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10 British Columbia Photograph Album

Series consists of 268 black and white photographs (and computer disc copies) of Prentiss Gray's month-long trip from Hudson's Hope to Dome Creek in late August to September 1927.

2009 Annual General Meeting

Series consists of 7 mini DVs recording "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 18-19, 2009. Harry Gairns and Mike Apsey spoke and conference panel topics include:

  • Looking to the Past to Inform the Future? Forest History within a Contemporary Context
  • Applying Traditional Knowledge to Future Initiatives: First Nations Historical and Future Relationships with the Forests
  • Forestry History in Our Communities: Robson Valley & Prince George
  • Exploring Our Roots: Forest History Research Methodology
  • From Exploration to Development: Bringing Forest History Forward.

5 Alberta Photograph Album

This series consists of 191 black and white photographs (and computer disc copies) of Prentiss Gray's month-long trip on horseback when he travelled north from Jasper Park to Willmore Park. This series also includes 1 map identifying the trip route from Jasper Park, north.

Academic Appointments

Series consists of material related to Weller’s activity obtaining and completing the responsibilities of his academic appointments.


The Norah Banbery Doherty fonds consists of 6 photographs of Norah and Irwin Doherty at Red Rock and on board the ship to Canada, 3 copies of articles written by Norah Banbery Doherty, and 1 copy of a letter written to N.L. Banbery by J.A. Warren, Director of Education, County Borough of Wolverhampton

Accrual to Prince George Community Foundation fonds

Fonds consists of "Citizen of the Year" nomination packages for 2006 and 2007; as well as minutes, memorandum, and correspondence of the PG Community Foundation. Individuals represented in these nomination packages include: (2006)- Jim Blake, Robert "Bob" Scott, Trudy Swan, John Baragar, Baljit Sethi; (2007)- Christal Capostinsky, "Cowboy Bob" Chorney, Larry Crooks, Cliff Dezell, Lorna Dittmar, and Dick Voneugen.

Accrual to Prince George Oral History Group Collection

The Prince George Oral History Group fonds consists of audio recordings, floppy discs, and typed transcripts (bound & unbound) of oral interviews with residents of Prince George, including Bill Vinson, Jim and Louise Van Somer, Tom Allen, Wilbur Pond, Ruth Cunningham, Joyce Antonation, Joyce Short, Lorraine Knight, Bob and Neal Erhorn, Hill Larson, Ella Price, Ken Stanyer, Noreen Rustad, Bea Dezell, John and Gertrude Abrahams, Berenice Fisch, Audrey L'Heureux, Benjimen Meisner, Frank Hewlett, Terry Camozzi, Armand Denicola, Bert Irvine, Tom Norton, and Allan and Olga Stevens.

Prince George Oral History Group

Accrual to Prince George Oral History Group fonds

This accrual consists of three transcripts and three audio cassettes of oral history interviews on various aspects of life in Prince George. Includes transcripts of interviews with Maurice Clark, Lucille Dunn, and Reverend Lance Morgan, and audio cassettes of the same interviews with Lucille Dunn and Reverend Lance Morgan.


Series consists of textual materials documenting the incorporation and organization of the Interior University Society including organization charts, lists of directors, financial statements, a copy of the certificate of incorporation, a transparency and miscellaneous textual records.


Series comprises incorporation documents, constitution, financial reports, an organization chart, annual report, lists of Society members and biographies and c.v.’s of some members of the IUS Board of Directors.

Arthur Holland Album

Series consists of a photograph album from A. H. Holland, a British Columbia Land Surveyor, that was created while working in the Central Interior, the Cariboo, the Chilcotin and southeast British Columbia. This album visually documents steamboat, stagecoach and horse travel in British Columbia and also captures the prepatory work and dawn of the age of rail travel.


Series contains objects, artifacts and ephemera related to UNBC's history.


Series consists of UNBC-related ephemera, artifacts, and paraphernalia created by the UNBC Office of Communications for promotional or display purposes.


Series consists of objects such as posters, t-shirts, and artwork collected or created by the UNBC Office of Development.

Audio Recordings

Series contains audio recordings taken by Nedra (Ginty) Jane Paul of stories and songs from First Nations people and other residents of Northern BC.

Audio Recordings

Series consists of 30 sound recordings of 46 radio interviews conducted primarily by radio broadcaster Bob Harkins for CJCI Radio, Prince George.

Harkins, Bob

Audio Recordings

Series consists of original audio reels of CKPG radio programming broadcasts recorded in Prince George from 1960 to 1979, as well as, dubbed audio cassette copies made by the Prince George Oral History Group.

Audio Recordings

Series consists of audio recordings created by linguist / educator R.J. Baker while studying the Carrier language in Nautley, B.C. from 1961-1962. Topics pertaining to the Carrier people as recorded on these audio reels include: singing, drumming, storytelling in both Carrier and English; language sessions whereby English words/phrases are translated into Carrier; children’s playground songs; and a partial recording of a Potlatch. There are other topics recorded on these audio reels that do not directly relate to R.J. Baker’s linguist investigation into the Carrier language, including linguistic lectures. Consult Archivist for in-house finding aid.

Audiovisual Material

File consists of 6 videocassettes of the construction of ceremonial mace, chairs, and Senate doors for the University of Northern British Columbia.

