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Spotlight on UNBC - February 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from February 1993. Features segments on the construction of the Prince George campus, a talk with the first UNBC students, milestones of 1992, and highlights from a First Nations forum held in Terrace. Includes footage of the temporary campus at the French-Canadian Club of Prince George, an interview with UNBC President Geoffrey R. Weller, an interview with Dean Cooper (VP Administration), a clip from an Interim Governing Council meeting, an introduction to some UNBC publications, an interview with Audrey McKay (member of the IGC), and a clip of Stuart McLean giving a talk for the UNBC President's Lecture Series.

Spotlight on UNBC - October 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from October 1993. Features include an announcement that the Prince George campus will be opening on time and construction deadlines have been met, the cataloging process for the UNBC library, recruitment of faculty, housing developments, student retainment, hiring of academic faculty, preparations for the grand opening of the campus, the UNBC School of Nursing regional operations, the UNBC scholarship and bursary fund, the North to the Future campaign, Regional Coordinators and their importance, and the UNBC adrenaline club. Includes interviews with Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Ken Coates (VP Academic), Pat Appavoo (University Librarian), Dennis Macknak (Regional Operations and University College Relations), John Backhouse (Mayor of Prince George), Jan Thompson (President of the Cariboo Real Estate Board), Mary Louise McAllister (Political Science), Lee Keener (Math and Computer Science), Annie Booth (Environmental Studies), Karen Borsato (CNC Registration Manager, Quesnel campus), Mike Chiu (Telecommunications Supervisor), Tracey Niesh (Secretary for Regional Operations), Rob Corbett (Director of Human Resources), Joanne Fort (Northwest Community College), Leslie Hardy, Paul Ramsey (PG North MLA), Ellen Facey (South-Central Regional Coordinator), and Brian Cole (UNBC student).

Spotlight on UNBC - April 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from April 1994. Features include workplace injuries of UNBC construction works and the importance of worksite safety; a spotlight on the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences; the construction of the UNBC library; the development of the library collection and acquisition of historical publications on microfiche; the arrival of an advance team in preparation for Queen Elizabeth's visit; a South Africa forum entitled "So Far, So Near, So Far" regarding free elections; student recruitment and information sessions; technology at UNBC at the Dynacom system; and the construction of the student residence buildings. Includes interviews with Frank Janas (UNBC Site Safety Officer); David Fish (Dean of Health and Human Sciences); Bryan Hartman (Program Chair of Education); Barbara Herringer (Social Work); Ken Prkachin (Program Chair of Psychology); Leslie Hardy (Program Chair of Nursing); Ivan Jorgensen (Affordable Housing Committee); Lois Boone (Chair, Royal Visit Committee); Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor); Dave Abbott (Journalist); Meryl Martin (UNBC student); Nicole Lyotier (UNBC Liaison Officer); Michael Chin (UNBC Telecommunications Supervisor); Rick Christianens (BC Tel); Randall Brazzoni (UNBC Housing); and Peter Bloodoff (City of Prince George).

Spotlight on UNBC - June 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 1994. Features include a review of May 1994 Convocation (including speeches from the Governor General and valedictorian); the presentation of the UNBC heraldic Coat of Arms and explanation of its meaning; a speech from Iona Campagnolo, UNBC Chancellor; a quality of life survey in Prince George; a Canada-BC Infrastructure Works donation for completion of University Way; finalization of Regional Academic Plans for Peace River and the Northwest; a public information session for off-campus housing; scholarships and bursaries at UNBC; development of the Northern Studies program; and the completion of the building housing the Conference Centre and Fitness Centre (now Building 6). Includes interviews with Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President); H.E. Ramon Hnatyshyn (Governor General of Canada); Mary Fallis (Friend of the University); Clive Keen (Director of Communications); Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor); Alex Michalos (UNBC Political Science); Margaret Anderson (Northwest Regional Coordinator); Patricia Sarsfield (UNBC Financial Aid Officer); Harold Finkler (Circumpolar Liaison Directorate); Tom Masich (Library); and UNBC students Diana Gilbert and Kari-Anne Gosnell.

