use conflict resolution and interdisciplinary land use planning. Over the course of the company's operation, Gary Runka and his firm consulted on 681 assignments ranging from very large projects (such as the Site C project) to small residential/commercial land capability assessments.

The Land Sense Ltd. client files generally include records such as correspondence, contracts, invoices, project reports, publications, ephemera, memoranda, map excerpts, legal documents, meeting materials, clippings, and handwritten notes. Some client files are accompanied by related maps, photographs, aerial photographs, and/or digital records on storage media.

1996.2.01 · Série organique · 1962-2003
Fait partie de Brian Fawcett fonds

Series consists of Brian Fawcett's correspondence with friends, members of the literary community, and organizations.

Brian Fawcett fonds
1996.2 · Fonds · 1951-2006

Fonds consists of personal papers, books, manuscripts, photographic materials, audio recordings and electronic records arranged into five series, which relate to Mr. Fawcett's personal life, his creative works and his relationships with members of the literary community.

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Highway 16 West: Gateway to Alaska
2000. · Pièce · [between 1967 and 1987]
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The map is part of an advertising pamphlet that depicts the Yellowhead Highway 16. The map highlights towns and tourist attractions along Highway 16 like Hazelton, Kitimat, Vanderhoof, Fraser Lake, Burns Lake, Fort St. James, Prince George, Terrace, and Smithers.

B.C. Ghost Town Map
2000. · Pièce · [between 1970 and 1987]
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

This map depicts where to find ghost towns, forts, First Nation villages, and sites with supposed hidden treasures in British Columbia.

Colonial exploration maps
2000. · Pièce · [between 1967 and 1987]
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The map is split into four time periods of colonial exploration. The map depicts pre-colonial, post-colonial, traditional, and colonial expansion.

British Columbia Mountains
2000. · Pièce · 1968
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The map depicts the highest mountains in British Columbia; includes the Rocky Mountains, the Northern and Southern Plateaus, and the Mackenzie Mountain area.

A look at Canada
2000. · Pièce · 1977
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The map of Canada is part of a greater booklet on Canadian history. This booklet was intended to help those preparing for their Canadian citizenship interview.

Kitimat City Centre
2000. · Pièce · [between 1980 and 1987]
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The map depicts the town of Kitimat and on the other side of the map there is an advertisement for Northland Shipping.

Central British Columbia Map
2000. · Pièce · 1929
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

Map depicts central British Columbia including Prince George, Queen Charlotte Island, Prince of Wales Island, Prince Rupert, and describes what these areas are known for.

Lest We Forget poster
2000. · Pièce · [199-?]
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

The poster lists the names of World War II Canadian Indigenous soldiers from Cheslatta, Lake Babine, Stoney Creek, Tl'azt'en Nation, Mcleod Lake, Lheit-Lit'en Nation, Stellat'en First Nation, Nak'azdli, Broman Lake, Telkwa, Nadleh Whut'en, Burns Lake, Grassy Plains, and Nazko. This poster was created by the Yinka Dene Language Institute.

Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia
2000.23.1.064 · Dossier · 1972-1990
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

File consists of material collected relating to Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia, predominantly the Gitksan-Carrier people. Consists of information on traplines and land claims. Materials include newspaper clippings, pamphlets, a map, a reproduction of a thesis, a poster, and photocopied articles. Highlights include:

  • "The Indian Heritage Series" collectable coins, 1977 (pamphlet)
  • Robin Fisher, "Indian Warfare and Two Frontiers: A Comparison of Washington Territory during the Early Years of Settlement", 1980 (photocopied journal article)
  • Douglas Ridley Hudson, Masters Thesis, "The Historical Determinants of Carrier Social Organization: A Study of Northwest Athabascan Matriliny", 1972 (reproduction)
  • Map of "Band/Reserve Locations in Northern B.C."
  • "Northern Times Magazine", Vol. 6, No. 150 (Sept. 1, 181) and Vol. 7, No. 160 (May 23, 1982)
  • Jo-Anne Fiske Thesis, "And Then We Prayed Again: Carrier Women, Colonialism and Mission Schools", 1981 (reproduction)
  • Yinka Dene Language Institute, "Lest We Forget", [198-?] (poster)
Alcan projects in Kitimat and Kemano
2000.23.1.003 · Dossier · 1975-1999
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