BC Forest Industry Research

Series consists of scanned historical documents pertaining to stumpage and royalty in British Columbia's forest industry, including:

  • British Columbia Forest Policy, "Comments and policy decisions by the Forest Policy Advisory Committee on the Recommendations of the Pearse Royal Commission," May 16, 1978
  • Correspondence re: “Temporary Tenures” from C. Cooper, Forest Counsel, June 28, 1973
  • Memorandum to Deputy Minister from I.T. Cameron, Chief Forester, June 13, 1973
  • Memorandum from E.L. Young, Chief Forester, September 11, 1974
  • British Columbia Forest Service, "Comparative Value Timber Pricing," September 15, 1987
  • Memorandum to I.T. Cameron, Chief Forester from E. Knight, Forester re: Timber Licence Royalties, June 18,1973
  • Correspondence from J.S. Stokes, Deputy Minister, 1974-1976; includes correspondence, memorandum, newspaper clippings, cabinet submissions
  • Correspondence from President Ronald Reagan to Senator Bob Packwood, May 8, 1986
  • Memorandum from T.M. Apsey, Deputy Minister, October 1, 1981
  • Canada – U.S.A. Trade M.O.U. Correspondence, 1986
  • BC News Release re: Timber Royalties, 1995
  • Correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 3, 1913; includes copy of original letter and transcript
  • Correspondence from Overton W. Price to H.R. MacMillan, October 7, 1913
  • Briefing Notes for Hon. F.D. Wilson, Minister of Forests re: Law Suits Over Timber Licences and Royalty (March 29, 2001)
  • BC News Release re: Major Shift in Forest Policy for British Columbia (September 15, 1987)

Biographical Material and Interviews

Series consists of records pertaining to the creation of the biography “Forests, power and policy: the legacy of Ray Williston” by Eileen Williston and Betty Keller. Types of records include: transcripts of interviews, one audio cassette, and other printed material on Mr. Williston’s life and accomplishments.

Bob Harkins Audio Recordings Transcripts

Series consists of transcripts of radio interviews conducted by Bob Harkins at Prince George Radio Station, CJCI. Additional tape summaries created by Archives staff in 2009.

Harkins, Bob

Box Inventory

The Cassiar Asbestos Corporation and townsite records encompass a massive archival holding of approximately 1,600 bankers boxes. A box level inventory was created by student employees of the archives over a 15-year period. This inventory is provided here for access purposes only and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

In 1952 the Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation constructed an asbestos open-pit mine and mill and created a town site for its workers that became the town of Cassiar, British Columbia, 50 miles south of the Yukon border, and 80 miles north of Dease Lake. For 40 years Cassiar was a thriving asbestos mining town with a population at its peak of about 2500, with production statistics for 1989, recording over 60 million tonnes of ore mined, producing a billion dollars of new wealth. In 1989 Cassiar added an underground mine to the site, and despite attempts to run it profitably, in 1992 the entire mine closed partially due to the global market decline in the demand for asbestos, resulting in the closure of the town, and the move of its workers and families out of Cassiar. An auction was held to sell off all the mining equipment, townsite infrastructure, its buildings, people’s residences and the site was bull-dozed, with many houses burned to the ground. Today little remains in this remote area of Northern British Columbia to mark Cassiar’s industrial, economic or social history.

In 1992 the University of Northern British Columbia acquired the holdings of CAMC and the Cassiar townsite recognizing its potential for academic research, as the records could provide insight into natural resource industry extraction operations in Northern BC from mid to late 20th century, illustrative of ‘boom & bust’ industries, and to provide context to the development of the Cassiar Asbestos Mining Corporation and the history of the ‘life’ of a one-industry company town. The holdings document mining operations by CAMC and of the town site of Cassiar, originally consisting of the equivalent of 1800+ bankers’ boxes, including records on construction, engineering, operations, administration of CAMC, tallies of extractions, labour and union activities, corporate events and visits by dignitaries (including Prime Minister Trudeau who visited CAMC’s northern operations unit in Clinton Creek in 1968 and M.P. Iona Campagnolo in 1978). As CAMC was owner of both the mine and the Cassiar town, the company provided municipal services (i.e. sewer, water, and electricity) for its workers and their families. The archived municipal records document townsite construction, including the creation of health, education and community services such as Cassiar’s private hospital, school, library, community centre, hockey arena, and retail store. The holdings also include extensive visual documentation of natural and man-man landscapes within this remote and scenic area of Northern British Columbia. The formats of the archival holdings are diverse consisting of textual, photographic, cartographic materials, electronic records, films, promotional video-recordings, and a near complete run of the Cassiar community’s print newspaper.


Series consists of articles, clippings, and other research material regarding railway bridges in British Columbia. Includes information about fixed span bridges, drawbridges, moveable span bridges, and trestles. Also includes details about specific bridges, such as the New Westminster Drawbridge, the Second Narrows Drawbridge, and the Cisco Bridge.

British Columbia Electric Railway

Series consists of material regarding the BC Electric Railway (1897-1961) and its successor, the BC Hydro Railway (1961-1989). Includes information about BCER interurbans, the Granville Island street railway, and the Nelson Electric Tramway.

British Columbia Railway (BCR)

The British Columbia Railway (BC Rail) series consists of promotional ephemera material, employee time tables, fare rates and multiple forms, used and unused, pertaining to daily train movements and BCR operations. Several employee manuals, employee examination material, employee seniority listings, and union agreements are also contained within. Three plans detail various BC Rail sites.

British Columbia Railway

Business Ventures

Series contains material related to H.G.T. Perry's publishing activities with two British Columbian newspapers: the Prince George Citizen, and the Prince Rupert Daily News.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) is an independent, non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social, economic environmental justice. Founded in 1980, the CCPA is one of Canada’s leading progressive voices in public policy debates. The CCPA publishes on a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues in formats that include research studies, short commentaries, articles in "The Monitor" (monthly national research magazine) and monographs. It is believed Mr. Taylor collected these publications to further his own research interests. For more information on the CCPA please visit <a href=""></a>.

This series consists of CCPA monographs, articles, research studies and issues of "The Monitor" magazine.

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