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          Yukon research materials
          2002. · File · 2001-2002
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of research materials related to indigenous in the Yukon possibly for Ainley's book "Re-explorations: new perspectives on gender, environment and the transfer of knowledge in 19th and 20th century Canada and Australia." Material largely consists of photocopies, printout, and publication by the Yukon Archives as well as catalogue listing from UNBC library and the Yukon Public Library and various heritage organization in the Yukon.

          2009.5.1.32 · Item · [ca. 1921]
          Part of Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

          The two girls stand in front of a house at South Fort George, B.C. Young boy believed to be Arthur Taylor can be seen in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "After the Ball was over, Violet and Virginia lay [...] August 22, [192...] South fort George B.C." (Annotation is cut off).

          2009.6.1.001 · Item · August 1937
          Part of The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds

          Photograph depicts Rosamond Murchison-Hardy outside with her arms around her two children, all dressed in white. Trees in background.

          Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Rosamond Murchison-Hardy’s 2 children: Iona Age 4 years 10 mos. ; Harold Age 3 yrs. 1 mos. ; August, 1937”.

          2009.5.4.36 · Item · [ca. 1938]
          Part of Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

          Fred and Alan are being pushed in wheelbarrow by a woman wearing a blouse, dress pants, and sunglasses. Typed annotation on recto of photograph: "This is 'Mac' - she is a young woman." This woman is speculated to be Tom Taylor's wife Marion. They stand in a field with a car behind them. A forest and body of water can be see in background, as well as the opposite shore.

          2002. · Item · 8 March 1996
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          Item is a lecture given by Dr. Sharon-Dale Stone, a professor of sociology, for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia on how invisible disabilities affect women.

          Women of British Columbia
          2000.23.1.104 · File · 1970-1993
          Part of Audrey Smedley L'Heureux fonds

          File consists of material relating to women in Canada. Highlights include:

          • Victoria Public Library, "Sisters! about women's issues", 1987 (pamphlet)
          • Gillian Marie Loggy, "A Guide to the Writing of Women into the History of B.C.", 1975 (photocopied paper)
          • Ministry of Women's Equality, Government of Canada, "Heritage Women's History Month", 1993 (booklet)
          2002. · File · [after 1970]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of research materials concerning women enrolled in scientific disciplines at Canadian universities in the 1920s and 30s. Research is primarily concerned with the percentage of scholarships and other funding that was awarded to women. Some documents pertain to the work of Miss A. Tweedie in the Chemistry Department of the University of Manitoba. The research materials consist of annotated photocopies, handwritten notes, and 3 overhead transparencies.

          2002.14.1.05 · Subseries · 1961-2008
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          Subseries contains materials relating to Dr. Ainley's research on women in the fields of science and engineering. Ainley dedicated much of her career to this topic, which resulted in a number of publications. Subseries includes material relating to the submission and editing of Ainley's chapter, "Marriage and Scientific Work in Twentieth-Century Canada: the Berkeleys in Marine Biology and the Hoggs in Astronomy" in "Creative Couples in the Sciences" about the experiences of two scientific couples: Edith and Cyril Berkeley and Frank and Helen Hogg. Materials for this publication include correspondence, edited manuscripts, permissions form templates and a call and instructions for submissions. This subseries also includes research material for a review of Margaret Gillett and Ann Beer's book, "Our Own Agendas: Autobiographical Essays by Women Associated with McGill University," including notes, correspondence and short biographies of women from McGill University. Subseries also contains research on Canadian women in science including photocopied archival materials from various Canadian universities. This subseries also contains materials relating to Ainley's book, "Creating complicated lives: women and science at English-Canadian universities, 1880-1980" and Ainley's chapter, "Soaring to New Heights: Changes in the Life Course of Mabel McIntosh" in "Great Danes." Subseries consists of research relating to women in the Royal Society of Canada and on individual women scientists and engineers. Research materials consist of photocopies of published and archival research materials, correspondence, and applications for grans and ethics reviews. This subseries also contains approximately 80 overhead transparencies from presentations.

          Women in Power Project
          2009.6.06 · Series · 1989-1992
          Part of The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds

          Series consists of correspondence, contracts, manuscripts and a memorandum pertaining to the Honourable Iona Campagnolo's involvement and contribution to a group publication tentatively titled All of Us: Women in Canadian Power and Politics that was scheduled for publication by Random House Canada Ltd. This project was ultimately disbanded and the resulting manuscript was never published.

          2002. · Item · 30 Nov. 1992
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          Item is an excerpt from a presentation on women in geology with a presentation by Barbara Sheriff, a professor from the Department of Geological Sciences from the University of Manitoba, on successful female geologists in England, Canada and the United States; a presentation by Heather Jamieson, a professor in geology at Queen's University; an introduction by Ellen P. Metzger, a professor in geology from San Jose State University; Elizabeth Its, a professor at Clarkson University who spoke about her research in Saint Petersburg, Russia; an introduction by [Janice Regan?] a professor in geophysics and astronomy from Queen's University; and a group workshop discussion about problems related to fieldwork and how they can be reduced.

          2002. · Item · 30 Nov. 1992
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          Item is an excerpt from a presentation on women in geology with a presentation by Linda Scott on the role of women in the private sector scientific community and a workshop on families where both persons have professional roles.

          Women in Geology
          2002. · Item · May 1993
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          Item is two radio programs on women in geology broadcast on CBC's program Wild Rose Country, one of which interviews Marianne Ainley, originally broadcast on May 21, 1993 and May 25, 1993.

          2002. · File · 1985-2007
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of research materials and notes on women faculty at University of Toronto, including handwritten notes, photocopied articles, newspaper clippings, archival materials, U of T publications, and related correspondence.

          2002. · File · 1995-1996
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of records related to the Women and Work grant application for Ainley's chapter on "Women and Scientific Work in Canada. III. "Women's Work in Government and Industry, 1890-1990." File includes application forms, research proposals, and related correspondence.

          Women and science articles
          2002. · File · Photocopied [between 1994 and 2006]
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of articles written on the history of women working in science, including a publication by Ainley, entitled, "Multiple Connections: Feminist Perspectives on an Integrated History of Canadian Science."

          2009.5.2.245 · Item · [1941?]
          Part of Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

          Four elderly women in black dresses stand to right of steps to unknown building. A young girl stands at top of steps in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Audry [Night?], Mrs Fuller, Mrs Peters, Mrs Murphy, Mrs [McMeefrin?] Mrs McKechine".

          2002. · File · 1996
          Part of Marianne (Marika) Ainley fonds

          File consists of research materials concerning African women and science. File includes published report on the women's economic empowerment in Africa, the 1996 issue of African Study Monographs published by the Kyoto University, photocopied article, and advertisement for talk on "Gender and Science in the Third World."

          Woman with Camera
          2012. · Item · 1980
          Part of J. Kent Sedgwick fonds

          Image depicts an unknown woman with a camera. Nearby are the skeletal remains of an unknown animal. The location is the upper Fraser Canyon.