Spotlight on UNBC - September 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from September 1994, highlighting the Queen's Royal visit to UNBC and the opening of the university. Features include speeches from Queen Elizabeth, the Premier of British Columbia Mike Harcourt, UNBC Chancellor Iona Campagnolo, and student Jackie Watson; Lake Babine dancers; Kermode Choristers Choir from Terrace; a meeting between Queen Elizabeth and the founders of UNBC; the Founder's Ceremony; an interview with Murray Sadler regarding the legacy of UNBC; and an afternoon tea event with Queen Elizabeth and UNBC students (including Sonia Parmar) in the UNBC dining hall.

Spotlight on UNBC - December 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from December 1994. Features include the announcement of Geoffrey Weller's resignation from the UNBC presidency to be effective June 1995; an interview with Weller regards his experiences with UNBC; the completion of the move from UNBC's temporary locations; an internet technology initiative announced for UNBC; UNBC wins Newsmaker of the Year award; the UNBC Public Lecture Series and highlights from speakers; Larry Woods wins Best Academic Book Award for Asian-Pacific Studies; UNBC's first co-op student is hired at Northwood; "A University is Born" book published; the North to the Future campaign reaches $6 million after a donation from CN Rail; social clubs at UNBC (with focus on football and the Over the Edge Newspaper); and the Spotlight on UNBC Christmas edition with Rob van Adrichem as Santa. Includes interviews with Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President); Robin Blencoe (MLA); Mike Harcourt (Premier); Dale McMann (Prince George Regional Development); Arnie Donovan (Sun Microsystems); Chief Ovide Mercredi (Assembly of First Nations); Don Ryan (Gitksan Nation); Audrey McLaughlin (Federal NDP); Linda Clippingdale (Canadian Research Institute for Advancement of Women Studies); Clive Keen (UNBC Communications); and UNBC students John Spagrud (first co-op student), Fouad Shalaby (Football Club), Dionne Olsen (Football Club), D'arcy Davis (Over the Edge), Charles Hogg (Over the Edge), and Tracy Gula (Over the Edge).

Spotlight on UNBC - January 1995

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from January 1995. Features include UNBC's use of fibre optic internet with Dynacom and the advantages of the technology; the fourth Circumpolar Universities Co-operation Conference hosted by UNBC; the expansion of the UNBC residences to two buildings; the announcement of a contest for UNBC's new mascot; the UNBC Fencing Club; and the completion of the UNBC Conference Centre construction. Includes interviews with Lyle Watkins (BC Tel Advanced Communications); Tim Beekman (Dynacom Communications, President); Alex Hawley (UNBC Biology); Glenda Prkachin (UNBC Psychology); Dennis Macknak (UNBC Regional Operations); Willard Strachan (Orion); Sheena Trimble (UNBC INTS); Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President); Doug Nord (Dean, Faculty of Management and Administration); Stephen Owen (CORE Commissioner); Keith Blatner (Washington State University); Joy Kogawa (Author); Mary-Ellen Kelm (UNBC History); Joe deLaronde (UNBC 'Free Blades'); Jerry Scape (Rymar Services); Dave Smith (Canem Systems); Denise Doherty (Foundation Building West); Joe Klaus (Kerschbaumer Coatings); Diane Smith (UNBC Quesnel); and Dawn Roger (UNBC Quesnel).

Spotlight on UNBC - October 1995

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from October 1995. Features segments on research into the fish kill at Tabor Lake; a Siberian First Nations visited the region to meet our First Nations; the transition to UNBC's new president Charles Jago and the interim president George Pedersen); a PowerSmart donation from BC Hydro to UNBC; UNBC recruitment in local high schools; UNBC library journal subscriptions and access to eResources; the "North to the Future" campaign"; and footage from the "North to the Future" promotional video. Includes interviews with Ellen Petticrew (UNBC Geography); Sean Simmons (UNBC student); Gail Fondahl (UNBC Geography); Nikolai Arvneev (Evenki); Chief Joseph Gosnell (Nisga'a Nation); Galina Abramova (Evenk Cultural Centre); George Pedersen (UNBC Interim President); Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor); Peter Bentley (Canadian Forest Products); Ken Coates (Founding VP Academic); Pat Appavoo (UNBC Librarian); Godfrey Medhurst (UNBC Facilities); Jennifer Hollands (UNBC Liaison Officer); Claudette Gouger (UNBC Liaison Officer); Mari-Etha Pienaar (Prince Rupert); Mayor John Kuz (Prince Rupert); Brent Campbell (Deloitte and Touche, Prince George); Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President); Tom Steadman (UNBC Founder); Paul Shelley (Royal Bank); Winnifred Kessler (UNBC Forestry); Tom Boughner (Skeena Cellulose); and C.T. Hazelwood (Northwood Pulp and Timber).

