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2002.7.4.26 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds


  • Sundry “Unfinished Business” File – 1959 (as labeled by H.G.T. Perry)
  • Within Folder, a large green folder “Active Unfinished Business and Awaiting Replies.” This folder contains documents, printed material.
  • Many letters: (ex from Ernie and Essie)
  • Ephemera : “Greetings” Ribbon
  • “Your Estate and Death Taxes” - pamphlet
  • Contains chequebooks
  • Loose folders and newspaper clippings, etc.
2002.7.2.78 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • File of clippings and printed reports re Dominion-Provincial Constitution – Sirois Reports and Conference 1941– notes re HG Perry’s proposals in 1941 for a renewed Canada following the failure of the Provincial Premiers of BC, Ont, Alberta to Discuss the Rowell-Sirois Report and HGP Proposals for a national constituent assembly. Note made by Frank Perry (?) on file “this is highly relevant today in 1996.)
2002.7.2.93 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Includes copy of an Act to provide for improving the availability and supply of electric power, 1945;
  • An Act to Amend the Electric Power Act, 1946. Notes and editorial commentary by Perry in Prince George Citizen re electric power issue; (Moved to 2002.7.2 Printed Material Box)
  • Correspondence re the issue.
  • Notes re Mayor Nicholson’s radio address re hydro project and response to Perry’s article in citizen.
“Housing Issues”
2002.7.2.91 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Original speeches by Perry and textual records re Housing issues related to the Post-War Rehabilitation and Reconstruction. Includes letters, telegrams, printed materials re Vancouver housing; notes by Perry re housing needs; Summary reports re low income housing; Notes from Advisory Committee on Reconstruction re rent and income of low and medium earning groups; and grey literature reports re training and recruitment; and labour value of the building dollar.
“Letters , filed” 1940s
2002.7.2.110 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Letters, speeches, newsclippings 1930s – congratulations from Legislative Assembly members on speeches given in the House 1940s
  • Many scraps of notes, letters of congratulations
2002.7.2.128 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • “Post-War Measures for consideration of the Premier as subjects for submission to the Dominion-Provincial Conference” Bureau of Post-war Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Hon. H.G.T. Perry, 20pp. ministers copy and private copy with comments.
  • Speeches, Pamphlets re International Empire 1940s.
“Postwar Reconstruction”
2002.7.2.122 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Addresses/Clippings re Liberals/Social Credit Convention
  • PWRC
  • BC’s Women’s Institues
  • Communism
  • Aids to Education
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Vocational School Assistance Agreement
2002.7.2.131 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Fort George Liberal Convention Delegate Sept 18 1941 ribbons
  • (2 ribbons with red ink, 2 on dark purple silk with gold ink, and 3 with gold ink).
  • Newsclippings
  • Vote Perry – complete set of 19 posters
2002.7.2.89 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Report on Various Proposed Railway Routes for A Western Outlet to the Pacific from the Peace River District by A joint Board of Engineers of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways, Montreal, February 26, 1925.” Marked Confidential. – Perry marked on report “This never printed or published – confidential – from Mr. Dunning Minister of Finance, Ottawa to HG Perry, Minister.” Note attached “this was confidential at the time from Hon Chas. Dunning to me but has the most valuable detailed railway information at that time 1925 but is now outdated – HG Perry.”
2002.7.2.119 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • HG Perry, radio address 1950s; and speech notes on political events, acts, and politicians. Article “Synthetic Socialism Versus Unified Progress, Prosperity is Main Issue Before Voters”, The Citizen Press, Prince George. Article, “The Road to Serfdom A Condensation from the Book by Friedrich A. Hayek” The Readers Digest, April 1945. Miscellaneous news clippings, c.1950s and others no date. Additional News clippings.
“Various Correspondence”
2002.7.4.11 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds

Example of letters contained:

  • Get Well cards to Perry (HGT Perry at St Joseph’s hospital)
  • 1958 – Happy New Year letters
  • Christmas cards
  • Letters to Harry McLeod
  • Christmas cards 1957
  • Letters 1954
  • Clipping Dec 28 1956 – “Sale of the Cowichan Leader Effective Next Wednesday”- Western Press Clipping Bureau
  • 1954 – letter from John Anderson
  • Letter re: “The Star” and “Saanich Review” From Harry H Gregson
  • Letter from Ronald B Worley – 1959
  • newsclipping re Mr and Mrs Bob Carter
‘Cheque Cancelled’
2002.7.5.4 · File
Part of H.G.T. (Harry) Perry fonds
  • Bank of British North America – “The Bank of British North America was the first Bank here; at South Fort Georoge. These are their Cheque forms” – notation signed by H.G. Perry on it. He also states “For Historical File, from Mrs John Monro, widow of First Manager, John Monro.