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1965 - Mrs. Navin & others in Library

Photograph depicts Mrs. Navin (wife of Dr. Navin - see item 2000. standing across unknown woman seated at librarian's table covered with books. Bookshelves in background, unknown couple sitting at table in left midground. Handwritten annotations on recto of photograph: "RIGHT / MRS NAVIN".

1992 UNBC Convocation ephemera

File consists of documents and ephemera from UNBC's first convocation ceremony in 1992. Includes:

  • July 1992 issue of "British Columbia Woman to Woman Magazine", featuring Iona Campagnolo
  • An invitation from the City of Prince George Office of the Mayor to attend the UNBC 1992 convocation at the Prince George Civic Centre
  • Napkins from the event
  • A UNBC invitation to the 1992 convocation ceremony
  • The 1992 program booklet provided at the UNBC inaugural convocation

1995 Recipients of UNBC Honourary Doctorates

Photograph depicts group of 17 men and women posed on ceremonial steps in Agora courtyard at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, B.C. Most individuals in group wear regalia. Bridget Moran stands in first row, second from right.

2009 Annual General Meeting

Series consists of 7 mini DVs recording "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 18-19, 2009. Harry Gairns and Mike Apsey spoke and conference panel topics include:

  • Looking to the Past to Inform the Future? Forest History within a Contemporary Context
  • Applying Traditional Knowledge to Future Initiatives: First Nations Historical and Future Relationships with the Forests
  • Forestry History in Our Communities: Robson Valley & Prince George
  • Exploring Our Roots: Forest History Research Methodology
  • From Exploration to Development: Bringing Forest History Forward.

A Classroom

Image depicts the interior of a classroom at an uncertain location.

A Little Rebellion - Promotion - Schools

File consists of:

  • Open letter from Brian Lam, Managing Editor Arsenal Pulp Press Ltd. re: A Little Rebellion (Nov. 1993)
  • Directory of Canadian Schools of Social Work
  • Copies of article "Bridget Moran versus Wacky" (B.C. Bookworld, Winter 1992)
  • Copies of article "Let's stop slandering welfare recipients" by Bridget Moran (The Vancouver Sun, July 23, 1993)
  • Publication order forms for A Little Rebellion, Stoney Creek Woman, and Judgement at Stoney Creek.

"A Question of Balance: Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Interior Operations"

Film is a Canfor promotional video. As described on the video case, "'A Question of Balance' provides an overview of Canfor's operations throughout north central British Columbia and northern Alberta. Through interviews with employees and people in communities where Canfor operates, the video features information on the following areas of interest: safety, forest management, harvesting, pulp and paper production, environmental improvements, new technologies, economic impact, and career opportunities."

Aboriginal Health Sciences program

Videotape contains footage of: 22-May-04 - Aboriginal Health Sciences program - field course near Nautley Reserve Tape 2 - George, Rita (hat); Thomas, Doris (orange); Louis, Kimberley (right); Louis, Cary-Anne (left); Palmantier, Monty

Academic Appointments

Series consists of material related to Weller’s activity obtaining and completing the responsibilities of his academic appointments.

"Accountability in Canadian Intelligence Services"

File consists of an article titled "Accountability in Canadian Intelligence Services" by Geoffrey Weller, a copy of the article from a reprint of the "International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence" Vol.2, No.3, Fall 1988, and related correspondence. This file was originally numbered to correspond with article number 38 listed in Weller's CV.

Album 2: Convocations at UNBC (1995) and UVIC (1996)

File consists of:

