The Honourable Iona Campagnolo fonds

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2009. CFIB Mandate Survey Number 49 File May 1977
2009. CFIB Mandate Survey Number 53 File Dec. 1977
2009. CFIB Mandate Survey Number 64 File Feb. 1979
2009. CFIB Mandate Survey Number 66 File Apr. 1979
2009. Ministerial Correspondence File 1979
2009. Pamphlets Containing Biographical Information on Iona Campagnolo File 1974 - 1976
2009. Agenda of Professional Concerns by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation to be Discussed with Iona Campagnolo File 14 Dec., 1976
2009. Correspondence with Prime Minister File 1976-1978
2009. Cabinet Documents and Meeting Agendas File 1978-1979
2009. Cabinet Briefing Notes for Meetings File 1977-1979
2009. Minister's Cabinet Committees File 1976-1978
2009. National Indian Brotherhood File 1975-1977
2009. Coast Ferries Limited File 1978
2009. Arctic Energy - Committee Hearings File 1975-1976
2009. Indian Land Claims Negotiations File 1976-1977
2009. Kitwancool Research Submission to the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs File 1978
2009. Analysis of Economics of Harvesting and Implications for Forest Management in the Bell-Irving P.S.Y.U for Stewart Forest Products File 1979
2009. Montreal-Innsbruck '76 : The Olympic Games Item 1976
2009. Basalt paperweight with mounted stone carved in shape of Newfoundland Item [1977] View
2009.6.1.394 Iona Campagnolo sits with unidentified man and woman around coffee table in CBC television studio Item 1979 View
2009.6.1.398 Iona Campagnolo and Bruno Gerussi celebrate after the last ‘One of a Kind’ episode, 1982 season, Gibsons, BC Item 1982 View
2009.6.1.452 CUSO Mission, North-eastern Thailand - Unidentified woman offers a tray to another woman in group Item 1980 View
2009.6.1.640 Lieutenant Governor Iona Campagnolo looking out over the Stikine Canyon, facing away from camera Item September 2006 View
2009.6.1.8 Iona Campagnolo shaking the hand of Pope Paul VI Item [ca. 1977] View
2009.6.1.9 Iona Campagnolo presents framed archival photograph to Waidlow Stewart at the Stewart Museum Item 2 July 1977 View
2009.6.1.11 May Diver in Costume as Mary Stuart, with unidentified man Item April 1972 View
2009.6.1.18 Audience in attendance at production of Friedrich Von Schiller’s Mary Stuart, Prince Rupert, BC Item April 1972 View
2009.6.1.24 Unidentified Man in Costume as Tevye in 'Fiddler on the Roof' Production, Prince Rupert, BC Item February 1974 View
2009.6.1.34 Close-up of Iona Campagnolo with cup of coffee on her balcony in West Vancouver – CBC promotional shot Item [ca. 1970] View
2009.6.1.64 Iona Campagnolo being interviewed by a young male reporter Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.70 Iona Campagnolo stands on hay trailer in front of log barn and pen Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.72 Distorted image of Iona Campagnolo talking to an unidentified man on the patio of unknown house Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.74 Distorted image of Iona Campagnolo driving Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.80 John Hanquest, Iona Campagnolo, and two unidentified men raise bottles of beer outside the First Chance Saloon in Stewart, BC Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.82 Pierre Trudeau and Iona Campagnolo smile back at Margaret Trudeau Item June 1974 View
2009.6.1.86 Iona Campagnolo speaks to crowd from microphone Item June 1974 View
2009.6.1.92 Iona Campagnolo, Pierre Trudeau, Margaret Trudeau and an unidentified man speak to large crowd from microphone, June 1974 Item June 1974 View
2009.6.1.97 Gladys Blyth, Iona Campagnolo, and Lil Schuman at Reception for Selma Murray, sole survivor of the Mount Oldfield Slide of 1957 Item August 1974 View
2009.6.1.102 M.P. Iona Campagnolo seated at reception in Jeanne Sauvé’s riding, Ahuntsic, late 1974 Item 1974 View
2009.6.1.106 Unidentified woman, three unidentified men, and Iona Campagnolo stand talking in front of a small-engine plane, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View
2009.6.1.109 'Living Room Speech,' Terrace, 1975 - Several unidentified people sit listening to Iona Campagnolo speak Item 1975 View
2009.6.1.111 'Living Room Speech,' Terrace, 1975 - Iona Campagnolo holding hors d'oeuvre Item 1975 View
2009.6.1.113 Iona Campagnolo speaking with Mr. Pickering at the sodturning ceremony for the opening of the Prince Rupert Fairview Terminal Item 3 January 1975 View
2009.6.1.116 Two unidentified men operating a bulldozer at the sodturning ceremony for the opening of the Prince Rupert Fairview Terminal Item 3 January 1975 View
2009.6.1.118 M.P. Iona Campagnolo talking to nine unidentified individuals seated inside a curtained room, ca. 1975 Item [ca. 1975] View
2009.6.1.120 M.P. Iona Campagnolo waves from tractor in front of unidentified crowd Item [ca. 1975] View
2009.6.1.122 M.P. Iona Campagnolo speaking at podium labeled “The Four Seasons Vancouver” with three unidentified men sitting at her sides Item [ca. 1975] View
2009.6.1.125 Snow along Highway 16 and the Skeena, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View
2009.6.1.129 Two Bulldozers in Snow along Highway 16 and the Skeena, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View
2009.6.1.130 Unidentified Man and Truck by Snowbanks on Highway 16, ca. 1976 Item [ca. 1976] View