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Taped interviews by Bob Harkins with B. Hollinger, K. Stratton, B. Harrower, A. Dornbierer, K. Bersohn, R. Thorsen, K. Matthews, B. Martin and V. Litnosky

File consists of 1 audiocassette of people interviewed by Bob Harkins. Side A consists of interviews on a number of topics. Bart Hollinger discusses energy alternatives; Kerri Stratton conductor of the New Caledonia Symphony; Betty Harrower discussing the United Way activities; August Dornbierer discussing history of the PG Fire Department, and Ken Bernsohn discussing his career as a freelance writer. Side B consists of interviews with Ron Thorsen discussing athletics at the College of New Caledonia, Kathrine Mathews of the Elder Citizens' Recreation Society, Bob Martin alderman on his upcoming campaign for mayor and Vic Litnosky also a mayoral candidate in the 1977 election.

Minister Iona Campagnolo presents a memorial plaque to Mrs. Nathan Barton at a Northwest Corridor Development Corporation meeting, Prince Rupert, BC

Group of unidentified individuals sit at tables in background, and one man stands in doorway.

Handwritten annotations on verso read: “Return to Tom,” and “Iona presenting memorial plaque to Mrs. Nathan Barton at NCDC Meeting, Prince Rupert / Sept. 77.”

Industry, Trade and Commerce

Subseries consists of correspondence and accompanying informational material related to the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce and northern British Columbia commercial issues. Records include press releases, reports, informational pamphlets, brochures, and newspaper clippings. Includes correspondence regarding industrial research and development in northern BC; Cassiar Asbestos mine improvements; the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre; conversion to the metric system; Trident Trigull aircraft; the Federal Business Development Bank; the Enterprise Development Program; and inquiries to the Ministry of State for Small Business.

Miscellaneous Constabulary Photographs

This file consists of 79 photographs, various postcards and Christmas cards from the Royal Irish Constabulary; “Old Hand remembers early days” (unidentified newspaper article re: Burnaby detachment of BC Provincial Police); and a magazine clipping featuring a group photo of “Officers of the B.C. Police, April 1930.” General subjects areas identified in the photographs include: Toc H (Kelowna); the Royal Irish Constabulary; the British Columbia Provincial Police; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; 1945 liberation parade in Amsterdam, Holland; various historical regimental artworks; badges, helmets, ornaments, banners and related constabulary ephemera; and Claxton in his New Westminster store "Roderick Jewelers" with his extensive collection of constabulary related materials.

Hamilton Avenue, South Fort George, BC

Street scene showing people, dog, team of horses & wagon. Signage reads: “Beds; Mecca Café; Hardware.” Printed annotation on recto reads: “Hamilton Avenue, South Fort George, B. C. No. 110.” Verso displays cancelled 1 cent Canadian Postage Stamp and handwritten message in ink is addressed to Mr. Eathan Villard Burt Mish, U.S.A.

The Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC

Side perspective street view of the Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC. The "Ladies [sic] Entrance" sign is visible on the right side of the building. Several vehicles can be seen on the street. Printed annotation on recto reads: " 3rd Ave Prince Rupert Photo W.W.W."

Second Avenue in Prince Rupert BC

Side perspective street view of the Canadian Bank of Commerce on a deserted dirt road. Printed annotation on recto reads: "2nd Ave Prince Rupert BC." Illegible faded photographer's mark on lower right corner. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "The houses and pavements are made of wood. Love Daddy. xx." Postcard is addressed to: "Miss Greta Poole 'Airoudale'[??] Collingwood Road Paigulou Devon England." Postmark on verso reads: "Prince Rupert BC 10:30 AM Aug 5 1925."

Two levels of commercial buildings in Prince Rupert, BC

Front view of several commercial buildings in Prince Rupert, BC. Visible are "The Ideal Clothing & Shoe Store," "Bailey and Bell Bakers," and "Hotel Premier." Printed annotation on recto reads: "Prince Rupert, BC." Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Dear Peggy, Mailui[??] will show you where [illegible] and Dunn Florence [illegible] when you come in Prince Rupert you will see this [illegible]. Aunt Florence." Postcard is addressed to: "Margaret [Illegible] Suby Seabold. Kipap County Washington[??]. Verso is affixed with a Canadian one Cent stamp. Postmarks on verso read: "[Illegible] WASH Sep 6 19[??] Prince Rupert B.C. SP 2 69."

