Part 2017.5.1.4 - Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE) Track Inspection with V-8 Vehicle

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Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE) Track Inspection with V-8 Vehicle

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  • [between 1951 and 1954] (Produção)

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  • 1 film reel segment : col., si.

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This clip of original film footage depicts Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE) track inspection with a V-8 vehicle.

Clip description with timing reference to scenes:

  • 0.01 The Fraser River above Marble Canyon near Moran
  • 0.22 At the Tunnel at mile 168.9 between Fountain and Glenfraser
  • 0.25 Scenes at Moran mile 181
  • 0.37 Inspecting the 2 tunnels at mile 186.5
  • 0.44 Water tank just north of Kelly Lake and south of the wye at Kelly Lake Mile Mile 191.5
  • 1.04 Wood Trestle at 51 mile creek Mile 206
  • 1.15 Lac La Hache station and section house in the background
  • 1.30 Williams Lake station
  • 1.43 Lone Butte Water tower
  • 1.46 The Lone Butte rock formation
  • 2.01 Alta Lake station right and Water tower in distance
  • 2.06 Outside the east side of the Squamish roundhouse. Track ahead of car leads to yard. Water tower to right
  • 2.15 A shot of the back side of the Squamish roundhouse looking south. 563 has had its trucks converted from 6 wheel to 4 wheel and is looking real clean. This must be late 1954. Steam locomotive 163 in final months of service and was cut up for scrap in July 1956
  • 2.20 Cheakamus
  • 2.24 Garibaldi Mile 59.5. Line to the left goes to the sawmill there
  • 2.27 Inspecting the bridge at mile 55.6 in the Cheakamus canyon. Looking south from the south end of the bridge. Telegraph wires in the right of clip
  • 2.31 Same bridge looking north
  • 2.37 Bridge at mile 56.5 in the Cheakamus Canyon
  • 2.42 Stopped at the water tank at the place called Watertank mile 62.5. Section house to the right of tracks.
  • 2.58 Heading north around Pinecrest Mile 64 or 65
  • 3.07 Stopped at the mill at Parkhurst around mile 80 on the east side of Green lake
  • 3.23 Watching a south bound train pass at Tisdall
  • 3.32 Diesel hauled train coming to Tisdall at the old location of the north switch. Locomotives still with their 6 wheel trucks so before 1954. Note locomotives spread out in the train so all the weight was not on small bridges at one time
  • 3.50 In the canyon north of Lillooet; man in brown suit and fedora is W.H. (Harry) Nichols
  • 3.58 Along Alta Lake
  • 4.12 Scenes along Anderson Lake north of Darcy
  • 4.35 Royal Engineers bridge at Lillooet
  • 4.42 GE diesel with either steam ditcher or steam crane just north of Lillooet
  • 4.47 General Store at Pavillion Mile 178.2
  • 4.52 Quesnel Station
  • 5.04 Unknown Location
  • 5.20 Gang working with tamping machine?
  • 5.31 Cottonwood River Bridge. New just before the line to Prince George opened in 1952. Also scenes around the Cottonwood River
  • 5.57 Ahbau Creek Bridge Mile 406.1 Prince George Subdivision. The last spike to complete the line to Prince George was driven at the north end of this bridge. Ahbau Creek was named after a local Chinese prospector and trapper
  • 6.16 At the CN Prince George shops near to where the Correctional Facility is today. CN Bridge across the Fraser River in distance
  • 6.37 Construction of the PGE crossing of the Fraser River at Prince George
  • 6.59 PGE middle yard at Prince George
  • 7.10 Heading back south to the main yard. CN Fraser River bridge in shot
  • 7.22 Marguerite station
  • 7.35 Hawks Creek or Deep Creek Bridge mile 329.9. One of the worlds highest railroad bridges at 312 feet high

Note: The miles in the notes are the current mileages. At the time of the filming the line to North Vancouver had not been completed. The mileages at that time would have read 40 miles less in the mile boards.

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  • inglês

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Films are digitized and available in .MOV format. Clips of the digitized films have been uploaded to the Northern BC Archives YouTube channel for easy viewing: ​

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Video clip description provided by Trevor Mills, Archivist, West Coast Railway Heritage Park (Squamish)

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