File consists of newspaper clippings, news releases, meeting minutes, cartoon illustrations of the Alcan company, promotional pamphlets, and correspondence. Includes issues of "The Watershed" newspaper (Vol. 1, No. 3) and the "Ingot" newspaper published by Alcan (various issues, 1975-1995). Highlights include:

  • Brian Gardiner, "House of Commons Canada", 1993 (news release)
  • District Municipality of Vanderhoof, Meeting summary regarding "Nechako River Loss An Environmental Flashpoint", 19 May 1993 (booklet)
  • District Municipality of Vanderhoof, "Agenda, Town Hall Meeting", 18 May 1993 (document)
  • Murray Rankin and Arvay Finlay, "Alcan's Kemano Project: Options and Recommendations", 1992 (book)
  • Brian Gardiner, "Submission to the B.C. Utilities Commission Public Meetings on 'Procedural Matters' Regarding the 'Public Review of the Kemano Completion Project'", 1993
  • Hans Edward Albert Kuppers, "The 5th Year Anniversary Collection by HEAK", 1981 (cartoon book)
  • Alcan, Letter of appreciation to Audrey Smedley-L'Heureux, 1979 (correspondence)
  • Audrey Smedley-L'Heureux to NDP Committee, Reproduction of letter regarding "The Need For Continued Support", 1980 (correspondence)
  • Alcan, "Grande Baie", 1981 (booklet)
  • Alcan, "Alcan in Canada", 1979 (booklet)
  • Nechako Neyenkut Society, Certificate of thanks and founding to Ed & Audrey L'Heureux, 1983 (certificate)
  • Nechako Neyenkut Society, Constitution and legal Society Act documentation, 1980 (document)
  • Alcan, "Kemano Completion Project Information", 1994 (newsletter)
  • Rivers Defence Coalition, "Privatising the Nechako River", 1993 (pamphlet)
  • Greenpeace, "The Price of Power", 1993 (pamphlet)
  • Allied Rivers Commission, "The Hidden Costs of Kemano", [199-??] (pamphlet)
  • Alcan, "Special Report", 22 Sept 1993 (booklet)
  • Reproduction of "Concept..". article in the Western Business & Industry Magazine 24 (4), Apr. 1953 (article)
  • "The Watershed" newspaper, Vol.1 No.3 June 1994
The Ingot newspaper
2000. · Dossier · 1976, 1979, 1997, 1999
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

Consists of various partial issues of "The Ingot" newspaper published by Alcan between 1975 and 1999 that are missing pages.

Yukon Telegraph
2000.23.1.105 · Dossier · 1970-1997
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

File consists of material relating to the Yukon Telegraph. Materials include newspaper clippings, correspondence, a magazine, pamphlets, a newspaper, and reproductions of articles. Highlights include:

  • Beautiful British Columbia Magazine, Vol. 32 No. 2 , 1990
  • Ministry of Lands, Parks, and Housing, "Provincial Parks of British Columbia Map", 1980 (pamphlet)
  • Telegraph Trail Preservation Society, "Telegraph trail Hiking & Recreational Guide", [198-?] (pamphlet)
  • BC Provincial Archives, "Atlin- Quesnel Telegraph Line", [191-?] (photograph reproduction)
  • BC Provincial Archives, "Pack Train Atlin Quesnel Telegraph Line", [191-?] (photograph reproduction)
  • BC Provincial Archives, "Cooking at Teamsters Camp Atlin Quesnel Telegraph Line", [191-?] (photograph reproduction)
2000. · Pièce · Feb. 1987
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

This item is the Vol. 2 No. 2 February 1985 issue of the Fraser Fort George Museum Society newsletter titled Museum Mirror. This issue includes a feature on the early days of settlement in British Columbia and an article on Billy and Granny Seymour.