Spotlight on UNBC - April 1996

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from April 1996. Features segments on UNBC Winterfest, including fencing, a chemistry magic show, a visit from high school students, and a World's Worst Lecture Competition; a new UNBC technology centre, which will pair academics and local businesses, such as Canadian Woodworks; Student Services Street is named after BC Tel; the first UNBC Forestry graduates are presented with rings; Jago's public lecture series concluded with lectures by John Stubbs and David Strangway; Paul Ramsey hosted a news conference relating to a tuition freeze; and Seth Raymond, the first UNBC student to graduate with a Masters Degree. Includes interviews with Frank Peebles (Prince George Free Press), Dave Sherwood (CKPG), Todd Whitcombe (UNBC Chemistry), Dennis Olson (UNBC Business), Peter MacMillan (UNBC Education), David Dowling (UNBC English), Robb Fry (UNBC Math), Paul Ramsey (Minister of Education, Skills & Training), Ellen Facey (UNBC Regional Coordinator), Charles Jago (UNBC President), Phil Thalmann (Canadian Woodworks), Charles Brown (UNBC Computer Science), Patric Olivier (National Research Council), Paul Smith (BC Tel), Fred Gilbert (Dean, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies), John Stubbs (SFU President), David Strangway (UBC President), Brian Cole (UNBC Student Society), Seth Raymond (UNBC student), and Bryan Hartman (UNBC Education).

Spotlight on UNBC - May 1996

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from May 1996. Features segments on caribou transplantation to maintain American herds; the UNBC Northern Land Use Institute from BC Real Estate Foundation endowment; the "North to the Future" campaign; UN Model simulation; a new book by Gordon Ternowetsky about social welfare funding from governments; UNBC History students published book about local history; UNBC library acquired the ERIC database; and research by William Low on NHL success based on birthdays. Includes interviews with John Almack (US Wildlife Biologist); Glen Watts (BC Wildlife Biologist); John Curry (UNBC Environmental Studies); Setty Pendakur (BC Real Estate Foundation); George Richards (Weldwood CEO); Larry Woods (UNBC International Studies); Sharon Hunter; Gordon Ternowetsky (UNBC Social Work); Theresa Healy (UNBC History); Pat Appavoo (UNBC Librarian); Corey Blades (Northern Lights College); Nick Petryszak (UNBC Regional Coordinator); William Low (UNBC Economics); and UNBC students Mike Sproule, Garth Frizzell, Jodie Kennedy, and Gord Larson.

Spotlight on UNBC - September 1996

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from September 1996. This episode is a special episode focusing on a trip to Russia with 16 UNBC political science students who studied post-Soviet Russia and their professor John Young. Includes interviews with John Young (UNBC Political Science); Doug Steele; Sylvain Fabi (Canadian Embassy); Ludmilla Nemova (Russian researcher); and UNBC students Dave Schaaf, Tyler Brock, Laurie Hildebrand, and Kyle Parker.

Spotlight on UNBC - April 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from April 1997. Features segments on a tuition freeze; research on the mental differences between men and women when playing sports; the Western Canadian Association of Geographers at UNBC; Alex Michalos' book "Good Taxes"; UNBC offering spring/summer courses; Kathy Lewis named Forester of the Year; Lily Chow and Theresa Healy awarded a local history award; the implementation of the Northern Advancement Program; UNBC student Nicola Hirt who participates in luge; and the UNBC Outdoors Club. Includes interviews with Colleen Haney (UNBC Education); Jon Clarke; Paul Ramsey (Minister of Education); Wilf Hurd (Liberal universities critic); Greg Halseth (UNBC Geography); Alex Michalos (UNBC Political Science); Kathy Lewis (UNBC Forestry); Joan Jarman (Prince George Public Library); Theresa Healy (UNBC History); Lily Chow (UNBC International Studies); Lee Morrison (UNBC First Nations Studies); and UNBC students Jon Clarke, Jayne Buckmaster, Larry Johannesen, John Stevenson, Nicola Hirt, Seth Oldham, Sandra Wawryszyn, Greg Munby, Jay Reynolds, and Emily Bulmer.

