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A.C. Heaven at Fort Nelson

Handwritten photo album caption beside this photo reads: "S/L. A.C. Heaven. C.D. #3 Unit, N.W.S.R. Fort Nelson." Photograph depicts man in uniform standing on steps in front of doorway to unidentified building. Wings medallion on left breast.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Air force officer speaking from a podium at the Comox Valley Air Force Museum

Photograph taken during the Inaugural Dedication of Heritage Stones. Canadian flags hang behind podium. Crowd sits under tent in grassy area, planes visible in background.

Item is one of three photographs accompanying a paper reading: “Comox Valley Air Force Museum Association, Inaugural Dedication of Heritage Stones, Sunday 04 June 2006”; see also items 2009.6.1.627 and 2009.6.1.628.

Airplane "Nose Hanger" at Whitehorse, YT

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Ordinary 'Nose-Hanger'." Photograph depicts airplane hangar with large circles in a darker fabric to accommodate the nose and engines of plane. Large truck and stacks of unidentified packages in foreground on right. Unidentified vehicle to left of hangar. It is believed that photograph was taken at Whitehorse, YT.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Army camp scene

Photograph depicts an army cadet camp in Whitehorse, YT. Cookhouse in background.

Barracks at Watson Lake

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Barracks at Watson Lake". Photograph depicts three long log buildings connected in a U shape. The barracks are in a forest, surrounded with trees. The area around the building is strewn with wood debris and log piles. Dirt road in foreground.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Bertha Wood fonds

  • 2004.12
  • Fonds
  • 1919-2000

This fonds illustrates the life of Bertha Wood (nee Schenk) before, during, and after the Second World War. Most of Bertha Wood's records were created in Ontario, where she lived most of her life. Later in life, Bertha Wood moved to Sechelt, B.C. and this is reflected in her personal records.

The fonds is divided into two series: the Personal Life series and the War Experience series. The Personal Life series includes the records of Bertha Wood that do not pertain directly to her military career. These files relate to her education, family, real estate, and daily activities, which include day books and family photographs. The War Experience Series explores Bertha’s time during World War II, with materials such as her enlistment papers, wartime photographs, newspaper clippings related to the war, and uniform objects.

Bertha Wood

Buildings & Garage at Whitehorse, YT

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "D.O.T [Department of Transportation?] Bldgs & Garage, Whitehorse." Photograph depicts numerous buildings and a four-door garage on streets in Whitehorse. Dump trucks and other various vehicles surround garage. Road and gravel covered area crosses foreground.

Royal Canadian Air Force

CUSO Mission, North-eastern Thailand - Portrait of Iona Campagnolo in a blue shirt and beret

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “Thai Border with Cambodia, 1980,” and “CUSO years”.

Photograph is one of 18 images depicting Campagnolo's work with Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) in collaboration with Foreign Affairs Minister Flora MacDonald on the facilitation and development of a largely Canadian financed refugee camp near Nakorn Rachisima (formerly Korat), to help the refugees coming over the border from Laos and Cambodia. See also items 2009.6.1.441 - 2009.6.1.457.

Captain Read "The Next Morning," Fort St. John

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: “The Next Morning.” Photograph depicts man believed to be Captain Read, arms linked with a second unidentified man in uniform. The two men are standing on wood slat sidewalk in front of building with many windows speculated to be barracks [see item 2006.20.12.16] at Fort St. John. This photograph was beside item 2006.20.12.19 which depicts unidentified man in this photo and a second man, ready to go out for the evening.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Captain Relaxing in Grande Prairie

Photograph depicts man in uniform reclining on the ground against what appears to be the tarp of a tent, with eyes closed and bottled beverage in hand. A second man is semi-visible in background behind tent. Handwritten photo album caption above and below this photo reads: "Our Cpt, Dreaming of his Third Stripe."

Royal Canadian Air Force

Cenial Crew of "32"

Photograph depicts three men (two in uniform) in front of a military plane with the number "7632" on its side. Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "OUR CENIAL CREW OF "32". It is believed this photograph was taken at the military base in Whitehorse, YT.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Closeup of an Royal Irish Constabulary silver Celtic ornament

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: Handwritten annotation on verso reads: “Silver Celtic ornament worn by all officers after 1884 on the shoulder belt up to disbandment - 1922” Stamp on verso reads: “CHAS. B. HILL-TOUT 1650 Hampshire Road, oak Bay Victoria, B. C.” Item believed to be a part of J.J. Claxton's collection of police memorabilia.

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