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General Crozier briefing members of the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary

Text on recto of photograph reads: "Briefing the Auxiliaries: General Crozier, officer commanding the Auxiliary Division of the R.I.C. giving some of his men a briefing. The photographer who took this picture and the one above had to hide his camera behind a bystander’s back since her would have been arrested if he had been seen.”

BC Legislative Council Collection

  • 2005.4
  • Collectie
  • 1858 - 1871

The BC Legislative Council Collection consists of 6 journals of the Legislative Council, as well as files containing BC proclamations, BC ordinances, and BC acts.

British Columbia Legislative Council


Series consists of images pertaining the Collison family, North Coastal First Nations communities, means of transportation along North Coastal British Columbia, and various church structures and religious events.

Portrait of Lady Harriot Dufferin

Portrait of Lady Dufferin, wife of Lord Dufferin (Governor General of Canada, 1872-1878) was given to W.H. and Marion Collison on the occasion of their visit to the North Coast in 1876.

Handwritten annotation in pen on the verso which reads: “Given to my parents.” Recto of photograph is signed by Lady Dufferin. Photographers mark on recto reads: “Cabinet Portrait Hunter & Co. Toronto, Ontario”.

"Hagaga : Special Edition"

Newspaper consists of the recto and verso of 2 pages (p. 1-4). It was published in Aiyansh on the Nass River in British Columbia in April 1895 and presents a missionary's perspective of regional First Nations traditions and current affairs of the day.

Government Buildings, Fort George, BC

Photo of buildings behind street, fenced on either side. Man and horse can be seen on street. Printed annotation on verso reads: “The Government buildings Fort George B. C.” Handwritten annotation on recto reads: “This is the place I receive my patent from next June.”

Collage of 13 Images Decpiting Prince Rupert, BC

Printed captions below images on recto read: “Souvenir of Prince Rupert BC; Prince Rupert June 1st, 1909; Prince Rupert Sept 1st, 1913; Public School; Water Front; City Hall; Haye Cove; Margaeto Fleet; Harbour Scene; SS Prince Marquitta at Prince Georg; Sunrise Prince Rupert Harbour; General Hospital; Gold Storage Place; Prince Rupert from Summit”.

W.E. Collison travelling by boat on business trip up Nass River, BC

Three men can be seen on deck of small boat. Rocky shore in foreground, forest and hills on opposite shore in background.

Handwritten annotations on verso read: "Dad - en route up Nass River on official business. (hence the flag & business suit!)"; "Going up the Nass. Dad (Indian Agent) Cap Barry (Inspect. of Schools) travelling up the Nass River to Aiyansh".

Horst Sander fonds

  • 2007.45
  • Archief
  • 1913-2001

Fonds consists of scanned historical documents pertaining to stumpage and royalty in British Columbia's forest industry.

BC Forest Industry Research

Series consists of scanned historical documents pertaining to stumpage and royalty in British Columbia's forest industry, including:

  • British Columbia Forest Policy, "Comments and policy decisions by the Forest Policy Advisory Committee on the Recommendations of the Pearse Royal Commission," May 16, 1978
  • Correspondence re: “Temporary Tenures” from C. Cooper, Forest Counsel, June 28, 1973
  • Memorandum to Deputy Minister from I.T. Cameron, Chief Forester, June 13, 1973
  • Memorandum from E.L. Young, Chief Forester, September 11, 1974
  • British Columbia Forest Service, "Comparative Value Timber Pricing," September 15, 1987
  • Memorandum to I.T. Cameron, Chief Forester from E. Knight, Forester re: Timber Licence Royalties, June 18,1973
  • Correspondence from J.S. Stokes, Deputy Minister, 1974-1976; includes correspondence, memorandum, newspaper clippings, cabinet submissions
  • Correspondence from President Ronald Reagan to Senator Bob Packwood, May 8, 1986
  • Memorandum from T.M. Apsey, Deputy Minister, October 1, 1981
  • Canada – U.S.A. Trade M.O.U. Correspondence, 1986
  • BC News Release re: Timber Royalties, 1995
  • Correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 3, 1913; includes copy of original letter and transcript
  • Correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 7, 1913
  • Briefing Notes for Hon. F.D. Wilson, Minister of Forests re: Law Suits Over Timber Licences and Royalty (March 29, 2001)
  • BC News Release re: Major Shift in Forest Policy for British Columbia (September 15, 1987)

"OP Letter (2)"

File consists of correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 7, 1913.

"OP Letter (1)"

File consists of correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 3, 1913 and includes copy of original letter and transcript.

Ray Williston fonds

  • 2000.13
  • Archief
  • 1914 - 1999, predominant 1954 – 2001

Fonds consists of photographs, scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and memorabilia, correspondence, reports and other textual material. The photographs relate to Mr. Williston’s life from childhood to the late 1990s, the scrapbooks document Mr. Williston’s years in political office, and the textual materials relate to both Mr. Williston’s public life and private interests.