Spotlight on UNBC - May 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from May 1997. Features segments on UNBC graduates; how UNBC is environmentally friendly; the implementation of the Northern Advancement Program; Winifred Kessler named Professor of the Year in British Columbia; collaboration between UNBC Computer Science and Canadian Woodworks; UNBC students published a creative writing journal titled "Static"; a presentation of local history papers at the Prince George Public Library by UNBC history students; the UNBC Tai Chi Club; and UNBC student residence life. Includes interviews with Lee Morrison (UNBC First Nations Studies); Winifred Kessler (UNBC Forestry); David del Mar (UNBC History); Val Holton (Residence Life Coordinator); and UNBC students and graduates Andrea Bradley, Darren Bradley, Israel Prabhudass, Nadine Gray, Leo Johnson, Bryn White, Peter Wheatley, Birch Howard, Pratibha Sharma, Dave Leatham, Trelle Morrow, Jeff Chand, and Joe de Laronde.

Spotlight on UNBC - June 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 1997. Features segments on the UNBC co-operative education program; jobs for UNBC students after graduation; the UNBC Learning Skills Centre; the success of online courses at UNBC; research on smoking patterns with the Heart & Stroke Foundation; research on wilderness development trends in Northern Europe; an eco-village may be built adjacent to UNBC; Elk skeleton found during construction at UNBC at given to the university for carbon dating; an interview with Michael Blackstock whose art is on permanent display on campus; and highlights from Convocation 1997. Includes interviews with Jim Leonard (UNBC Counsellor); Andrea Stewart (Career Counsellor); Maria Tott (UNBC Learning Skills Centre); Jaime Young (UNBC Learning Skills Centre); Michael Blackstock; Myron Gordon (UNBC Alumni President); Sarah Rudrum (UNBC Learning Skills Centre); Stan Beeler (UNBC English); Gail Fondahl (UNBC Geography); Ken Prkachin (UNBC Psychology); Alan Ewert (UNBC Resource, Recreation & Tourism); John Curry (UNBC Environmental Studies); Richard Lazenby (UNBC Anthropology); Dave Kueng (Viking Construction); Charles Jago (UNBC President); Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor); and UNBC students Sandra Rose, Morgan Cranny, Megan D'Arcy, and Daryl Ritchey.

Spotlight on UNBC - October 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from October 1997. Features segments on UNBC student orientation; the Northern Advancement Program; a new doctoral program in Natural Resources Management; tourism development by Resource & Recreation program students; a memory test for Alzheimer's patients; a survey on MacGregor Model Forest; UNBC professor won the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Science Council of British Columbia; UNBC students participated in an archaeological dig in Russia; the Global Change Game; Shine-a-rama; Wheel Thang race on campus; and the UNBC Timberwolves men's and women's basketball teams. Includes interviews with Alex Reed (UNBC Assoc. VP); Edmond Constantineau (UNBC First Nations Studies); Max Blouw (UNBC VP Research); Robin Draper (BC Parks); Rob Altemeyer (Global Change Game); Jim Leonard (UNBC Counsellor); Chris Doucette (Wheel Thang); Loralyn Murdoch (Timberwolves coach); Dave Petryk (Tourism Prince George); Anita Hubley (UNBC Psychology); David Robinson (UNBC faculty); Alex Hawley (UNBC faculty); Deborah Poff (UNBC VP); Todd Whitcombe (UNBC Chemistry); and UNBC students Phyllis Joseph, Erin Sherry, Shelly Webber, Kati Eriksen, Dan Byzyna, Dawn Hemingway, Laura Ryser, Jo Burrows, Sarah Ramage, Zane Robinson, and Kari Slater.

Spotlight on UNBC - November 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from November 1997. Features segments on a conference hosted at UNBC regarding the influence of the Asia-Pacific economy on Northern BC's economy; Carrier Sekani Tribal Council genealogy records to be stored at UNBC; UNBC open house on research called "UNBC Works"; the unveiling of the UNBC Timberwolves logo; the UNBC Rodeo Club; and the official opening of the Greenway Trail. Includes interviews with Don Munton (UNBC International Studies); Paul Bowles (UNBC Economics); Arnold Zwiers (Canadian Woodworks); Chief Edward John (Carrier Sekani Tribal Council); Gerald Wiesner (Bishop of Prince George); Paul Ramsey (Minister of Forests); Robin Draper (Greenway Society); Ahmed Hussein (UNBC Physics); Jim Leonard (UNBC Counsellor); Peter Whitridge (UNBC Anthropology); Peter Jackson (UNBC Environmental Studies); Gordon Ternowetsky; David Dick (UNBC Lab); Jill Craig (UNBC Lab); Ken Prkachin (UNBC Psychology); Marianne Ainley (UNBC Women's Studies); Charles Jago (UNBC President); Jim O'Meara (UNBC Recreation Coordinator); and UNBC students David Ing, Manmohan Singh, David Chiarello, Greg Houston, and Sam Zirnhelt.

