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Man of the Year 2

Item is a photograph of Mr. Williston receiving the Man of the Year Award from the Newsmen’s Club of BC for outstanding achievement in public service. The award was presented by Dr. John B. MacDonald, President of UBC on November 7, 1964.

Album No. 2

This bound photo album comprises 122 photographic images featuring the fishing industry, river & landscapes, salmon cannery images (housing, people, workers, boats, machinery) and First Nations Peoples on the Nass & Skeena Rivers and North Pacific Coast. Images also include warships, freighters, automobiles, railway stations and trains, and some photographs of Yokohama, Japan and California ca.1924-25. Includes photographs of the 1924 Special Service Squadron World Cruise in Vancouver. Each photograph is accompanied by a handwritten description glued below or beside the image and each image is glued to the album page at its corners. The verso of front cover has a handwritten name plate:

The Glassey Album

This photograph album consists of photographs, membership cards and correspondence of Herbert F. Glassey. Subjects identified in this album include: automobiles, landscape vistas, hunting scenes, snowshoeing, dog sledding, provincial government offices and waterscapes. Identified geographic locations include: Nesutlane Trading Post, Atlin, Teslin Lake, Atlin Lake, McKee Creek, Taku Glacier and Otter Creek. The following of Mr. Glassey’s membership cards are also included within this album: “White Pass & Yukon Route, No. 308: Government Agent, Atlin account, 1939-1940”; “White Pass & Yukon Route, No. 283: Government Agent account, 1941-1942”; “Registration Certificate, 1940”; “The Wartime Prices and Trade Board, no.1305, 1942”; “Dominion Bureau of Statistics, no.252”; “The Society of Notaries Public Membership Card, 1956”; and “Prince Rupert Liberal Association, 1953”.

Glassey, Sarah

Stagecrafts Certificate of Achievement

Item consists of a Certificate of Achievement from the University of British Columbia certifying that Nedra Jane Paul attended the Summer School of the Theatre 5 July to 17 August 1954 and completed the requirements in Stagecrafts.

British Columbia: Satellite Image Map

Map depicts annotations marking the major freight-ways: Garnet Ent. Truck Haul from Vancouver to Terrace, Canada Freightways Lyndon Trucking from Vancouver-Edmonton-Alaska Highway, Lindsays Transfer from Terrace to Dease Lake and Telegraph Creek, and the Northland Navigation roll-on and roll-off service. The cities and towns of Vancouver, Prince George, Dawson Creek, Terrace, Kitimat and Whitehorse are noted.

CPR "Princess Elaine"

Photograph depicts a CPR ship named "Princess Elaine" at the pier opposite the CPR station in Vancouver. The ship was being stripped of its engines and was subsequently towed to Blaine, WA.

CPR "Princess Elaine"

Photograph depicts a CPR ship named "Princess Elaine" at the pier opposite the CPR station in Vancouver. The ship was being stripped of its engines and was subsequently towed to Blaine, WA.

Tugboat "Master"

Photograph depicts a steam tugboat named "Master" owned by the World Ship Society (Vancouver Chapter). Photograph taken during Carnival and Regatta week in Vancouver.

Iona Campagnolo and Margaret Anderson stand in front of totem poles

Photograph believed to have been taken at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, B.C. Unidentified individuals can be seen walking in front of forest in background.

Item is one of nine photographs accompanying a greeting card from Agnes Hauglak, Addie Milewski’s sister, reading: “I though you might want these photos. I had to go and send every one their family things. Thank you for being kind to my sister Addie, Agnes M Hauglak”; see also items 2009.6.1.569 - 2009.6.1.577.

Vancouver Fireboat #2

Photograph depicts Vancouver Fireboat #2 having its hull sandblasted in a dry dock at the Burrard Shipyard & Marine Ways Ltd. at 1729 West Georgia St., Vancouver.

Ship the "Princess Louise" under tow

Photograph depicts the ship the "Princess Louise" under tow by the Vancouver tug "La Pointe", going through the First Narrows. Just before going through the current took her at 45 degrees to the course and for a moment it looked as if she might run aground.

Harbour Park Development site in Coal Harbour

Photograph depicts the Harbour Park Development site in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. Taking rock from the scow to face fill with anti-erosion material. The site is for new high rise apartments at the edge of Stanley park between Georgia St. and the sea.

CPR spur in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a CPR spur leading to a lane on the east of Richards St in the 1300 block. Much of the trackage here is dated 1911 and may be original. The photo was taken approximately 100 yards southwest of Richards St. and Pacific St. in Vancouver.

Rail and road lane at the end of Homer St.

Photograph depicts a view looking northeast down a rail and road lane at the west end of Homer St. in Vancouver. It shows CP box car #296105 with end loading doors, built in November 1951. The car was empty. The rail in this area is dated 1911.

CPR line in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the CPR line at the northeast edge of the Drake St. yards, adjacent to the east foot of Nelson St. The box car behind steel in photo is CP #37948, built in May 1946. It has a notice "To be used between Mainland Ice Co., Coach yard, and Coquitlam. It was still there on the 6 March 1975. The spur continues for 200 yards beyond the icehouse and divides into 2 lines to service a plant at 196 Smithe St. The building is now used as an art school and the trackage is disused.

View of CPR yards in Vancouver

Photograph depicts a general view of the C.P.R. yards adjacent to Ballantyne Pier in Vancouver. The sheeted units in the middle distance consist of an export train of 11 locies, travelling dear, just brought in by the G.N.R. switcher. The locomotives were built by General Motors, Electro-Motive Division in La Grange, Illinois. For shipment to Korean National Railways, Pusan. Diverted to Vancouver because of the U.S. Pacific Coast long shoreman strike.

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