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Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection With digital objects
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Hugh Jr. & Virginia Taylor

6 year old Hugh Jr. sits on top of wood gate in doorway of log building, holding hands with older sister Virginia who stands in a hat and coat. Virginia is 16 years old in this photo. Straw-covered dirt ground in foreground.

Men at Formal Event

A group of approximately forty men are seated and standing around a formally dressed table. British and American flags are mounted on wall in background beneath drapery hung from ceiling. This is speculated to be a sports event.

Hazelton Baseball Team

Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Hazelton Ball Team. Winners. May 24th. 15". Ten men in baseball uniforms stand in a line, each player holding the shoulder of the one in front of him. A crowd of men, women, and children st...

Totem Poles at Hazelton, B.C.

Photograph depicts two large totem poles on either side of front steps to wood building. An unidentified woman and three small children can be seen in foreground. A second building stands in background on right. Handwritten annotation on recto of ...

Unknown Women and Child

Photograph depicts an elderly woman standing beside two younger women who kneel beside small girl on front yard. Trees, car, road, and neighbouring yards visible in background. Young girl speculated to be also featured in item 2009.5.2.5.

Unknown Family by House

Photograph depicts a man and woman standing beside an elderly woman on grass lawn. Wood boardwalk runs beside house, steps and porch featured on left. A jack russell terrier stands at their feet. Neighbouring yards in background.

Unknown Family by House

Photograph depicts a man and woman standing beside an elderly woman on boardwalk running alongside house. Window plants in foreground, neighbouring yards in background. A jack russell terrier stands in left foreground.

Three Men and Dog

Photograph depicts a man speculated to be H.F. Glassey standing between two other men behind large dog. The men stand smoking cigarettes in snowy area, unidentified buildings in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Bert...

Dogsled Team

Photograph depicts a team of dogs pulling a sled and an unidentified person across a very flat area under heavy clouds. Mountains in background. Handwritten annotations on verso of photograph: "Unbroken Trails", "Taylor". Photo...

H.F. Glassey with Wolf Pelts

Photograph depicts H.F. Glassey wearing a suit and tie, holding up a wolf pelt in both hands. House stands behind Glassey, pelts hanging from eaves in front of porch. These pelts came from the Teslin Lake area (this region spans Northern British C...

Man & Women with Dogsled Team

Photograph depicts two women and one man standing in snowy street behind loaded sled pulled by three large dogs. Unidentified buildings in background, hill visible in distance. It is speculated that this photograph may have been taken in Atlin, B.C.

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