Group at Prairie Creek

Photograph depicts small buildings with canvas roofs and signs reading: "Do Drop In, Ladies & Gents Furnishings Boots & Shoes, Two Per Cent Beer." One woman, nine men,and three dogs can be seen in image.

Handwritten annotation on verso: “Prairie Creek 1912".

Clinton Creek Operations

Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd opened a second mine in 1967 at what became the one-industry town of Clinton Creek, Y.T. File contains photographs depicting different areas of operations at Clinton Creek. Locations include the mine, plant, town, tailings pile, main office, the 40 Mile River, and surrounding area. Town photos depict the grocery store, cafeteria, medical clinic, school, auditorium residential area, Connell Street and power house. File also includes aerial photographs and images depicting forest fighting, photographers capturing the tailings pile, asbestos samples, mining machinery, staff offices, and operations in the mill, lab, and garage.

Additional photographs integrated into file depict Clinton Creek's surrounding area, and three slides of a tailing pile explosion believed to be Clinton Creek.

Directors at House 130

Photograph depicts group of eight men standing on lawn in front of building known as "House 130" or "Director's Lodge" (see item 2000. Left to right: Nick Gritzuk, Charles Rainforth Elliot, Jack Christian, W. Harold Connell, Plato Malezemoff (from Newmont Mining), Tam Zimmermann, Ken A. Creery, Fred Martin Connell. Daffodils and tulips planted in foreground, trees and mountains in background. Most men featured in photo are believed to be members of Cassiar's Board of Directors.

Directors at House 130, Casual Photo

Photograph depicts group of eight men standing on lawn in front of building known as "House 130" or "Director's Lodge". Left to right: Nick Gritzuk, Charles Rainforth Elliot, W. Harold Connell, Jack Christian, Fred Martin Connell, Ken A. Creery, Plato Malezemoff (from Newmont Mining), Tam Zimmermann. Trees and mountains in background. Most men featured in photo are believed to be members of Cassiar's Board of Directors.

Young Boys at Cassiar Display Table

Photograph depicts group of young boys observing "CASSIAR ASBESTOS CORPORATION LTD" display table. Table features photos existing in this archival collection (see items 2000. and 2000. Photo speculated to have been taken at an event in Vernon, B.C. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1963".

New Mill Construction - Labour Documentation

Photographs depict construction of the new mill, each taken from approximately the same distance and featuring two different angles of the building. Construction work progresses from framework to sheeting and siding. Vehicles, piles of building supplies, and a construction trailer are often in foreground, mountains in background. It is believed that these photographs were taken during a labour dispute. Each photo has been annotated on recto with the date and time of day, and some document the number of workers on site. Annotations include: "2 days work", "work gets less & less", "not much for 4 men", "very little done - less than usual low performance", "0° - 20° weather must have thickened their blood".

Outcrop of Fibre-bearing Serpentine

Photograph depicts a pick hammer hanging from outcrop. Annotations on note glued to recto of photograph: "ASBESTOS"; "Outcrop of fibre bearing serpentine about centre of deposit and vertically over 300 adit on western slope." Areas of image have been labeled "A" and "B". Photo caption under printed copy of image in 1952 Annual Report: "A - indicates asbestos talus. B - indicates asbestos veinlets."

General Operations Albums

File includes six aggregations of photographs which have been assembled in this file in order to maintain the integrity of each group by keeping the photos arranged together, though each group features operations pertaining to multiple files in this subseries. Includes groups featuring photos from 1961, 1965 1971, a helicopter trip, a community album, and a workplace album. Photographs depict images pertaining to the following operations at Cassiar, B.C.: mining, milling, maintenance, labratory tests, and tramline and town operations. Images featuring operations of the company town include the grocery store, bank, churches, school, library, lounge, pool, theater, community center, outdoor recreation, hospital, dentist, cafeteria, bus route, residences, air strip, firehall, laundromat, park, police, and newspaper.