Spotlight on UNBC - December 1997

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from December 1997. Features segments on transferring to UNBC from community colleges; the Premier's Northern Summit; UNBC is not yet ranked in Maclean's magazine; UNBC library accessibility for students with disabilities; lecture from Assembly of First Nations chief Phil Fontaine; Slocan Irving K. Barber met with UNBC Forestry faculty to discuss a new forestry lab at UNBC; tourism in the north and the influence of UNBC's Outdoor Recreation program; research to study the link between anger and blood pressure; research on farmers markets for downtown revitalization in Prince George; the UNBC Christmas gift guide; and a music album by UNBC professors Phil Higham and Robb Fry. Includes interviews with Paul Ramsey (Minister of Education); Deborah Poff (UNBC VP Academic); Charles Jago (UNBC President); Greg Halseth (UNBC Geography); Trevor Fuson (UNBC Library); Phil Fontaine (AFN Chief); Ron Rutledge (Minister of Forests); Ken Prkachin (UNBC Psychology); John Curry (UNBC Environmental Studies); Todd Whitcombe (UNBC Chemistry); Phil Higham (UNBC Psychology); Robb Fry (UNBC Math); and UNBC students Marinus Langeler, Livvy Lazarian, and Heather Oland.

Spotlight on UNBC - April 1998

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from April 1998. This episode focuses on answering the question: "What are the issues of the north and how can UNBC contribute to a greater understanding of those issues?". This special episode includes clips from previous spotlight on UNBC episodes regarding healthcare, First Nations, resource management, the Premier's Summit on Northern jobs and Development, child poverty, and a forum on issues for Canadian foreign-policy. Includes interviews with Dan Miller (Northern Development Minister), Lorna Medd (health officer), Annette Browne (UNBC nursing), Harry Slade (lawyer), Don Ryan (Gitxsan leader), and John Young (UNBC Political Science).

Spotlight on UNBC - June 1998

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 1998. Features include highlights from Convocation 1998, rock climbing with UNBC students, forestry news at UNBC, construction of the Irving K Barber Enhanced Forestry Laboratory, the Forest Expo hosted in Prince George in May 1998, the Northern BC GIS conference, the Festival of the Arts, and the Children's Miracle telethon. Includes interviews with Dwight Wolfe from Northwood.

Spotlight on UNBC - December 1998

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from December 1998. Features segments on the first ranking for UNBC in MacLean's starting out with UNBC at #9 with UNBC library ranking #1 for acquisitions (including access to 70 databases); research on air pollution using the electron microscope; the Bank of Montreal DNA analysis facility; research on genetic similarity between steelhead and rainbow trout as well as whether BC has salmon populations that can be used for fish farming; genetically designing trees; visiting delegates from Northern universities; visits from politicians; the UNBC Northern Advancement Program promotional CD; the University College of the Cariboo and UNBC "Weekend University"; the first UNBC course in Valemount; and UNBC basketball exhibition games. Includes interviews with Charles Jago (UNBC President); Neil Campbell (UNBC Librarian); Dave Sutherland (Ministry of Environment); Lorna Medd (medical health officer); Dan Heath (UNBC Biology); Bob Taylor (Canadian Forest Service); Jack Ward Thomas (former US Forest Service chief); John Young (UNBC Political Science); Bjorn Hernes (Canadian Embassy in Oslo); Jane Stewart (Federal Indian Affairs minister); Dale Lovik (provincial Aboriginal Affairs minister); Youssef Nasr (Hong Kong Bank of Canada); Greg Poelzer (UNBC Political Science); Roger Beck (UNBC Business); Loralyn Murdoch (UNBC Women's Basketball coach); and UNBC students and alumni Christine Breed, Don Dixon, Bernadette Franke, and Adelle Rogers.

