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Aleza Lake Maps

File contains datelines, small maps consisting of ecological site types, handwritten notes, overheads, terrain resource management information digital map data, and trail system maps.

Aleza Lake Research Forest - Volume 1

File contains plot summaries of selected permanent sample plots, correspondence regarding field courses, records of management committee meetings from 1991 and 1990, documents and correspondence pertaining to the re-opening of the Aleza Lake Research Forest, partial cutting summaries, research proposals and studies, cost and revenues documents, a 1961 biography on Percy Barr, charts covering remeasurements of permanent sample plots, hand written correspondence from 1990 discussing the history of marking crews, and a brief history of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station.

Aleza Lake Research Forest - Volume 2

File contains various documents pertaining to the history of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station, correspondence regarding various administrative issues and research projects ranging from 1972 to 1996, field notes, 1996 meeting minutes, memoranda containing details on the management and preservation of the Aleza Lake Research Forest, various reports on research projects, 1987 permits, field notes, a 1970 working plan, and 6 colour photographs of the Aleza Lake Garbage Dump.

Aleza Lake Various Historical Records

File consists of documents, radiograms, and correspondence regarding various administrative issues ranging from costs, living conditions, timber sales, research projects, and queries from the public. Much of this correspondence is between Tim Decie, Forester in Charge of Aleza Lake, and R.P Silsbury, Head of the Research Division between the years of 1953 and 1967. Also included are contracts and receipts from 1964, documents regarding the closure of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station, and meeting minutes.

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation 1972 Bench Plans

A set of 13 maps showing approximate waste extraction areas for different benches during certain months of 1972. Extraction dates are included accompanied by estimated total tonnages for each planned extraction area. All plans are hand drawn using colored pencils, lead and black ink. Approximate calculations of extraction tonnages are included within certain months. Numerical bench markers are included. Total tonnages from the previous year and previous surveys are included within certain plans.

Clones etc. 1999

File consists of documentation for various field sites. File also includes Harry Coates employment contracts (restricted). File also includes a Forest Cover Map Series 93H.093 1998-JUN-02 010, produced by the inventory branch of the Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia; Timber supply area: Prince George.

Development Study - Northern Resources

File consists of:

  • "Development Study - Northern Resources" by the Columbia Cellulose Company, Limited, September, 1963. This report includes: background information on the company and a contextual background of forestry in British Columbia; a description of resources and proposed facilities, which covers northern wood resources and requirements for future sulphite and sulphate mills; an economic study for new Kraft operations.
  • 2 maps: one of British Columbia entitled "Status of Sustained-Yield Forestry Programme as at 31 December 1962" by the Department of Lands, Forests, and Water Resources; the other of British Columbia Forest Service Forest: Surveys and Inventory Division, Key Map Showing: Maps published on scale 1 inch to 2 miles and summary zones of the provincial forest inventory by the Department of Lands and Forests (1957).

E.P. 646.3

File consists of photocopied documentation for E.P. 646.3 Reciprocal Planting of Spruce Provenances in the Rocky Mountain Trench along with printed satellite maps from Bing Maps. File also includes a map of Buckhorn Barn showing reserve no. EP 505, research & R.N. projects. Map includes annotations for EP 646.3.

M PSYU Aleza Lake Research Forest Old File #051597

File contains various correspondence regarding 1964 annual cuts for sawmills in the area, memoranda consisting of various administrative issues such as the 1973 amalgamation of Purden Lake and Aleza Lake, and the sale of lumber previously infested by spruce beetles. File also contains 1972 applications to purchase Crown timber and road use, as well as 1966 logging permits.


File contains two maps of the Columbia River system.


File contains three maps of the Project area.

Mining in the Cariboo

This file consists of 10 photographs pertaining to the Hixon Creek Cariboo Gold Company, and the Quesnel Quartz Mine; as well as two sheets of letterhead from the "Hixon Gold Recovery Ltd." a handwritten speech re: a mineral claim, and a hand drawn map and overlay pertaining to the Wellington and Highland (Belle or Lass) mineral claims.

Plot maps, photos, and reports

File consists of several maps indicating the locations of plots and 3 detailed maps of specific plots. File also includes photographs of cleared forests and a "P.G. District Demonstration Plots: Establishment Report".

PP 160 - Conditions after Logging of a Spruce-Balsam Forest in Relation to Spruce Reproduction and to the Rate of Growth of the Second Story

File contains handwritten cross section book, original studies with handwritten measurement charts and black and white photos, loose pages of original correspondence, handwritten diagrams and measurement charts, loose handwritten tally sheets, black and white photographs, hand coloured plot diagrams, photocopies of aerial photographs, and original correspondence for Plot 160.

