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Vancouver, BC
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Man of the year 1

Item is a photograph of Mr. Williston receiving the Man of the Year Award from the Newsmen’s Club of BC for outstanding achievement in public service. The award was presented by Dr. John B. MacDonald, President of UBC on November 7, 1964.

3-truck Shay locomotive #115 in North Vancouver

Photograph depicts a 3-truck Shay locomotive #115 , Railway Appliance Company, Vancouver Wharves Ltd. in North Vancouver. It was built by Lima Locomotive Works Inc. in October 1929 as works #3344. The 11 and the 5 of 115 are different castings, and the holes in the plate suggest the locomotive was #11 before.

Two 3-truck Shay locomotives at the Vancouver Wharves Ltd.

Photograph depicts two 3-truck Shay locomotives, #114 and behind her #115, belonging to the Railway Appliance Company at the Vancouver Wharves Ltd. in North Vancouver. They are in daily or weekly use. Both were built by Lima Locomotive Works Inc. Locomotive #114 was built in July 1928 as #3320 and #115 was built in October 1929 as #3344.

Tugboat "Master"

Photograph depicts a steam tugboat named "Master" owned by the World Ship Society (Vancouver Chapter). Photograph taken during Carnival and Regatta week in Vancouver.

Replica of S.S. Moyie

Photograph depicts a replica of the S.S. Moyie built and photographed at Burrard Shipyard & Marine Ways Ltd. on 1729 West Georgia St., Vancouver. It was launched on June 15, 1965.

U.S.S. Cowell in English Bay

Photograph depicts the U.S.S. Cowell, a heavy destroyer in English Bay, Vancouver during the maritime festival, with a yacht from the Victoria Yacht Club alongside.

C.P.R. rail ferry transfer #4

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. rail ferry transfer #4, registered at Victoria. It is tied to the western side of C.P.R. Pier A! at Vancouver. It holds four tracks and is not self-propelled.

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line in Vancouver. Confusingly, the street is called "Mainland" but the box cars were spotted at the rear of 1152 Hamilton St. The nearest car is a Penn Central 167223, built in November 1972 and behind it is CP 165230 insulated box car. The view is looking northeast.

CP rail and warehouse complex on Homer St.

Photograph depicts the CP rail and the edge of the Homer St. warehouse complex in Vancouver. The view is looking northeast at the western end of Mainland St. The building is at #1152 Mainland St. The right hand track (man's shadow it) goes down Mainland and is in apparent use. The rail on the left hand track is dated 1938.

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line approximately 100 yards south of the Richards and Pacific St. intersection in Vancouver. The waste ground on the right was formerly occupied by the Canadian Pipe Co., Canadian Wood Pipe & Tanks Ltd., and the Pacific Coast Pipe Ltd. from 1923-1972.

View of harbour road in Vancouver

Photograph depicts an unnamed harbour road that runs to the north of , and parallel to Water St. The trackage is connected behind the camera to a CPR depot and at the other end to the mainline. No spurs lead off to the docks. The track is not used but usable.

CPR False Creek yards

Photograph depicts the CPR False Creek yards in Vancouver. The view is looking northeast with the roundhouse immediately behind the camera. The switcher is moving on 180 degree loop.

Pacific Press Ltd. "Sun Tower" in Vancouver, B.C.

Photograph depicts the Pacific Press Ltd. Vancouver Sun building at Beatty and West Pender St. The view is looking northeast from Beatty St. It was vacated by the Vancouver Sun at Christmas 1965 with the neon "Sun" sign on the tower removed.

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