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Kamloops, BC
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C.N. locomotive at Riverside Park in Kamloops

Photograph depicts a C.N. locomotive at Riverside Park in Kamloops. It is s 2-8-0 locomotive # 2141 and was built in 1912 by the Canadian Locomotive Co. It is 68' long and 10'1" wide, with a light weight of 169, 200 lbs. It was converted to oil in 1948 and last ran from Cowichan Bay to Victoria on July 4, 1958. It was installed in the park in 1961.

CNR Kamloops

Photograph depicts a self-propelled grinding train. It was owned and operated by "LORAM" Maintenance of Way Inc. and carried 21 grinding heads for each rail.

CNR Kamloops

Photograph taken at about one mile north of Heffley. Davies notes the new grade for double tracking that had been nearly completed.

CN plow at the Kamloops Junction

Photograph depicts a CN plow built in June 1939 and rated "Heavy Duty." At the time, CN had 63 snow plows and this was one of the 12th to 18th youngest. The latest was built in 1959.

Group of scale testing cars

Photograph depicts a set of 4 scale testing cars, consisting of 2 sealed tank cars and 2 special purpose-made cars, one of which was 4-wheeled. Found at the CPR Kamloops yard.

New CN overpass

Photograph depicts a new CN overpass in Campbell Creek. The new part of the Trans-Canada Highway beneath it had yet to be paved.

CN freight derailment in Brocklehurst

Photograph depicts a CN freight derailment in Brockelhurst, Kamloops. It was an 80 car hopper train carrying urea fertilizer. It derailed 28 cars and most were severely damaged. Ripped up 200 meteres of the track.

CN freight derailment in Brocklehurst

Photograph depicts how wrecked cars were removed from the Brockelhurst derailment site using a CN rail crane and a rented Sterling Crane Co. crane, which was set up right beside the track. Here, the car was lifted from the side of the track and positioned above the rail track.

Turntable in Kamloops

Photograph depicts a turntable located at the CN Junction in Kamloops. It was strpped of rails and decking prior to being lifted out of the well.

Former CN turntable pit

Photograph depicts a turntable that had been lifted out of a pit and set on the ground at the Kamloops Junction. Lifting had been done by two powerful sterling cranes.

CPR caboose

Photograph depicts the body of a slightly damaged CPR caboose sitting on a gondola. Damaged as a result of an accident in the Kamloops yard, which is where the photograph was taken. Caboose was on its way to Calgary.

CPR Kamloops ballast train

Photograph depicts a ballast train that was ready to depart. The caboose was one of 60 built in 1981 at CPR Angus Shops and was the last batch to built before the company closed in 1990.

Rocky Mountaineer Jasper train

Photograph depicts a Rocky Mountaineer Jasper train that had just been propelled into the downtown Kamloops CN station. Once passengers de-trained, the empty train was pulled into R.M.R private trackage on K.I.R. for overnight stabling, cleaning, and restocking.

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