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Preliminary Bucket Design 12.5 Cubic Feet Capacity

This blueprint shows the front and side profiles of the proposed bucket and hanger to be used in the tramway. Relevant measurements and dimensions are included as well as location placements for the rope, rail and boxhead. Details regarding the materials used for the bucket creation are also included.

Dry Rock Storage, Dryer, and Mill Buildings - 1955

Photograph depicts large dry rock storage building in foreground on right, mill on left behind tailings pile, and dryer building in centre behind conveyor belt connecting mill to dry rock storage. A cloud can be seen rising from plantsite. Trees and Troutline Creek cross foreground, mine valley and mountains visible in background. Stamped annotation on recto of photograph: "ANSCO PRINTON Munshaw Colour Service Ltd. MAR 10 1955".

Office Staff at Main Office, 1958

Photograph depicts group of 12 men standing on steps at back of main office. Front row: Jack Berry, Mickey Dopson, Andre Beguin, Fred Murray. 2nd row: Dick Stevens, Rene Pasiaud. Third row: Craigie Hood, Alex Powell. Back row: Dr. Charles Cobb MD, Peter Davies, Chuck Caron (holding paper), Bill Johnston. Berry and Dopson are wearing hard hats. Windows and doors of office building in background. Stamped annotation on recto of photograph: "Munshaw Colour Service Ltd. OCT 24 1958".

1961 - Mill Wheelabrators

Photograph depicts a man wearing a hard hat standing at what is believed to be the dust collection system in the Cassiar mill. Sign on right reads "CAUTION NO WELDING, BURNING OR SMOKING IN THIS AREA." Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "1961".

1965 - Office Staff at Main Office

Photograph depicts group of twenty-four men standing on front steps of main office building. Handwritten annotations on recto of similar photograph: "OFFICE STEPS APPROX 1965 / TOP L-R / JULIEN ST. GEORGES / GEORGE TROWSDALE / HANS VELTMEYER / BOB LOVETT / KARL SHULTZ / LOTHAR TISCHLER / - "; "2ND / FRANK CLEMENTS [i.e Kliment?] / BILL PLUMB / HEWETT / - "; "3RD - / - / RENE PASIAUD / DICK [Stevens]"; "4TH / DOC NAVIN / VIC SARAKOSKI / - "; "5TH / CHARLIE GANDER / GORDON EDWARDS / AL FLANIGAN [i.e. Flanagan?] / ANDRE BEGUIN / CHARLIE BRONSON / JACK THORNICROFT". Information in above annotation supplemented with insight from individuals who contributed to Northern BC Archives Facebook Photo ID Project, contact archivist for more information in research file pertaining to item 2000.

1971 - Unknown Residence & Greenhouse

Photograph depicts part of a brown and white building similar to the "Director's Lodge" at Cassiar, B.C. (see items 2000. and 2000. Unidentified individuals visible inside greenhouse in fenced back yard. Forest in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Cassiar June 15 71".

Community Album - Winter Bunkhouses

Photograph depicts three long panabode buildings behind trees across from ball park. Power lines and other buildings visible in background. The winter bunkhouses contained double occupancy rooms with a common bathroom, and were distinguished from the summer bunkhouses which were generally considered less accommodating (see item 2000.

Community Album - Fire Hall

Photograph depicts two fire trucks semi-visible in garage with the sign "FIRE HALL". House and snowmobile can be seen in left midground, truck and power pole in right foreground. Mountains in background. Warning visible on front of trucks: "KEEP BACK 500m".

Community Album - Main Office, Warehouse & Mill

Photograph depicts two-story main office building in right midground behind sign reading "CASSIAR ASBESTOS CORPORATION Ltd / CASSIAR MINE / MAIN OFFICE". Building believed to be warehouse can be seen behind raised Canadian flag on pole in left midground. New mill building and tailings pile visible behind warehouse and office, mountains in background.

Community Album - Machinery at New Mine Garage

Photograph depicts the new mine garage behind machinery, mountains in background. Mobile blast hole drill can be seen in left foreground (manufactured by Robbins with Caterpillar undercarriage). Two 50-tonne Wabco "haul paks" in right foreground (ore haulage trucks).

Community Album - Event in Cassiar Theatre

Photograph depicts large auditorium, seats filled with unidentified individuals (mostly children). Rounded stage in foreground, curtain on wall in background. This building was built in the late 1970s and belonged to the community's cultural society.

Manager's Photos - Oil Tank Foundations

Photograph depicts building materials and men working in construction area on plant site. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 11th: (2) Walls for power house poured. Oil tank foundations in foreground and mill in background. Looking south."

Manager's Photos - Commissary & Warehouse

Photograph depicts small building in plant site, mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "Pictures taken June 28th, 1952: (11) Commissary. Warehouse in background. Looking west. (Truck in background)."

Manager's Photos - Mill Walls

Photograph depicts 8 men working on top of unknown wooden structure, dog in foreground, mountain base in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "1. Erecting 12"x12"s for mill walls. Looking west. Note boulders in foreground ready to be blasted to clear area."

Manager's Photos - Bunkhouse Buildings at Watson Lake

Photograph depicts five long buildings in flat area at Watson Lake Airport, power poles in foreground. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "4. Group of buildings used as living quarters (not prefab). In fair condition. Many good windows and doors, and electrical fittings. Picture taken looking west."

Manager's Photos - Diesel Engine Foundations

Photograph depicts man working on foundation site, building materials in foreground, oil tank and mountains in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "10. Shows one foundation already poured for the diesel engines, and behind is seen the concrete form for the second."

Manager's Photos - Mill Concrete

Photograph depicts large group of men working in snowy area, trees and mountain base in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "8. Pouring concrete for mill. Concrete mixer in foreground."

Manager's Photos - Men at Sand Flats Road Camp

Photograph depicts three men in hats standing at doorway to building. Steel drum and miscellaneous supplies on ground near mean, trees in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "5. Sand flats road camp. L. to R. W. Lawton, assistant, W.H. Forrest B.C.L.S. Dept of Public Works supervisor, 'Mac' McKenzie our mine captain."

Manager's Photos - Mill Wall Footings

Photograph depicts group of men working in trench and above ground in dirt area. Trees and concrete mixer on wheels in background, mountainside barely visible in distance. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "9. (Haze on top) First wheelbarrow load of cement poured for wall footings in mill."

Manager's Photos - Pouring Concrete at Mill

Photograph depicts group of men pouring concrete at mill. Steamer for heating water can be seen in mid ground as well as concrete mixer behind four steel drums. Trees and mountain base in background. Corresponding note on accompanying photo description page: "11. Same as above. [see 2000.]"

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