Spotlight on UNBC - February 1999

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from February 1999. This episode is a special episode focusing on northern issues. Features segments on a Winter Cities Conference that will be held in Prince George; forestry issues on a global scale; Resource Management and the Enhanced Forestry Lab at UNBC; harvesting and maintaining caribou habitat; sustainability of small-scale forestry; UNBC's use of technology to increase accessibility to its regional campuses; UNBC public lecture series on northern development issues; a new specialization in Oil, Gas, and Energy at the UNBC Fort St. John campus; and the UNBC Cross-Country Ski Club. Includes interviews with George Paul (Prince George City Manager); Staffan Lindgren (UNBC Forestry); Steve Thorpe (Canfor Silviculture Forester); Darwyn Coxson (UNBC Biology); Jon Swainger (UNBC History); Tony Fiala (Biathlon coach); Pete Saar (Cross-Country Ski Coach); Mike Jully (BC Minister of Forests); Mark Clark (Northwood); Susan Stevenson (Wildlife Biologist); Heather Myers (UNBC International Studies); Edgar Williamson (small-scale forester); Helmut Koch (The Spruce Bug); Stan Beeler (UNBC English); Clayton Gray (Borealis Group); Tara Howarth (UNBC Computing); Lynda Williams (UNBC); and Robin Fisher (Dean, UNBC); and UNBC students Henna Peteri, Jenni Arporen, Antonia Avvakumova, Barb Sharp, Mike Moleschi, Chris Paulsen (UNBC Ski Club president), Lisa Drysdale, and Dallas Eng.

Spotlight on UNBC - June 1999

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 1999. Features segments on the highlights from the Prince George and regional convocations for 1999; a report on the UNBC Athletics program; the Irving K. Barber Enhanced Forestry Lab sod turning and construction; the UNBC Northern Land Institute partnership with the Muskwa-Kechika Management Board in the Northern Rockies; an announcement from Health Canada regarding a Rural and Remote Health Research Summit at UNBC; a visit hosted at UNBC with Governor General Romeo LeBlanc and his wife; BC Collegiate Athletics Association announced UNBC's formal acceptance; the annual jazz and poetry night at UNBC; "The Rez Sisters" theatrical production with UNBC student actors and the first play with an aboriginal theme in a Prince George playhouse; and Iona Campagnolo receiving an honourary degree. Includes interviews with Irving K. Barber (Slocan chairman); Russ Clinton (West Fraser Timber); Godfrey Medhurst (UNBC Facilities director); John Cashore (Muskwa-Kechika Management Board co-chair); Max Blouw (UNBC Assoc. VP Research); Allan Rock (Federal Health Minister); Bev Leipert (UNBC Nursing); Jim O'Meara (UNBC Athletics coordinator); Jim Costley (Cedars Christian School); Cathy Denby (UNBC First Nations Centre); Iona Campagnolo; Ken Prkachin (UNBC Community Health); Jacob McKay (Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a); and UNBC students and alumni Alicia Woods (UNBC Timberwolves), Melanie Angus, Michael Bosdet (Chemistry), Cheryl LeSergent, Charity Peal, Sadie Tait (Nisga'a student), and Cecilia Azak.

Spotlight on UNBC - June 2000

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 2000. Features segments on the "Retain 2000" conference on aboriginal student retention in higher education; the Irving K Barber Enhanced Forestry Laboratory; an Inuit art donation from Ray Anderson, the Bill Reid banners, and the Ron Sebastian art unveiling of the senate doors and ceremonial chairs; the UNBC Northern Advancement Program; the University of the Arctic and northern research; the archival processing of the Cassiar Fonds donation; GIS mapping technology; the Summer Computer Club for high school students; research on the movement of air pollution using a Doppler sodar system; and highlights from convocation 2000 including honourary degree recipients Horst Sanders and Chief Joseph Gosnell. Includes interviews with Paul Ramsey (Minister of Finance); Wayne Clogg (West Fraser Timber); Irving K Barber; Oscar Garcia; Chris Hawkins; Ron Sebastian; Ray Anderson (Canadian diplomat and art donor); Kwadwo Asante (art donor); Peter Jackson (UNBC professor); George Pedersen (UNBC Chancellor); and UNBC students and alumni Louise Creyke (Nursing), Pamela Spokes, Candace Gladu (Archives student assistant for Cassiar Project), Allan Kranz, Kori Robertson (Nursing), Michael Panchuk (Education), and Shunlai Lee.

