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Cartographic Material
2000.1.2 · Série organique · 1952 - 1972
Fait partie de Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd. fonds

The Cartographic Materials series consists of maps, plans, schematics and blueprints documenting a wide variety of subject areas pertaining to both the operation of the Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd., and the company township of Cassiar, B.C.

Sans titre
2000.13.7 · Série organique · 1973
Fait partie de Ray Williston fonds

Series consists of lists of names of Mission members, memos and notes by Mr. Williston concerning the forest industry in Indonesia, correspondence, a brochure, miscellaneous textual materials concerning the purpose and objectives of the trip, and the Mission’s final report.

Columbia River Treaty
2000.13.9 · Série organique · 1961 - 1964, 1982 - 2001
Fait partie de Ray Williston fonds

Series consists of photocopies of the memoranda of agreement, memos and notes made by Mr. Williston, two reports (one of which is a published copy of the Treaty, maps) brochures, a speech, miscellaneous printed materials and newspaper clippings.

Objects and Ephemera
1992.1.10 · Série organique
Fait partie de Interior University Society fonds

Series comprises objects and ephemera related to the Interior University Society including Society sweatshirts, brochures, a scrapbook, campaign buttons, campaign bumper stickers, appointment books, an address book, corporate seal, invitations, bank deposit stamp, telephone stickers, guest book, IUS membership forms, receipts and computer disks, all circa 1989-1990.

Miscellaneous Material
2000.21.3 · Série organique · 1990, 2000
Fait partie de Jack Carbutt Collection

Series consists of a typed euology prepared by Bob Harkins on the occassion of Jack Carbutt's funeral, as well as an associated Remembrance Card for Mr. Carbutt - both items dated Aug. 25, 1990. Also, present is 1 videocassette of a CKPG-TV interview of Lorna Carbutt (daughter of Jack) discussing the transfer of her father's audio reel collection to the Northern BC Archives and Special Collections in 2000.

Political committee
1992.5.3 · Série organique · 1988 - 1989
Fait partie de Interior University Society fonds (Dale McMann)

Series consists of press releases, advertisements and correspondence concerning the political climate and the strategy required for achieving a university in northern British Columbia.

Northern BC opinion study
1992.5.6 · Série organique · 1988.
Fait partie de Interior University Society fonds (Dale McMann)

Series consists of proposals received from consultants, correspondence, and the final report concerning the opinion survey conducted to ascertain the level of support for a university in the northern part of British Columbia.

1992.3.3 · Série organique · 1987 - 1989
Fait partie de Interior University Society fonds (Elsie Gerdes)

Series consists of copies of and some original incoming and outgoing correspondence, internal memos and electronic correspondence concerning Interior University Society affairs much of which is directed to Murray Sadler, who was President of the Society before Ms. Gerdes.

2000.6.01 · Série organique · 1960-1998
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains correspondence created or received by Barry McKinnon. Includes the correspondence of prominent Canadian literary authors including Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Brian Fawcett, as well as many other northern BC authors and poets. Also includes business correspondence with publishers, grant programs, and literary institutions.

Readings, Events, and Workshops
2000.6.05 · Série organique · 1969-1998
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains records and promotional material related to literary and poetry readings attended by, performed by, or hosted by Barry McKinnon; writer's workshops and courses; and writer's conferences and events.

2000.6.06 · Série organique · 1969-1999
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains records related to Barry McKinnon's teaching career at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George. Includes teaching material such as syllabi, curricula, and teaching notes. Also includes administrative records relating to McKinnon's teaching at the College, including records related to the controversy of his lay off from CNC and support received from the community to reinstate his position. Additional material consists of documents regarding the creation of the University of Northern British Columbia, the controversial need for a university in the North, and its clash with the established College of New Caledonia.

Radio Program Scripts
2000.6.09 · Série organique · 1989-1993
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains scripts and background research materials for two CBC radio shows that Barry McKinnon contributed to as a music commentator: "Music of Note" and "Monday Morning Music".

Personal Records
2000.6.10 · Série organique · 1958-1999
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains the personal records of author Barry McKinnon and his family. Includes resumes, biographies, student records, family records, and financial records.

Graphic Material
2000.6.11 · Série organique · 1959-1994
Fait partie de Barry McKinnon fonds

Series contains photographs taken and collected by Barry McKinnon of his family and colleagues. Also includes a small number of art prints and postcards.

Allan and Gladys Thorp
2007.8.4 · Série organique · 2000 - 2000
Fait partie de Prince George Oral History Group Collection

Series consists of materials related to the oral history related by to Debbie Nowak by Allan and Gladys Thorp. Includes four audio recordings, each of which has an accompanying copy.

Oral Histories
2006.8.1 · Série organique · 1998 - 2005
Fait partie de Prince George Oral History Group Collection

Series consists of audio recordings, floppy discs, and typed transcripts (bound & unbound) of oral interviews with residents of Prince George.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
2002.1.2 · Série organique · 1900-1939
Fait partie de Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Collection

The Grand Trunk Railway and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway series consists of administrative records, correspondence between railways, and ephemera. Also consists of maps and technical drawings depicting Grand Trunk Railway and Grand Trunk Pacific Railway rail lines and structures.