1965 - Office Staff at Main Office

Photograph depicts group of twenty-four men standing on front steps of main office building. Handwritten annotations on recto of similar photograph: "OFFICE STEPS APPROX 1965 / TOP L-R / JULIEN ST. GEORGES / GEORGE TROWSDALE / HANS VELTMEYER / BOB LOVETT / KARL SHULTZ / LOTHAR TISCHLER / - "; "2ND / FRANK CLEMENTS [i.e Kliment?] / BILL PLUMB / HEWETT / - "; "3RD - / - / RENE PASIAUD / DICK [Stevens]"; "4TH / DOC NAVIN / VIC SARAKOSKI / - "; "5TH / CHARLIE GANDER / GORDON EDWARDS / AL FLANIGAN [i.e. Flanagan?] / ANDRE BEGUIN / CHARLIE BRONSON / JACK THORNICROFT". Information in above annotation supplemented with insight from individuals who contributed to Northern BC Archives Facebook Photo ID Project, contact archivist for more information in research file pertaining to this photograph.

1971 - Main Office Building

Photograph depicts two-story yellow and orange office building. Unidentified individual stands with garden hose in foreground near what appears to be a lawnmower. Warehouse semi-visible in left background; blue truck and new mill building visible in right background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Cassiar Office June 15 71".

1971 - Director's Lodge

Photograph depicts two unidentified men on front deck of building behind trees. Road and car in foreground, mountains visible in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Directors Lodge Cassiar June 15 71". Building also known as "House 130".

Board of Directors, British Columbia Cellulose Company

Item is a photograph of the Board of Directors of the British Columbia Cellulose Company. Pictured from left are: Mr. Harvey of Plateau Mills, Ted Vezak of Ocean Falls Corporation, Ken McKenzie, Ray Williston, John Liersch, Jack Sigalet of Kootenay Forest Products, Ian Mahood, and Don Watson.

Small wood investigation 1

Item is a photograph of Mr. Williston, Chief Forester John Stokes and Tom Wright of Canadian Forest Products examining an area near Prince George in order to determine the timber area required for a Pulp Harvesting License for a proposed pulp mill that would depend completely on waste wood.

B.C. Electric Board of Directors

Item is a photograph of the B.C. Electric Board taken the day after the company’s take over by the Social Credit government on August 1, 1961. Pictured from the left are: Bill Means, former Lieutenant-Governor Frank Ross, Einar Gunderson, board secretary W. Goth, Gordon Shrum, Mr. Williston, Hydro lawyer Arthur Fouks and John Dunsmuir.

Signing of the protocol and power sale agreements 4

Item is a photograph of the exchange of notes during the signing of the protocol and power sale agreements with reference to the Columbia River Treaty on January 22, 1964. Seated from the left are: Paul Martin, Sr., Lester B. Pearson, Lyndon Johnson and Dean Rusk. Mr. Williston is behind and to the right of President Johnson.

H.F. Glassey with Briefcase, Sarah Glassey in Car

Photograph depicts Sarah seated in passenger seat, and Bert standing to right of car. Mountain in background. Typed caption beside this photograph: "H.F. Glassey (Bert) Government Agent, Gold Commissioner, Coroner, Justice of Peace Atlin, B.C. with his wife Sarah in the car. 1934 --- 1942". Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Auntie & Uncle Bert".

H.F. Glassey with Wolf Pelts

Photograph depicts H.F. Glassey wearing a suit and tie, holding up a wolf pelt in both hands. House stands behind Glassey, pelts hanging from eaves in front of porch. These pelts came from the Teslin Lake area (this region spans Northern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory). Anglican Church partially visible in left background. Typed annotation on recto of photograph: "Come up and do some hunting." Typed caption below this photograph: "Atlin." See also items 2009.5.2.68 & 2009.5.2.69.

Clearwater River, BC

Photograph depicts opposite shore in midground behind river, tree-covered hills in background. Handwritten photo caption on verso and recto of this photograph reads: "On the Clearwater".

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