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Taylor Gathering at the Baxter Home in Prince George

Back, left to right: Ellen (nee Taylor) and husband Percy Garland, Joan Graves (daughter of Lucy Taylor), Dick Baxter (son of Violet), Violet (nee Taylor) Baxter. Front, left to right: [unknown], Margret Baxter (wife of Alan Baxter), Judy Taylor (daughter of Arthur Taylor), Edna Roth (daughter of Violet).

Photograph taken on Ross Crescent, Prince George, at the home of Violet Baxter. Car and trees in background.

Three Oldest Taylor Children Sitting on Steps

Each child is dressed in white and seated on deck in front of wood building. In descending order: Ellen, Violet, and Lucy. A barn, fence and forest can be seen in background. It is believed that the children are sitting in front of their home in Kispiox, B.C. See also items 2009.5.1.45 & 2009.2.1.46.

Two Teams of Horses Pulling Wagon and Buggy

Team on left pulls wagon with the sign "RUDDY & MACKAY. BAGGAGE. STAGE & TRANSFER." Driver believed to be same man featured in items 2009.5.1.79 & 2009.5.1.81. A second man sits in wagon on luggage. Team on right pulls a man driving a buggy. A large three story building with detailed porch stands in background behind teams in street.

Bridge Near Burns Lake, BC

Photograph depicts a log bridge interrupting a wide dirt road in forest. Distant hills in background. Image has been cropped to an oval shape. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Fort George - Hazleton Highway Near Burn's Lake".

Sarah & Bert Glassey in Atlin, BC

Photograph depicts Sarah and H.F. Glassey standing on wood sidewalk in hats and long jackets, unidentified house in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Sarah & Bert Glassey". Photograph speculated to have been taken near the Glassey home at Atlin, BC.

H.F. Glassey with Wolf Pelts

Photograph depicts H.F. Glassey wearing a suit and tie, holding up a wolf pelt in both hands. House stands behind Glassey, pelts hanging from eaves in front of porch. These pelts came from the Teslin Lake area (this region spans Northern British Columbia and the Yukon Territory). Anglican Church partially visible in left background. Typed annotation on recto of photograph: "Come up and do some hunting." Typed caption below this photograph: "Atlin." See also items 2009.5.2.68 & 2009.5.2.69.

Cariboo stagecoaches in front of the Hotel Northern in South Fort George, BC

Photograph depicts two, four-horse stagecoaches laden with passengers parked outside the Hotel Northern in South Fort George. A group comprised of primarily men watch the stagecoaches from the veranda of the hotel. Handwritten annotation in bottom right corner of photograph reads: "Cariboo Stage at South Ft. George, BC. Oct 19-1911."

Prince George Postcard

Postcard image depicts streetview looking west along 3rd Ave in Prince George, B.C. Storefronts and period automobiles are visible. Handwritten annotation on photographic negative, now visible along bottom of print image reads: "3rd Ave, Prince George B.C. Looking West. HND 41".

Second Street in Fort George, BC

Photograph depicts a street scene along Second St. in Fort George. Wagons line the dirt road which is flanked by wooden buildings. A group of unidentified men stand on the boardwalk outside of Rigg's Restaurant. Handwritten annotation along bottom of photograph: "Second St. Ft. George".

Grande Prairie Tower & Admin Building

Photograph depicts building with small second story attached, and a tall red and white pole in front. Signal tower and power poles in background on right, semi-trailer in background on left. A man in uniform can be seen in the far right sitting on a small staircase on wheels. Small unidentified buildings and miscellaneous shop supplies in background. Handwritten photo album caption beside this photo reads: "Grand Prairie Tower and Adm. Bldg."

Royal Canadian Air Force

General Duties Man at Officers' Quarters, Fort St. John

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: " 'General Duties' (G.D.) man at Officers' Quarters." Photograph depicts man in sweater vest and tie sitting in front of closed door with "R.C.A.F OFFICERS QUARTERS" printed on side. There is a broom on right, boots on left, and wood slat sidewalk in foreground.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Military Barracks at Fort St. John

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Barracks at Ft. S. John." Photograph depicts two long buildings with many tall windows on the side. The buildings are in a muddy area, and wood slat sidewalk runs in front of them. There is a large gravel pile between the buildings, enclosed with a short log fence. A man can be seen in front of second barrack in background.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Two Men in Uniform Going Out for the Evening at Fort St. John

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: “Going Out for the Evening.” Photograph depicts unidentified man from item 2006.20.12.18, arms linked and hands clasped with a second unidentified man. Both are dressed in uniform and standing on steps in front of doorway. Building speculated to be barracks at Fort St. John.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Officers' Quarters at Fort St. John

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: “Officers' Quarters, Ft St John.” Photograph depicts two men standing in distance at doorway of officers' quarters, wood slat sidewalk in foreground. Fence and trees on horizon in background, dirt pile to right of building. The two men are believed to be Captain Read (2006.20.12.17) and the man in charge of general duties (item 2006.20.12.15).

Royal Canadian Air Force

Tower & Admin Building at Fort Nelson

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Tower & Adm. Bldg, Ft. Nelson." Photograph depicts long white building with tower raised in middle, ladders and scaffolding in front. Trucks and groups of men in foreground, some on building itself. Power poles in foreground and background.

Royal Canadian Air Force

View from Tower at Whitehorse, YT

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Another view from Tower at Whitehorse." Photograph depicts various unidentified buildings, vehicles, and machinery behind dirt road in mid ground. Power poles in foreground; trees, river, and mountains in background.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Snow-Covered Barn

Winter landscape scene featuring a small barn barely visible under snow. Trees in background and snow-plowed area in foreground. Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Lakeside Barn in Winter".

Bert Youngstrom at Shop & Warehouse

Photograph depicts Bert Youngstrom leaning on one of two gas pumps in front of three long buildings. Trees can be seen in background, as well as snow all around. Steel drums an other miscellaneous material surround the buildings. Handwritten captions above and beside this photo read: "Bert Youngstrom" "Shop & Warehouse".

Bert Youngstrom and Kitchen Staff

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "Bert and Kitchen Staff". Photograph depicts Bert (Youngstrom?) standing close to a woman and young girl on snow in front of unidentified buildings. Forest trees can be seen in background. It is believed that this photo was taken at the camp in Summit Lake, B.C. (see item 2005.3.57).

Camp at Summit Lake, B.C.

Photograph depicts the camp at Summit Lake, B.C., a numerous variety of buildings in snowy clearing of forest. A car is parked in foreground on road leading into the camp. It is speculated that this may be the Campbell Construction Co. road camp.

Open Cab Truck

Handwritten caption beside this photo reads: "1500wt 4x4". Photograph depicts small open cab truck with tire chains. Forest and unidentified buildings in background. A second vehicle is semi-visible on far left, as well as a pile of logs on far right.

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