  • 9 colour photographs (taken May 26, 1995): Ms. Moran reading the convocation address at UNBC Convocation; Ms. Moran during UNBC Convocation; Bridget Moran and Mary John;Group photo of 1995 UNBC graduates; Group photo of VIPs and recipients of UNBC Honourary Doctorates; Bridget Moran in UNBC regalia; Bob Harkins, Bridget Moran and unidentified woman; Post convocation celebratory BBQ; Bridget Moran and Mary John
  • Tentative convocation itinerary and letter from Martin Cocking, Associate Registrar- Registrar Services to Bridget Moran re: UNBC Convocation (April 1995)
  • Cards of congratulations on Ms. Moran's Honourary UNBC Doctorate
  • The Citizen newspaper announcements re: UNBC convocation
  • Swift Current newspaper article on Bridget Moran receipt of an Honourary UNBC Doctorate (The Sun, May 17, 1995)
  • Letter of congratulations to Bridget Moran from faculty members in UNBC Social Work program (May 26, 1995)
  • Letter of invitation from Dr. David Strong, President of UVic to Bridget Moran to receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws (April 23, 1996)
  • Letter to Bridget Moran from the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees regarding measurement for UVic regalia (May 2, 1996)
  • Letter to Bridget Moran from Manager of Ceremonies and Events regarding convocation arrangements (August 15, 1996); print out of costs incurred at the Victoria Laurel Point Inn (Dec. 1996)
  • Newspaper clipping: "Tenor's Appearance Highlights Convocation" (Times Colonist, Nov. 30, 1996)
  • Newspaper clipping re: Bridget Moran's receipt of UVic honour (The Citizen, Nov. 28, 1996); ticket to UVic Fall Convocation, 1996; card of congratulations.
  • UVic convocation program for the gifting of honorary degrees; invitation to formal Fall Convocation Dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients following the Convocation
  • UVic Convocation itinerary
  • Book of Mementos created by UVic and sent to Bridget (Dec. 18, 1996): Title page: "Bridget Moran, Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Victoria, November 30, 1996"; UVic convocation program for the gifting of honorary degrees; Invitation to formal dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients; University of Victoria Fall Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees, Part II; Citation read (by David Strong, President) on the occasion of the granting of the degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws to Bridget Moran by the Senate of University of Victoria, November 30, 1996; Invitation to formal Fall Convocation Dinner for Honorary Degree Recipients following the Convocation; Place name card "Bridget Moran"; 17 Photographs of Bridget Moran at the UVic convocation
  • UVic Fall Convocation Dinner table listing
  • Letter to Helen Kempster, Manager Ceremonies and Special Events from Mayo Moran re: reading a message to honor her mother during convocation (Nov. 29, 1996)
  • Letter of congratulations to Bridget Moran from Michael, Tracy and Hailey Moran
  • Letter from David Strong to Bridget Moran re: a book of Convocation mementos (Dec. 18, 1996).

"Alternative Silvicultural Systems in the Northern Mixedwoods of Alberta"

Film is a research summary produced by the Canadian Forest Service. As described on the video case: "Initiated in 1992, this research project was intended to test a range of harvesting and silvicultural options in reducing wind damage to residual white spruce on moist to wet sites after harvest of the deciduous overstorey. If forest managers are to successfully implement alternative silvicultural systems on these northern boreal forest sites, mitigation of windthrow will be critical to successful operations. The project also tests growth and yield, regeneration stocking standards, aesthetic and biodiversity components."

Annual reports

File consists of Dr. Robin Fisher's annual report for academic faculty at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) for the year 1994.

Appointments and Reviews

Subseries consists of material involved in Weller’s activity applying for, obtaining, and fulfilling the responsibilities of academic appointments (professorships, tenure, and university administrative positions), including correspondence, application materials, and annual reviews.

April 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 14-Apr-94 - UNBC's Vancouver-based Liaison Officer - Prentice, Lauren / 14-Apr-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 19-Apr-94 - First UNBC graduates - Watson, Jackie; Yandeau, Niki, Bathy, Margaret / 21-Apr-94 - Quesnel Regional Academic Plan - Macknak, Dennis; Facey, Ellen / 22-Apr-94 - Northwest Region Issues - Anderson, Margaret / 22-Apr-94 - First UNBC Graduate - Gordon, Myron

April 1995 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 17-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate - Breen, Kelly / 18-Apr-95 - UNBC English Professors Launch World Wide Web Project - Beeler, Stan; Dowling, David / 19-Apr-95 - Financial Aid and Awards - Sarsfield, Pat / 19-Apr-95 - UNBC Links With Russia - Poelzer, Greg / 19-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate - Bogle, Meredith / 20-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate -- UNBC's First Native Graduate - Verde, Mitch

April 1996 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 22-Apr-96 - History Book Launch - Healy, Theresa; Larson, Gord; Kennedy, Jodie / 24-Apr-96 - Northern Land Use Institute - Curry, John / 25-Apr-96 - UNBC Grad Students to Guadalajara Conference - Frizzell, Garth; Sproule, Mike / 26-Apr-96 - Caribou Relocation Program - Coxson, Darwyn / 26-Apr-96 - Headlines and Stand-ups - Rob

April 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 21-Apr-98 - Student to Fiji for Archaeological Dig - Embree, Andrew / 22-Apr-98 - Quesnel Research Project about Forest Planning Involvement - Bello, Nate / 23-Apr-98 - North scores high on involvement survey - Steadman, Tom / 23-Apr-98 - Survey on Crime - Michalos, Alex; Zumbo, Bruno / 24-Apr-98 - Proposed BEd - Fisher, Robin / 24-Apr-98 - Quesnel Research Project about Forest Planning Involvement - Halseth, Greg / 24-Apr-98 - Model UN Conference

April-May 1999 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 9-Apr-99 - Muskwa-Kechika Research Announcement - Cashore, John; Jago, Charles; Pfister, Bob / 15-Apr-99 - Rez Sisters Production - Angus, Melanie; Denby, Cathy / 6-May-99 - Governor General Romeo LeBlanc Visits UNBC / 25-May-99 - Sod-Turning Ceremony for the Enhanced Forestry Lab - Speeches; Massicotte, Hugueus; Barber, Ike / 27-May-99 - Alumni Reception / 28-May-99 - Convocation Day on Campus (Pre-Ceremony)

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