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Bob Harkins interview with Carrie Jane Gray

Item consists of printed transcript and tape summary of recorded interview with Carrie Jane Gray on controversy of Woodward's Department Store construction in Prince George

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George Street, Prince George, BC

Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph reads: "George St. Prince George BC Photo. S Wrathall". Prince George Hotel and Cafe stand on left side of street in foreground, and many other buildings and businesses can be seen. Vehicles line the street, cut banks visible in background. Photograph believed to have been taken while George Street was being prepared for a new lawyer of asphalt.

Campbell's All Cash Store, Prince George, BC

Street view photograph of a commercial section in downtown Prince George with several "Campbell's" delivery carts parked along the road. Visible establishments include "Campbell's All Cash Store" and "Club Cafe." Handwritten annotation in blue ballpoint pen on recto reads: "Howdy from Prince George! Going easy with all these kids- good to see Kathee. Snow here. Have fun at the sports show & don't over do it. Thinking of you guys, love Judy and Vic. P.S. Can't wait to go home to somewhere peaceful and quiet. 2-27-83." Postcard is addressed to: "Mr. & Mrs. Hauffer 8429-221 PL. Sn. Edmonds, WA. U.S. 98020." Verso is affixed with four Canadian 8-cent stamps.

Bob Harkins interview with Elmer Nelson

Item consists of transcript and tape summary of interview with Elmer Nelson who discusses Axel Wenner- Gren's business interest in the Rocky Mountain Trench area of Northern British Columbia in the 1950s.

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Bob Harkins fonds

  • 2001.12
  • c.1953 - c.2000

Fonds consists of textual records, photographic items and published reports related to professional life and career of Bob Harkins, broadcaster, local historian, and former city councilor. Includes textual and photographic items related to development and history of city of Prince George and the Central Interior of BC region history and development in late 20th century. Items includes an unpublished manuscript on the life of Ray Williston by Eileen Williston, an unpublished paper on the history of technological change in logging industry; an unpublished paper on the history of radio and television in Prince George; a report related to the creation of a university for Northern British Columbia (1989) and proofs of the publication "Wild Liard Waters: Canoeing Canada's Historic Liard River" by Ferdi Wenger, c.1998. Also includes photographic files including CKPG Radio Studio photographic items c.1953; and photographs and correspondence regarding guide outfitter Skook Davidson c.1975.

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Central Business District

Image depicts the Central Business District of Prince George looking north from Connaught Hill. Map coordinates 53°54'41.4"N 122°44'58.5"W

Uncle Ben's Beer Advertisement

Image depicts an advertisement for an "Uncle Ben's Beer Malt Liquor" in the Willow River General Store. Map coordinates 54°04'23.7"N 122°28'26.9"W

Willow River Street - Esso Station

Image depicts a snowy street in Willow River, B.C. There are several buildings, one is an Esso station and another is labelled as "Red & White Food Store."

Street in Giscome - Before

Image depicts a street in Giscome B.C. The Giscome Store is located on the left side of the image with the church in the background. Map coordinates 54°04'18.5"N 122°21'57.7"W

Buildings in Upper Fraser, BC

Image depicts a row of buildings in Upper Fraser, B.C. with the store (titled "Paradise") with a Pepsi sign. Map coordinates 54°07'09.1"N 121°56'47.0"W

Upper Fraser General Store

Image depicts the Upper Fraser General Store in Upper Fraser, B.C. Two other signs indicate that it is also a post office and a place that offers propane refills. Map coordinates 54°07'10.8"N 121°56'51.7"W

Third Avenue

Image depicts 3rd Ave in Prince George, B.C. Map coordinates 53°55'01.9"N 122°44'48.7"W

Central Street West

Image depicts Central Street West, parallel to Highway 97 in Prince George, B.C. looking north. Shown: Prince George Motors and other car dealerships, Burger King, Grama's Inn, and the Spruceland Shopping Mall sign. Map coordinates 53°54'42.1"N 122°46'53.1"W

Pine Centre Mall

Image depicts Pine Centre Mall in Prince George, B. C. Map coordinates 53°53'53.2"N 122°46'36.4"W

Downtown Prince George Businesses and City Hall

Image depicts George St in downtown Prince George with City Hall in the background. Also visible are the Prince George Hotel, Ming's Inn Chinese Restaurant, Fraser Stationers Ltd., Weiner King food cart, and a movie theatre. Map coordinates 53°54'55.0"N 122°44'36.1"W

Downtown Prince George Businesses and City Hall

Image depicts George St in downtown Prince George with City Hall in the background. Also visible are the Prince George Hotel and a movie theatre. Map coordinates 53°54'55.0"N 122°44'36.1"W

Downtown Prince George Businesses

Image depicts 4th Ave at Brunswick St. and the following businesses: Hart Drugs, The Yarn Barn, and Saveco. Map coordinates 53°54'59.9"N 122°44'52.9"W

Downtown Prince George Businesses

Image depicts 4th Ave at Quebec St, showing the following businesses: The Yarn Barn, Golden Chalice Jewellers, Dandy Lines, Ultrasport, and Saveco. Map coordinates 53°54'58.6"N 122°44'47.5"W

Prince George

Image depicts downtown Prince George looking northwest across Dominion Street. Map coordinates 53°54'48.7"N 122°44'45.6"W

Family Records series

Series consists of records reflecting the activities of the Dezell and Rustad families. Series include mayoral records from Bea and Garvin Dezell when Garvin served as Mayor of Prince George. Series includes materials celebrating Bea Dezell's life created by her family. Series also includes fundraising efforts for the Northern Medical Programs Trust. Finally, series includes a collection of "spruce" dollars and commemorative coins.