Williston, Ray Gillis


Series consists of photographs relating to Ray Williston's life from childhood to recent times, air photographs of Prince George, photographs of Bangladesh, and a listing of photographs slated for use in Mr. Williston's biography "Forests, power and policy: the legacy of Ray Williston" written by Eileen Williston and Betty Keller.

The “Naskeena” at Kitkatla, BC

Indian agency boat the “Naskeena” off Kitkatla B.C. W.E. Collison, Indian Agent standing at the stern.

Handwritten annotation in pen on verso reads: “‘Naskeena’ Gov. patrol boat off Kitkatla BC. W.E. Collison on stern.”

Indian Agent Inspection Trip in the Babine region

W.E. Collison, Indian Agent, shaves by a mirror propped up against a boat at dry dock while RCMP Officer Ackland prepares for the day.

Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “W.E. Collison Indian Agent, Maj. Ackland RCMP on inspection trip to village in the Babine area."

The Special Gang "F" Auxiliary, Dublin, Ireland

This is believed to be a cropped copy print of an original photo of the erroneously entitled the "Cairo Gang." Handwritten annotation on verso of photo reads: “Members of Igoe Gang. These were a group of police spies under the leadership of a fearless R.I.C. officer who were brought in from country posts to identify volunteers who would come in from Command Post in the country to visit H.Q. Dublin.” This annotation may be incorrect; instead, the photograph may depict members of the Special Gang "F" Coy. Auxiliary.

Gitlakdamix Village Council

Photograph depicts 8 men posing in suits and ties, and a young girl, Ruth Adams, holding trophy seated in foreground. The group is gathered in open field, large building and hills visible in distance. Man on far right stands in uniform.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Gitlakdamix Village Council 1923. [Charlie Morven] Chairman. / Geo. Manase. / John Davis. / Dennis Woods. / Andrew Nass. / James Adams. Secretary. / Frank Blackwing. Chief Constable. / Walter McMillan (Nass). Constable."

W.E. Collison and others on inspection trip by boat to villages on Nass River, BC

Group of six men sit and stand on small boat close to shore. Rev. W.E. Collison stands on far right (son of Marion and Archdeacon W.H. Collison).

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Dr. Macdonald Med officer (Kincolith) / Dr. [McQuarrie?] Med officer Victoria / Steven Clayton Native boat owner / Capt. Bary - Insp. of Indian Schools / W.E. Collison Indian agent. / Inspection trip to villages of upper Nass River".

Bridget Moran fonds

  • 2008.3
  • Archief
  • 1935 - 1999, predominate 1954 - 1996

This fonds illustrates Bridget Moran’s careers as a writer, a social worker and a social activist primarily within the Prince George region of British Columbia. This fonds also contains records pertaining to her personal relationships with family and friends and her receipt of various honours and awards.

Types of records reflective of her career as a writer include: published articles and unpublished manuscripts, drafts and front cover mock-ups, correspondence with editors from Arsenal Pulp Press, grant applications, notebooks, background material, writer’s workshop invitations and overviews, photographs, oral history interviews and transcripts, and VHS recordings of classroom talks given by Bridget Moran, Mary John and Justa Monk re: her publications.

Types of records reflective of her career as a social worker and social activist include: annual reports, work journals, correspondence and published newspaper articles re: social policy, photographs, and general background material. Correspondence, photographs and newspaper clippings highlight her personal relationships, while her receipt of honours and awards is demonstrated through copies of letters of recommendation, newspaper clippings, photographs, VHS recordings of award ceremonies, event itineraries, congratulatory correspondence, and invitations.

The Bridget Moran fonds has been divided into the following four series:

  1. Published and Unpublished Materials
  2. Career Related Materials
  3. Personal Papers and Correspondence
  4. Honours and Awards.