Prince George Forest Region materials and maps

File consists of "History of the Buckhorn Research Demonstration Area Prince George Forest Region" by J. Revel Nov. 1988 and maps, diagrams, and documentation for:

  • Sx 84119G
  • Sx 87109G
  • EP 976.02.02
  • EP 697
  • EP 1185
  • File also include three large maps: a reproduction of a BC Forest Service Aleza Lake Research Forest map, North Eastern British Columbia Fire Location Map (1961), and map of Summit Lake, Cariboo District B.C. (1966).

Resource Folio, T.S.H.L. A 01847, Willow River Block, Willow River P.S.Y.U.

File is a Resource Folio of maps and accompanying information created by Northwood Pulp & Timber regarding Timber Sale Harvesting Licence A01847, Willow River Block, Willow River P.S.Y.U. Includes maps that depict ungulates, waterfowl, recreation areas, special influence areas, and timber types. Most of the sheets have a duplicate, some with very slight variations. The following maps are supposed to be included in the but were missing upon arrival at the Archives: fish & topography, cutting permits & roads, and soils.

Skeena Kraft Limited Press kit

File consists of a folder containing documents describing Skeena Kraft Limited. Folder consists of:

  • Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget--A Forest Products Giant
  • Columbia Cellulose Company, Limited--A Corporate History
  • Two World-Wide Sales Organizations to Market Skeena Kraft Pulp
  • Skeena Kraft Limited Adopts Distinctive Housemark Symbol Adapted from Sun Totem, Kee-War-Kow, Family Crest of Sky People
  • The Nass and Skeena Valleys--A New Economic Region Terrace and Prince Rupert are Hubs in Finance and Services
  • MISSING: Twinriver Timber Limited: New Company Created to Administer Two Tree Farm Licence Areas
  • The Forests Behind the Coast Range Produce Superior Pulp
  • Efficient New Woodroom Highlights Skeena Mill
  • Integrating Two Power Systems--A Marriage with Convenience One Power Group Serves Two Mills
  • Pulping Group Features Flexible Bleaching Sequence and World's Largest Flakt Drier
  • New Dams Create Huge Storage Area for Skeena Water Supply
  • Advanced Process Control Techniques Employ Computers Extensively
  • Skeena Kraft Mill Quality Control and Process Control Tune Mill to Produce Prime Quality Pulps
  • Co-ordination and Administration of Construction and Design of Skeena Kraft Shared by H.A. Simons and Central Engineering of Columbia Cellulose
  • Purchasing and Traffic Departments Buy and Move More than 25,000 Tons of Materials During Skeena Kraft Construction Co-ordinated Sea and Land Transport System Introduced
  • Skeena Kraft--Hundreds of New Jobs Canada-Wide Recruiting Programme Attracts New Workers to Growing Nass-Skeena Region;
  • Also includes 19 photographs; 12 technical drawings and diagrams; 2 maps;
  • Promotional pamphlet "The Skeena Kraft Story."

Trail Maps and Recreation Guides

File consists of trail maps and recreation guides from various places in British Columbia, especially Northern British Columbia. Maps include:

  • British Columbia Road Map and Parks Guide
  • Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited Forest Operations Recreation Map
  • Provincial Parks of Northern British Columbia
  • Visitor's Guide: Mackenzie Woodlands
  • Visitors Guide: Mackenzie Woodlands
  • Mackenzie Forest District Recreation Map
  • Dawson Creek Forest District Recreation Map
  • Morice Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort St. James Forest District Recreation Map
  • Lakes Forest District Recreation Map
  • Cariboo Forest Region Recreation Map
  • Lakes District Visitors Map
  • Prince George Forest District Recreation Map
  • Vanderhoof Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort St. John Forest District Recreation Map
  • Cariboo Forest Region Recreation Map (East)
  • Robson Valley Forest District Recreation Map
  • Fort Nelson Forest District Recreation Map
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Valemount - Blue River
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: McBride - Goat River
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Prince George West
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Moberly - Sukunka
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Nation - Takla
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites: Murrat - Kiskatinaw
  • Recreation Road Map for the Prince George Forest Area (1987-1988)
  • Recreation Road Map for the Prince George Forest Area (1997)
  • The Bobtail Forest Service Road Tour
  • Forest Recreation Map: Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited
  • Forest Operations Recreation Map: Northwood pulp and timber limited
  • Forest Service: Recreation Sites Williston/Mackenzie
  • Forest Service Recreation Sites Prince George West
  • The Official Prince George Tourist Street Map
  • Ecological Reserves in British Columbia (July 1990)
  • Prince George Forest District map (April 1990) with annotations regarding trials.

Wansa Thinning Trials

File consists of photocopied data tables for Wansa Thinning Trials and map of Wansa Sanitation-Spacing Trials (Sx 80405).

Yukon First Nations knowledge research

File consists of research materials concerning First Nations science primarily in the Yukon but also in northern BC, North West Territories, and Native Americans in Alaska. File includes tourism promotional materials from the Yukon and Alaska.