Spruce dollars

File consists of various "Spruce Dollars" consisting of thin rounds of spruce wood stamped commemorating an event or place. Some are contained in their original plastic bags with some of the bags marked with the names of the people who owned them. File also includes a thank you note from UNBC for the donation.

Ah Yee's Store at South Fort George, BC

Photograph depicts a woman, man, and dog standing in front of the Chinese general store in a log building with the sign "AH YEE FUR DEALER GENERAL MERCHANT". Power poles, buildings, and trees visible in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "First Store S Ft George A. G. Hamilton" "Boucher [sic]". It is believed that this store was originally owned by A. G. Hamilton.

Window Display - 'Stoney Creek Woman'

Photograph depicts numerous copies of 'Stoney Creek Woman' (by Bridget Moran) in glass case. Display also features article on Mary John's receipt of the Order of Canada (see items 2008. and 2008. for photographs displayed in this image).

Window Display - 'Stoney Creek Woman'

Photograph depicts numerous copies of 'Stoney Creek Woman' (by Bridget Moran) in glass case. Display also features article on Mary John's receipt of the Order of Canada (see items 2008. and 2008. for photographs displayed in this image).

Hudson Bay Company Post at Fort George, BC

Photograph depicts two buildings behind fence, sheds visible in background. Unidentified men can be seen walking in foreground. Small structures believed to be teepees can be seen behind fence.

Adam Zimmerman fonds

  • 2003.8
  • Fundo
  • 1957-1994

This fonds consits of the administrative and business papers of Mr. Adam Zimmerman during his tenure as a senior level executive with Noranda Inc., Noranda Mines Ltd, and Macmillan Bloedel Ltd., particularly in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia with the majority of these records relating to the senior level operations of these companies. It includes textual records relate to the creation and development of Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd. in Prince George including all aspects of its regional operations throughout Northcentral BC). The fonds also includes records related to Noranda Inc.’s successful and unsuccessful attempts at business acquisitions in both forestry and mining operations internationally, particularly in Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands and Tasmania.

The fonds also contains textual records generated by Zimmerman in his directorship and chairman positions on various forest industry association boards. It includes his notes, general correspondence, minutes, as well as booklets and brochures notably from the Canadian Forest Industries Council, the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, the Forest Sector Advisory Council and other similar industry associations. Much of this material relates to the issue of the softwood lumber dispute and Zimmerman’s involvement in the lobbying efforts regarding Canada/U.S. Free Trade issues and includes bound reports, agreements, and publications as well as correspondence to/from Zimmerman and his handwritten notes within the files. The fonds also includes general business information (annual reports, brochures, publications) pertaining to other Canadian forestry and mining companies.

The fonds also contains Adam Zimmerman’s speeches and correspondence related to his involvement in numerous charities, foundations and corporate fundraising initiatives with numerous Canadian educational institutions, non-profit societies and federal election campaigns.

Business records of Noranda Inc. are extensive and include administrative, business, personnel, financial and legal records. Record types include correspondence, memos, handwritten notes, business proposals and meeting notes, merger proposals and notes, prospectuses, board meeting agendas and minutes, annual reports, financial statements, resumes, portfolios, printed brochures, publications and other ephemera related to the business operations of Noranda Inc., Noranda Mines and MacMillan Bloedel [during Noranda Mines take-over of MB] all during Zimmerman’s tenure as Chair and/or CEO. The fonds includes correspondence, financial reports, legal testimony transcripts resulting from the Gaspe Copper Mine labour strike in Quebec in 1957 and the subsequent Gaspe Law Suit of 1960 between Noranda and the United Steel Workers of America. The fonds also includes extensive correspondence between Zimmerman and various levels of government regarding the lobbying of government on forestry policy and correspondence with various environmental lobbying groups in the 1980s including correspondence with well-known environmentalist David Suzuki.

Subjects include all facets of business operations pertaining to Canadian forestry and mining sectors including labour issues, environmental impacts of industrial developments, industry and effects on the Canadian economy, the free trade debate, the softwood lumber issue etc.

The fonds provides a detailed archival record of Mr. Zimmerman’s contribution to the building of Noranda Forest in Canada, Northwood Pulp & Timber in BC and Noranda Inc. as a resource-based conglomerate. Many records were utilized by Mr. Zimmerman in the writing of his book, Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway?: reflections from a life in business, (Don Mills, Ontario: Stoddart; Distributed in Canada by General Distribution Services), 1997.

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The digestion area

Photograph is part of a series of photographs depicting Olin Corporation's Fria location.

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