Moran, Bridget


Series consists of over 797 images related to Ms. Campagnolo’s personal and professional life. Images include personal photographs related to Ms. Campagnolo’s early years in Prince Rupert including her career in broadcasting and theatrical production as well as her political career and tenure as Lieutenant Governor. The bulk of the photographs relate to Ms. Campagnolo’s political career in federal politics including: 40+ images of Ms. Campagnolo’s First Political Campaign, as a Liberal Party Candidate for the Federal Riding of Skeena in 1974 including images of trips in June 1974 by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau, as well as a visit by then M.P. Jean Chretien [later Prime Minister] to Northern BC to campaign for Campagnolo. As well it includes 40+ images of Ms. Campagnolo’s tours and events as Member of Parliament for the Skeena riding from 1974 – 1976; 60 + images of Campagnolo on Tours and Events as Minister of State, Fitness and Amateur Sport, 1976 – 1977 including images with Canadian politicians including former and future Prime Ministers: Pierre Trudeau, John Diefenbaker, Jean Chretien and John Turner; Canadian politicians Jean Sauve and Thérèse Casgrain, and Governor Generals Adrienne Clarkson and Michaëlle Jean; members of the British Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth II, international politicians and dignitaries including Pope Paul X, Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, First Lady Rosalyn Carter, anthropologist Margaret Mead, Canadian media personalities including musician Leona Boyd. It includes 60+ images of Campagnolo’s international Ministry of Sport Tours including those of Cuba, 1977 – 1978 and the European Sports Tour with Team Canada (Hockey Canada), 1977 – 1978 as well 200+ images related to Campagnolo’s involvement in Ministry of Sport Events in Canada including images from the Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, held 3-12 August 1978 and the Canada Winter Games, Brandon, Manitoba, held 12-24 February 1979. The series also includes over 60 images of Campagnolo’s Post Political Office Activities (1979 – 1982) including activities in TV broadcasting and her involvement in the Canadian bid for the 1988 Olympic Games, her non-profit and volunteer activities including her involvement in a Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) mission, in North-eastern Thailand in 1980. Other images include 20+ images related to Campagnolo’s tenure as the President of the Liberal Party of Canada, 1982 - 1986 including Liberal Party Conventions and functions and including the official portrait of Iona Campagnolo as Liberal Party President, taken by noted photographer Yousuf Karsh, in 1986. Additional images in the series include 50+ images of Campagnolo’s Professional and Public Service, from 1987 - 1999 including CUSO and WHO missions by Campagnolo, images of Campagnolo receiving an Honourary Doctor of Laws at Brock University; 40+ images of Campagnolo in activities relating to her position as Chancellor at the University of Northern British Columbia 1992 – 2004 including her Chancellor Tours of the regions that UNBC serves and official portraits. The remainder of the photographic series consists of 60+ images relating to activities, ceremonies and events attended by the Honourable Campagnolo as Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, 2001 - 2007 including her Honour’s work on the Terrace Gardens, at Government House and images of Governor Generals Michaëlle Jean and Adrienne Clarkson’s visits to Government House, Victoria, in March 2006.

The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds

  • 2009.6
  • Archief
  • 1937 - 2007

This fonds illustrates the Honourable Iona Campagnolo’s careers as a broadcaster, a theatre producer, community leader, a politician, a feminist, a social activist, a speaker, a lecturer, a Chancellor, an advocate, a consultant and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Types of records reflective of her various careers include: speeches, correspondence, itineraries, contracts, draft manuscripts, newspaper clippings, background material, photographs and ephemera. The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds has been divided into the following thirteen series:
1) Photographs
2) Theatre & Community Development
3) Political Career
4) Non-political Activities
5) McMaster International Health Centre
6) Women in Power Project
7) University of Northern British Columbia
8) Fraser Basin Council
9) Miscellaneous – First Nations Material
10) National Speakers Bureau
11) Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
12) Honours & Awards
13) Political Papers

Campagnolo, Iona

Career Related Materials

Series consists of annual reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, records of employment, a Retirement Party guest book, business cards, invitations, speeches, appointment announcements, pamphlets, Bridget Moran's "Oath of Allegiance; Office and Revenue to the Government of British Columbia", social work reports, contracts, copies of Employee Earnings Statements, background material on the case Hale vs. Her Majesty the Queen, and social work notebooks all pertaining to Bridget's career as a social worker with the Province of British Columbia and the Prince George School District, and as a member of the College of New Caledonia (CNC) Board, the Legal Services Society of B.C. and People on Welfare.

Social Credit Cabinet

Item is a photograph of the Cabinet taken in late February 1956 days before the resignation of Lands & Forests Minister Robert Sommers. From left: Highways Minister P.A. Gaglardi; Education Minister Ray Williston; Trade, Industry & Fisheries Minister R. Chetwynd; Health Minister Eric Martin; Agriculture Minister Ken Kiernan; Premier Bennett; Attorney-General R. Bonner; Provincial Secretary W. Black; Mr. Sommers; Labour Minister L. Wicks and Public Works Minister W. Chant.

Princess Margaret arriving in Prince George 2

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret arriving by Canadian Air Forces jet at Prince George. Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross is walking beside the Princess.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

Princess Margaret on a train

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret on the back deck of the Royal train's caboose just prior to her departure from Prince George during her 1958 visit to British Columbia.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

Princess Margaret watching a prospector pan for gold

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret on July 17, 1958 at an event staged in the Prince George railway yards. Alex Moffat dressed as a prospector demonstrates panning for previously salted gold nuggets, which were later given to the Princess.

Cabinet members in canoe

Item is a photograph of Ray Williston and other cabinet ministers paddling a birch bark canoe in the grass during BC Centennial celebrations in Prince George.

Originally mounted on poster with photographs 115.1, 115.2, 115.3.

Princess Margaret arriving in Prince George 1

Item is a photograph of Princess Margaret arriving by Canadian Air Forces jet at Prince George. Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross is walking beside the Princess.

Originally mounted on a poster with photographs 115, 115.2, 115.3.

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