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Prince George, BC Geographic Features
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Campbell's All Cash Store, Prince George, BC

Street view photograph of a commercial section in downtown Prince George with several "Campbell's" delivery carts parked along the road. Visible establishments include "Campbell's All Cash Store" and "Club Cafe." Handwritten annotation in blue ballpoint pen on recto reads: "Howdy from Prince George! Going easy with all these kids- good to see Kathee. Snow here. Have fun at the sports show & don't over do it. Thinking of you guys, love Judy and Vic. P.S. Can't wait to go home to somewhere peaceful and quiet. 2-27-83." Postcard is addressed to: "Mr. & Mrs. Hauffer 8429-221 PL. Sn. Edmonds, WA. U.S. 98020." Verso is affixed with four Canadian 8-cent stamps.

Central Avenue, Fort George, BC

Printed annotation on recto reads: “Central Avenue Fort George B.C. Copyright Canada June 25th 1913”. Handwritten annotation in ink on recto reads: “Hotel Fort George; Pool room; Men’s furnishing; General store; Bank Vancouver; Telephone office; Temperance House; Trust-company; Grand stand & fair grounds; Hospital; Ware house and general store.” Cancelled 1 cent Canadian stamp on verso is dated: "Fort George BC Jul 14 13". Handwritten message in ink on verso is addressed to Mr. Chas H Wilson 94 Gould St Toronto: "Fort George. B.C> Box 65, July 13/ 13. Dear Father, This is a 'bird's eye view' of our main street - ha! ha! some class alright. We live right behind the bakery lunch room on the right hand side of the picture, on 1st avenue, some people eh? Will be moving to Cassiar Ave soon. How are all the folks. Mae is writing. Peace. M."

Third Ave., Prince George, BC

Photo depicts a street perspective of Third Ave., in Prince George, BC, ca. 1950. Handwritten annotation in pen on verso of postcard reads: “You will undoubtedly notice that there are no tall buildings. I don’t think that there is one building in Prince George that is even five stories tall.”

Loaded scow on the Nechako River

View of a scow loaded with provisions and several people passing through rapids of the Grand Canyon. Printed annotation on recto reads: “A scow loaded with provisions passing through the Grand Canyon on it’s way to Fort George.” Handwritten annotation in pencil on recto reads: “Nearly Bumped, Nachaco River” Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “My address will be Fort George BC. Dear Mrs. Cooper, I am up in the wild part of BC now where men horses and everything get drowned every day, sometimes automobiles get drowned also. This is the way we travel up where I am now. I saw a boat upside down in this Canyon it had a bundle of blankets tied on it and one oar was dancing in the whirlpool. This made my hair stand straight up and down.”


Image depicts power lines east of the pulp mills in Prince George, B.C.

View from Gunn Point

Image depicts a view of Prince George from Gunn Point in the L.C. Gunn Park looking north. Map coordinates 53°54'26.2"N 122°43'35.8"W.

Nechako Cutbanks

Image depicts the cutbanks on the other side of the Nechako, taken from the nature trail at Island Cache. Map coordinates 53°55'34.6"N 122°45'52.4"W

Nechako Cutbanks Trail

Image depicts the cutbanks on the other side of the Nechako, taken from the nature trail at Island Cache. Map coordinates 53°55'34.6"N 122°45'52.4"W


Image depicts an example of varves, an annual layer of sediment or rock, with a pipe used for reference size. It is possibly located at the airport in Prince George, B.C.

Sand Beds

Image depicts sand beds with a shovel present for size reference. The slide places it at the "BCR site," possibly in Prince George, B.C.


Image depicts the slopes of Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Skiing through Trees

Image depicts numerous skiers cross-country skiing on a trail through trees on the Birchleg Ski route on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Skiers and Skis

Image depicts numerous skiers and skis that are standing upright in in the snow on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Cross Country Skier

Image depicts an unidentified man cross country skiing somewhere on Tabor Mountain in Prince George, B.C.

Cottonwood Park Opening

Image depicts Elmer Mercier, a former mayor of Prince George, B.C., cutting the ribbon to open Cottonwood Park's Heritage Trail.

P.G. Air Photos

File contains slides depicting aerial views of Prince George.

Drying sugar

Photograph depicts a tarp spread out on the grass, two men sit nearby the tarp. There is a canvas tent in the background with a man standing beside it. Behind the tent is a low hill with a fence bordering the top of the hill. There are blankets drying on the fence.

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