British Columbia Railway (BCR)
2002.1.4 · Série organique · 1962-1998
Fait partie de Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Collection

The British Columbia Railway (BC Rail) series consists of promotional ephemera material, employee time tables, fare rates and multiple forms, used and unused, pertaining to daily train movements and BCR operations. Several employee manuals, employee examination material, employee seniority listings, and union agreements are also contained within. Three plans detail various BC Rail sites.

Sans titre
2000.11.3 · Série organique · 1932 - 1932
Fait partie de Mary Fallis fonds

Series consists of publications made or received by Mary Fallis during the course of her professional, personal and academic activities.

Trails and Education
2007.1.70 · Série organique · 1921-1996
Fait partie de Aleza Lake Research Forest fonds

Series contains project reports, invoices, work orders, daily costs, maps, correspondence, forest related brochures and books, and trail guides.

Historical Info
2007.1.25 · Série organique · 1913-1998
Fait partie de Aleza Lake Research Forest fonds

Series contains historical information regarding the Aleza Lake Research Forest. Includes photographs and slides pertaining to the Aleza Lake Experiment Station.

Timber Sales
2007.1.28 · Série organique · 1919-1995
Fait partie de Aleza Lake Research Forest fonds

Series consists of timber sale contracts, correspondence, logging inspection reports, diagrams, datasheets, prescription reports, and maps.

Honours and Awards
2008.3.3 · Série organique · 1989-1999
Fait partie de Bridget Moran fonds

Series consists of photographs, event itineraries and programs, letters of congratulations, letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, invitations and place name cards all pertaining to Bridget’s receipt of the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal, the B.C. Book Prize, and honourary doctorate degrees from both the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and the University of Victoria (UVic).

Textual Material
1993.1.2 · Série organique · 1988-2019
Fait partie de UNBC History Collection

Series contains textual material and publications related to UNBC's history.

Submissions and Final Arguments
1996.7.4 · Série organique · 1993-1994
Fait partie de BCUC Kemano Completion Project Review Collection

Series consists of submissions and final arguments submitted by registered participants and intervenors to the British Columbia Utilities Commission Public Review of the Kemano Completion Project. Includes submissions to community hearings, submissions to the review hearings, final arguments, and rebuttals to submissions and final arguments. Submitters include Alcan, BC Hydro, the province of BC, the Government of Canada, private individuals, environmental organizations, community groups, and others.

2006.5.4 · Série organique · 1972 - 1996
Fait partie de Prince George Women's Organizations Collection

This series contains twenty posters which likely hung in the offices of the Prince George Women's Resource Centre and the Prince George Women's Connection.

1992.10.1 · Série organique · 1991-1992
Fait partie de Ron A. Sebastian Collection

File consists of photographs of the construction of ceremonial mace, chairs, and Senate doors for the University of Northern British Columbia.

Published and Unpublished Materials
2008.3.1 · Série organique · 1945-1999
Fait partie de Bridget Moran fonds

Series consists of newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements, contracts, notebooks, audiocassettes of oral interviews and readings, transcripts, book launch announcements, front cover mock-ups, edited drafts, manuscripts, fact sheets, poems, catalogues, bookmarks, skits, conference events programme, poster, grant applications and related correspondence, a wooden placard, handwritten notes, book reviews, inquest reports, background material, VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications, and ephemera. This series contains material from all five of her publications:

  1. (1988) Stoney Creek Woman: The Story of Mary John. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  2. (1990) Judgment at Stoney Creek. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press
  3. (1992) A Little Rebellion. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  4. (1994) Justa: A First Nations Leader. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.
  5. (1996) Prince George Remembered. Prince George, British Columbia: Moran Publishing.
    This series also consists of, but is not limited to, a number of unpublished manuscripts and drafts and/or writing contest submissions also written by Bridget Moran, such as:
    • "Mary and Me" (ca. 1998)
    • "Where Winds Come Sweet" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Horizontal Land" (ca. 1992)
    • "The Summer of '81"
    • "The Relief Cheque" (ca. 1998)
    • "The Case of the Box of Matches" (ca. 1987)
    • "Unholy Deadlock" (ca. 1990)
    • "The Numbers Game"
    • "Reflections on Theme" (ca. 1967)
    • "Come Hell or High Water" (ca. 1976)
    • "Man Alive"
    • "The Deadbeat Mystique"
    • "Hell on Wheels"
    • "Backstairs at the Palace"
    • "James MacCallum" (ca. 1984)
    • "Hushaby, Baby" (ca. 1981)
    • "The Decline and Fall of Mr. Sullivan"
    • "Case History of a Gadfly"
    • "Welfare and the Good Life"
    • "Childhood Memories" (ca. 1976)
    • "The Three Musketeers" (ca. 1974-75)
    • "A Child's Christmas in Saskatchewan" (ca. 1979)
    • "Diary of Success Homecoming"
    • "My Old Flame" (ca. 1992)
    • "O Ye Dry Bones" (ca. 1996)
    • "Supper, Little Children" (ca. 1983).
Management and Working Plans
2007.1.30 · Série organique · 1927-1998, predominantly 1950-1998
Fait partie de Aleza Lake Research Forest fonds

Series contains working and management plans, a policy handbook, drafts, correspondence, proposals, recommendations, revenue records, photographs, handwritten notes, maps, and planning projects.

