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Cook tent

Photograph depicts five men sitting on a rough, log table. Table is under a tarp, upturned pails and cooking utensils are on the table.

Survey crew in tent

Photograph is a printed postcard of a group of unidentified men inside a canvas tent possibly near Stewart B.C.

Drying sugar

Photograph depicts a tarp spread out on the grass, two men sit nearby the tarp. There is a canvas tent in the background with a man standing beside it. Behind the tent is a low hill with a fence bordering the top of the hill. There are blankets d...

First camp on Crooked River

Photograph depicts several men sitting on a rough hewn table, under a tarp. Eating utensils cover the table, towels are drying on the ropes that hold the tarp. There is a canvas tent erected on the right.

Survey crew

Photograph is a printed postcard of a group of unidentified men and a dog in front of a rustic building.

Small Lake near Crooked River

Photograph depicts the bow of a boat in the foreground, a wide shallow channel extending beyond the boat perhaps opening to a lake beyond. Treed forest on the far shore, a lone mountain peak in the distance.

On the Crooked River

Photograph depicts three boats on the edge of a small river. Two men attend each boat. Wild grasses with a skiff of snow in the foreground, river, forest and a low forested bluff in the background.

Five boats breaking ice

Photograph depicts five long canoes with several men attending. The canoes are traveling through a narrow strip of open water. The majority of the river is covered in ice. Forested trees are on the far river shore.

From Summit Lake

Photograph depicts two men preparing to load a canoe on a wagon. Two blanketed horses stand nearby with one person attending. There is a lake in the background, wild grasses and brush in the foreground.

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