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Weller, Geoffrey R. Government
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Series consist of material gathered or created by Weller in his research for scholarly work, government contracts, and community service involvement.

Canadian Labor Relations

Series consists of primarily records related to Weller’s involvement on a Federal Task Force on Labor Relations in 1967 and a research project titled "Trade Unions and Political Change in the Province of Quebec 1921-1972.” The material includes drafts, notes, correspondence, publications by other authors, various documents produced for the Task Force, the memorandum of agreement for Weller’s work on the Task Force, and other items related to researching and obtaining research material.

Water Politics and Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes Region

Subseries consists of material related to a project titled “Water Politics and Policy in the Lake Superior Basin” and to an unpublished paper titled "The Politics of Environmental Pollution: The Case of Northwestern Ontario.” The research for that latter project was incorporated into other projects at the time such as Weller’s collaborative project with Douglas Nord "Environmental Policy and Political Support in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Analysis.” During this time Weller and Nord also completed two research reports funded by the state of Minnesota and the Canadian Consulate-General in Minneapolis titled “Transborder Politics and Paradiplomacy: The Ontario- Minnesota Fishing Dispute” and “Canada and the United States: An Introduction to a Complex Relationship.” The material includes Weller’s contract with the state of Minnesota along with the text of legislation pertaining to water quality on the Great Lakes and material created by other authors, government bodies in Canada and the United States, and organizations concerned with the state of the great lakes. The research projects identified in the records range the dates 1982-1988. However, some of the items have later dates, suggesting some of the files were used again for research in the 1990s.Some of the later material also pertains to environmental issues in British Columbia instead of the Great Lakes.

Modern Political Theory

Subseries primarily consists of lecture notes and other material from the course “Modern Political Theory” taught by Weller at Lakehead University from 1975-1977. The material also includes published lecture notes from a similar course taught at another institution and other items which appear to be Weller’s background research for the course.

Health Policy in Canada and Other Countries

Subseries primarily consists of articles by other authors, some with related correspondence between Weller and the author. A large amount of the material is related to health policy specifically in Canada; however, the records also range to health policy in the United States and other countries. The subseries also includes the text of speeches by government officials, publications created by government bodies, newspaper clippings, and other material collected over the course of Weller’s research on health policy. The series contains drafts by Weller with titles which correspond to early papers and chapters of his dissertation: "The Public Interest in Professional Politics: The Case of the Canadian Medical Association,” "Chapter 4: Health Care and Medicare Policy in Ontario," "Health Policy in Ontario," and "The Executive, the Legislature and the Health Policy Process: The Case of Ontario." The first 243 files are primarily scholarly works and government documents individually filed by Weller and generally arranged alphabetically by author. The other 72 files contain notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other material in files created by Weller in broader files by topic. The bulk of the material was gather around the dates 1975 to 1980, though some files contain items from dates in the mid-1980s and four files with dates into the 1990s suggesting the material was also involved in later research (see subseries 10).