Personal records
2002.14.2 · Série organique · 1976-2008
Fait partie de Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

Series contains two diplomas awarded to Dr. Ainley by the University of Northern British Columbia, news clippings, and photographs. Series also includes some of her activities during her retirement including her art exhibits, a cruise, and membership in Federation of BC Writers.

2002.14.3 · Série organique · 1989-2006, predominant 1995-2002
Fait partie de Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

Series largely consists of Ainley's administrative activities as professor and chair of the Women's Studies Program at the University of Northern British Columbia. Material is arranged, predominately, according to the activities with which Ainley was involved, including overseeing program restructuring, coverage of the Women's Studies Program in the media, presentations to prospective students, planning for research presentations and conferences, curriculum development and retirement preparation. Series also documents Ainley's appointment as an adjunct professor in the Environmental Studies department at the University of Victoria. The series also includes records concerning Ainley's graduate student research assistants and their work with her. The series consists of memoranda, meeting minutes, reports, posters, speaking notes, correspondence, brochures, pamphlets, articles, course descriptions and syllabi, notes, printed emails, and employment contracts.

Research Subject Files
2000.23.1 · Série organique · 1958-2001
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

Series consists of research subject files accumulated by Audrey L'Heureux over the course of her journalism and writing careers, with material collected between 1960 and 2005. L'Heureux arranged her subject files alphabetically; the files were organized by topics such as specific communities, people, historical events, industries, and geographic features. The files consist of reproductions from secondary sources such as periodicals and publications, as well as reproductions from primary sources from other archives (including copy prints of historical photographs). The files also include newspaper clippings, maps, correspondence, books, postcards, and journal articles. The material in the files covers a date range of 1860 to 2005, but material from earlier dates are reproductions only.

The content of the research subject files spans Northern and Central British Columbia, with a focus on the communities of Smithers, Prince George, and Vanderhoof where L'Heureux lived. L'Heureux's research subject files cover the transitional phases in British Columbia’s history, including natural resource extraction, the impact of the railways, industrialization, land survey, and interactions with Indigenous communities. Other topics reflect changes to British Columbia post-industrialization, including collected research material on fisheries, telegraph lines, law enforcement, and historic sites. L’Heureux also collected research material about the people who shaped the province and local community figures in Northern and Central British Columbia.

Personal Records
2000.23.3 · Série organique · 1970-2005
Fait partie de Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

Series consists of records relating to the personal life of author and journalist Audrey Smedley L'Heureux. Includes a commemoratory home video DVD production that recognizes Audrey L’Heureux on her 80th birthday as a valued member of her family and as an accomplished community figure. This series also includes a photograph of Audrey L'Heureux in the 1970s.

Audio Recordings
2002.12.1 · Série organique · c.1970 - c.1989
Fait partie de Bob Harkins fonds

Series consists of 30 sound recordings of 46 radio interviews conducted primarily by radio broadcaster Bob Harkins for CJCI Radio, Prince George.

Sans titre
Audio Recordings
2001.15.2 · Série organique · [between 1960 and 1975]
Fait partie de Nedra Jane Paul collection

Series contains audio recordings taken by Nedra (Ginty) Jane Paul of stories and songs from First Nations people and other residents of Northern BC.

2001.60.1 · Série organique · February 1960 - 1 May 1961
Fait partie de Prince George Historical Society fonds

The Publications series consists of 5 editions of The B.C. Teacher, 1 consolidated copy of the Vancouver Charter, and 1 consolidated copy of the Manual of the School Law and Rules of the Council of Public Instruction

Research projects
2002.14.1 · Série organique · 1973-01-01 - 2008-12-31
Fait partie de Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

Series documents academic research undertaken by Dr. Marika Ainley throughout her academic career. It contains research material from projects in Ainley's main areas of research, the history of ornithology and the history of early and contemporary women scientists, as well as research on the relationship between early women scientists and Aboriginal peoples. The series is arranged into thirteen subseries: ornithology research, Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and Doris Huestis Speirs correspondence monograph; "Scientists vs. government experts: The wood buffalo controversy, 1920-1991," "Restless energy: A biography of William Rowan, 1891-1957," women in science and engineering research, Catharine Parr Traill, "Critical turning points: Women engineers within and outside the profession," funding applications, North American and Australian indigenous knowledge and science, oral histories, "Creating complicated lives," publications, and Mabel F. Timlin. Series consists of photocopies of articles; correspondence; bibliographies; draft and published versions of articles, conference proceedings, and monographs; interviews and transcripts; recordings of conferences; statistical data; questionnaires; consent, submission, and other forms; pamphlets and other material from conferences; applications for grants and funding; overhead transparencies; photographs; and notes.