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Prince George

Image depicts Prince George, possibly with the Northwood Pulpmill in the background.


Image depicts a sawmill, possibly Lakeland Sawmill, in Prince George B.C.


Image depicts a pulpmill, likely Northwood, in Prince George, B.C.

Intercontinental and Prince George Pulp Mills

Image depicts two mills; the Intercontinental Pulp Mill is on the right in the foreground, and the Prince George Pulp and Paper Mill is on the left in the background. The picture is taken from the South, possibly off Yellowhead Bridge in Prince George, B.C.

Bee Hive Burner

Image depicts a bee-hive burner beside a rail-road track at an unidentified mill somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

[Britannia Mine Entrance?]

Image depicts the entrance to a mine with an unknown individual present. It is possibly the entrance to the closed Britannia Mine in the Howe Sound Region.


Image depicts a large, old piece of machinery, possibly some form of mining or prospecting equipment; it is located in Quesnelle Forks, B.C.


Image depicts the BCR tracks passing through a mill somewhere near the 100 Mile.

Beehive Burner

Image depicts a beehive burner at a sawmill, possibly somewhere in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts a logging area somewhere near Prince George, B.C.

Saw Mill - Saw

Image depicts a saw cutting a log in half at a saw mill in Prince George, B.C.

Large Indoor Saw

Image depicts a large saw at an indoor location, likely in a saw mill somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

Tree Cutter

Image depicts two unidentified individuals examining a thick log still attached to the machine that cut it down. It is located somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

Forestry Heavy Machinery

Image depicts a piece of heavy machinery used in the forestry industry. It is likely located in Prince George, B.C.

Floating Logs

Image depicts numerous tree logs floating on a river at an uncertain location.

Ferguson Lake Sawmills film

  • 2017.1
  • Item
  • Mar. 1959

This short colour film depicts logging and sawmill operations at Ferguson Lake in March 1959. Scenes include tree felling, log hauling equipment, the Ferguson Lake lumber yard, use of Ferguson Lake to float logs, and the inside operations of the Ferguson Lake sawmill. Film also includes a brief clip of family film footage of the McKay family home and garden on Melville Street in Prince George with scenes showing a Newfoundland dog named Barney with Donald McKay and Joan McKay.

Quesnel Quartz Mining Co., Hixon, BC

Photo is adhered to paper backing, upon which handwritten annotation on recto reads: “Quesnelle Quartz Mining Co. Hixon BCTaken in mid 1930ies. Power house from rear. Present day (1973) Logging road would run through powerhouse at immediate rear of it at which you are looking. Tom Marsh Box 150 Squamish BC 1978.12”

Hixon Creek Cariboo Gold Co. Dam and Spillway

Photo is adhered to paper backing, upon which handwritten annotation on recto reads: “This is the dam and spillway about nine miles up Hixon Creek belonging to the Hixon Creek Cariboo Gold Co., whose main camp on Hixon Creek was at the falls. A fellow Sterling or (Bill) Tordiffe & I took a contract to cut the logs for this dam in January 1934. The first few winters Quart [sic] Quesnel Quartz had to shut down for snow”

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