Kemano Completion Project Dispute Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2003.4.3.085 "Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Reports: Monitoring - 1992 (Volume 5)" File 1994
2003.4.3.089 "Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Reports: Applied Research - 1990 (Volume 2A)" File 1994
2003.4.3.094 "Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Reports: Remedial Measures - 1989 (Volume 2)" File 1994
2003.4.3.096 "Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program Reports: Remedial Measures - 1992 (Volume 5)" File 1994
2003.4.3.101 British Columbia Utilities Commission Kemano Completion Project Public Review File 1992-1994
2003.4.3.105 "Provincial Economic Impact of KCP Construction" File June 1994
2003.4.3.112 "Availability of Juvenile Chinook Salmon to Predators Along the Margins of the Nechako and Stuart Rivers, B.C." File June 1994
2003.4.3.116 "Application for Export Permit to the National Energy Board re: Intalco Aluminum Corporation" File Dec. 1995
2003.4.3.121 Nechako River Alliance, Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund, and the creation of the Nechako Watershed Council, 1998-1999 File 1998-1999
2003.4.3.123 Nechako River Alliance File 1998-2001
2003.4.3.128 "Nechako Watershed Council: Third Report to the Nechako Environmental Enhancement Fund Management Committee" File 15 Nov. 2000
2003.4.3.134 "Backgrounder on Nechako River White Sturgeon" File [ca. 2000]
2003.4.4.1 Literature Review Subseries 1986-1997
2003. "Biological Engineering Studies Conducted on the Nechako River During 1980, 1981 and 1982" File Mar. 1983
2003. "Interaction Between Riparian Vegetation, Water Temperature, and Salmonid Habitat in the Tucannon River" File Feb. 1985
2003. "Nechako River Salmonids Gas Bubble Trauma Field Study, 1985" File May 1986
2003. "A Study of Some Aspects of the Geomorphology of the Nechako River" File 1986-1987
2003. "A Test of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology for Underyearling Rainbow Trout, Salmo gairdnerii, in Experimental New Zealand Streams" File 1987
2003. "Habitat Modelling in the Nechako River: Volume 1" File 1 Apr. 1987
2003. "Bioconcentration of Chlorophenols by Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Overwintering in the Upper Fraser River: Field and Laboratory Tests" File 1988
2003. "Tests of Competition between Native and Introduced Salmonids in Streams: What Have We Learned?" File 1988
2003. "Flushing Flow Recommendations for Maintenance of Salmonid Spawning Gravels in a Steep, Regulated Stream" File 1989
2003. "Comparison of Discharge Methods and Habitat Optimization for Recommending Instream Flows to Protect Fish Habitat" File 1990
2003. "Fish Habitat Enhancement: A Manual for Freshwater, Estuarine, and Marine Habitats" File Nov. 1990
2003. "Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Forestry and Fisheries" File June 1991
2003. "Institutional Learning and Spawning Channels for Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)" File 1992
2003. "Development of Off-Channel Habitats for Use by Juvenile Chinook Salmon" File 1992
2003. "Field Review of Fish Habitat Improvement Projects in Central Idaho" File May 1993
2003. Press clippings, 1987 File 1987
2003. Press clippings, 1990-1992 File 1990-1992
2003.4.4.3 Envirocon and Alcan Subseries 1980-1984
2003. "Determination of Useable Chinook Rearing Habitat in the Nechako River" (draft) File Sept. 1982
2003. "Methods for the Determination of Spawning and Incubation Flow Requirements of Chinook Salmon" (draft) File Dec. 1982
2003. "Kemano Completion Hydroelectric Development: Information and Rationale Used to Determine Fish Protection Measures - Nanika and Morice Rivers" File [1983?]
2003. "Environmental Studies Associated with the Proposed Kemano Completion Hydroelectric Development - Volume 16: Environmental Impact Assessment Methods and Criteria" File Jan. 1984
2003. "Environmental Studies Associated with the Proposed Kemano Completion Hydroelectric Development - Volume 19: Morice-Bulkley and Skeena Assessment Areas Environmental Impact Assessment" File Jan. 1984
2003. Excerpts from Envirocon environmental studies File Jan. 1984
2003. Raw data gathered by Cole Shirvell at University of Otago File 1974-1975
2003. "Assessment of the Instream Flow Incremental Methodology for Atlantic Salmon in Nova Scotia" File 1983
2003. Workshop on instream flow methods File 10 Dec. 1985
2003. Nechako River juvenile chinook salmon microhabitat data File 1985-1986
2003. Field work and raw data from Nechako River studies, May 1986 File May 1986
2003. Field notes from Nechako River studies File 1986
2003. Chinook salmon discharge and escapement data File [ca. 1987]
2003. "Habitat Models and their Predictive Capability to Infer Habitat Effects on Stock Size" File 1989
2003. "Role of Instream Rootwads as Juvenile Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) and Steelhead Trout (O. mykiss) Cover Habitat Under Varying Streamflows" File 1990
2003. Nechako overwintering studies, 1991 File 1991
2003. "Overwintering of Juvenile Chinook in the Nechako River, 1989/90 Studies" File Aug. 1990
2003. "Abundance, Distribution, Size, and Age of Adult and Juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Upper Sustut River, 1992 to 1996" File 1997
2003. "Toward a Fish Habitat Management Policy for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans: A Response from the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union" File 31 Dec. 1983
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