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Exploration, Discovery and Travel

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Exploration, Discovery and Travel

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Exploration, Discovery and Travel

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5810 Bench Plan for 1972

This map depicts the generalized pit layout and estimated waste extraction areas for 5810 bench. Annotated details include numerical bench markers, extraction dates and approximate ore extraction amounts. The hand drawn plan consists of solid and ...

5840 Bench Plan for October 1972

This map depicts the pit layout and estimated waste extraction areas for 5840 bench for the end of September to November. Extraction dates, approximate extraction tonnages and ore, waste and talus locations are included throughout the plan. Annota...

6320 Bench Plan for 1972

This map depicts the pit layout and estimated waste extraction areas for 6320 bench. Extraction dates accompanied by its total tonnages are located within each planned area. Certain extraction dates are labeled with bench numbers. Annotated detail...

Documented Exploration

A collection of 10 photographs of documented exploration in the early 1950s in and around the Cassiar area. Noted locations are Quartz Creek, Mocassin Mines, Blue River Bridge and the Alaska Highway.

Iona Campagnolo handing celebratory vase to two unidentified men and Marcel Dionne after the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships, 1978

Dionne stands on right.Item is one of 7 photographs accompanying letter from Derek Holmes, Hockey Canada to Iona Campagnolo, dated 24 November 1978, which reads: “Dear Iona, A few pictures recalling some of the happier moments in Canada’s otherwis...

Group photo of five men

Photograph is a group photo of five men standing around a tent in a wintery wooded landscape; Knox McCusker stands first man from the right, with hands in pockets. Caption on verso reads: “Youthful K.F.McC. on the right. Probably Northern Ontario ...

Hagwilget Bridge Crosses Bulkley River

Close view of bridge built with wooden planks, poles, and wires, braced from below, with triangles built into its frame. The bridge crosses Hagwilget Canyon on the Bulkley River, five kilometres from its confluence with the Skeena River. This is o...

Railway Bridge at Hazelton, B.C.

Photograph depicts the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Bridge crossing the Bulkley River. A smaller bridge speculated to be used by pedestrians stands below and parallel to the railway bridge. Photo was taken from shore, with opposite shore crossing m...

Dogsled Team

Photograph depicts a team of dogs and sled resting in a very flat snow-covered area. Hills in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "ATLIN."

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