February-March 1993 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 9-Feb-93 - First Program Chair of Nursing - Hardy, Leslie / 16-Mar-93 - First Million $ for the North to the Future Campaign - Hamer, Mike / 16-Mar-93 - Prince Rupert Maritime Research Forum - Morrison, Bill / 21-Mar-93 - Staff Profile - Raeber, Bruno / 21-Mar-93 - News Headlines - Rob

November 1993 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 15-Nov-93 - University of Vaxjo Visitor - Klintborg, Staffan / 16-Nov-93 - Stack of Applications for the Second Round of Academic Hiring / 18-Nov-93 - Creating the First UNBC Student Newspaper - Gordon, Myron / 20-Nov-93 - Stand-ups - Rob / 20-Nov-93 - Tour of the Prince George Campus - Rob

November-December 1993 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Nov-93 - News Headlines - Rob / 22-Nov-93 - Campus Shots / 13-Dec-93 - Canfor Cheque Presentation - Bentley, Peter; Weller, Geoffrey / 15-Dec-93 - Stand-ups - Rob / 15-Dec-93 - Campus Shots / 16-Dec-93 - The Demise of the Interim Governing Council - Wagner, Hans / 20-Dec-93 - Campus Shots / 20-Dec-93 - News Headlines I - Rob

December 1993 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 2-Dec-93 - Centennial High School Visit - Webb, Terry / 3-Dec-93 - News Conference Announcing the Transition from the IGC to the Board and Senate - Miller, Dan / 4-Dec-93 - Last Interim Governing Council Meeting / 4-Dec-93 - The Demise of the IGC - Kerr, Dale / 21-Dec-93 - The Transition to a Board and Senate - Sander, Horst

January 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Jan-94 - Inaugural South-Central Regional Advisory Committee Meeting / 21-Jan-94 - Board Dinner and Donor Recognition / 26-Jan-94 - Peace River - Liard Regional Advisory Committee News Conference - Weller, Geoffrey; Petryszak, Nick

January-February 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Jan-94 - The Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies - Gilbert, Fred / 7-Feb-94 - Campus Shots / 9-Feb-94 - The Importance of the North to the Future Campaign - Coates, Ken / 10-Feb-94 - Stand-ups for Development Video - Steadman, Tom / 10-Feb-94 - Campus Shots / 15-Feb-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 16-Feb-94 - UNBC's First Graduate Student - Hunter, Christine

March 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 24-Mar-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 24-Mar-94 - BC Tel's Involvement with Installing UNBC's High-Tech Fibre-Optic Network - Christiaens, Rick / 25-Mar-94 - The Social Work Program - Herringer, Barbara / 25-Mar-94 - Library Acquires Book # 50,000 - Appavoo, Pat / 29-Mar-94 - South Africa Forum

April 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 14-Apr-94 - UNBC's Vancouver-based Liaison Officer - Prentice, Lauren / 14-Apr-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 19-Apr-94 - First UNBC graduates - Watson, Jackie; Yandeau, Niki, Bathy, Margaret / 21-Apr-94 - Quesnel Regional Academic Plan - Macknak, Dennis; Facey, Ellen / 22-Apr-94 - Northwest Region Issues - Anderson, Margaret / 22-Apr-94 - First UNBC Graduate - Gordon, Myron

May 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 14-May-94 - Grad Photos / 18-May-94 - "I Built UNBC" Hat Presentation - Weller, Geoffrey; Klaus, Joe; Masich, Tom / 19-May-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 19-May-94 - Stone Masons / 20-May-94 - Quality of Life Survey - Michalos, Alex

November 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 17-Nov-94 - The Founding President Announces His Resignation - Weller, Geoffrey / 20-Nov-94 - News Headlines and Christmas Gift Ideas - Rob / 21-Nov-94 - The Impact of the High-Tech Consortium on the Region - McMann, Dale / 21-Nov-94 - What Students Want for Christmas / 21-Nov-94 - The Student Football Club - Shalaby, Fouad; Olsen, Dionne / 23-Nov-94 - Sustainable Communities Research - Curry, John

May 1995 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 25-May-95 - Russian Local Government Research - Young, John / 25-May-95 - UNBC Daycare Centre - McLean, Alistair / 25-May-95 - Stand-ups - Rob / 26-May-95 - UNBC's Great Northern Seat Sale - Gobbi, Phil; Bryant, Trudy / 26-May-95 - Shots of Housing, Registration

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