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Newspaper clippings

Series consists of one file containing two newspaper clippings, one from the BC Saturday Sunset dated September 14, 1912 and another from The Globe dated Saturday March 23, 1907

Theatre and Community Development

Series consists of correspondence, itineraries, newspaper clippings, reports, theatre and event programs, ephemera, contact lists, prop lists, scripts, rehearsal and performance schedules, set lists, minutes, agreements, cheques, receipts, and background material all pertaining to Iona Campagnolo's involvement with the planning of the Royal Visit to Prince Rupert in honour of British Columbia Centennial Celebrations, May 10, 1971; North Pacific Player theatre productions of Man of La Mancha (1971), Mary Stuart (1972), Tom Jones (1973), and Fiddler on the Roof (1974); planning and development of Prince Rupert’s first Folkfest '74; and initial planning for Prince Rupert Homecoming event, October 1973.

Military Support Parade, Prince Rupert, BC

Parade of uniformed marchers with sign that reads: “Every little helps, Do your share” (with a large cross). Buildings on street in background. Printed annotation on recto reads: “Prince Rupert B.C.” Handwritten annotation in pencil on verso reads: “Prince Rupert B.C.”

The Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC

Side perspective street view of the Royal Hotel in Prince Rupert BC. The "Ladies [sic] Entrance" sign is visible on the right side of the building. Several vehicles can be seen on the street. Printed annotation on recto reads: " 3rd Ave Prince Rupert Photo W.W.W."

Second Avenue in Prince Rupert BC

Side perspective street view of the Canadian Bank of Commerce on a deserted dirt road. Printed annotation on recto reads: "2nd Ave Prince Rupert BC." Illegible faded photographer's mark on lower right corner. Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "The houses and pavements are made of wood. Love Daddy. xx." Postcard is addressed to: "Miss Greta Poole 'Airoudale'[??] Collingwood Road Paigulou Devon England." Postmark on verso reads: "Prince Rupert BC 10:30 AM Aug 5 1925."

Colloway Rapids Bridge, Prince Rupert, BC

Photograph of a bridge along a rocky shoreline. Printed annotation reads: "Colloway Rapids Bridge Prince Rupert Highway W.W.W." Handwritten annotation on verso is heavily obscured by residual album paper and reads: "PO Box 777 Prince Rupert BC. [Illegible] Lal. This[??] is a piece of our new bridge which [obscured] neats our Island with the mainland. We have had picnics on the other side & [illegible] is open for [illegible] to [illegible]ve ours this side of the [obscured] our stuff to the little [obscured] patronize[??]. Mrs. [illegible] are back again in Rupert [obscured] Kamloops office closed down [obscured] was no chance of transfer. Have not."

Fishing boats in Prince Rupert, BC.

Photograph of many fishing boats in a Prince Rupert harbour. Printed annotation on recto reads: "Fishing Boats Prince Rupert, BC Photo by J. Wrathall." Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Greetings from British Columbia Ruth and Jim Warner[??]." Postcard is addressed to: "Mr. and Mrs. C. Ott 426 So. Humboldh Denver 9. Colorado U.S.A." Verso is affixed with a 4 cent Canadian stamp. Postmark reads: " Vancouver B.C. Canada. Jun 5 5 PM 1954."

Two levels of commercial buildings in Prince Rupert, BC

Front view of several commercial buildings in Prince Rupert, BC. Visible are "The Ideal Clothing & Shoe Store," "Bailey and Bell Bakers," and "Hotel Premier." Printed annotation on recto reads: "Prince Rupert, BC." Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Dear Peggy, Mailui[??] will show you where [illegible] and Dunn Florence [illegible] when you come in Prince Rupert you will see this [illegible]. Aunt Florence." Postcard is addressed to: "Margaret [Illegible] Suby Seabold. Kipap County Washington[??]. Verso is affixed with a Canadian one Cent stamp. Postmarks on verso read: "[Illegible] WASH Sep 6 19[??] Prince Rupert B.C. SP 2 69."

Squatters in Prince Rupert, BC

Hand coloured photo of various squatter's shacks and tents, with mountains in the background. Printed annotation on recto reads: "Squatters, Prince Rupert, B.C." Artist's stamp on lower right corner reads: "104,0033 J.V."

Saw mill in Prince Rupert BC

Hand coloured photo of a clearing in Prince Rupert with a sawmill in the distance. Printed annotation on recto reads: "Prince Rupert, B.C. : Saw Mill Grand Trunk Pacific Railway." Artist's stamp in the lower right corner reads: "103112 J.V."

Reverend R.W. Large fonds

  • 2004.2
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900]-1960, prominent 1900-1920

Consists of 165 black and white photographs depicting Northwest Coast communities including Bella Bella, Rivers Inlet, Port Simpson, and Prince Rupert between approximately 1900 and 1920. Also includes postcard images of ships and boats on the North Coast belonging to the Large family, from Reverend Large's son Dr. R.G. Large. Also includes 39 colour slides ca. 1960 of ship scenes and weather balloon launches from the Dr. R.G. Large family.

Large, R.W., Rev.

Violet with Friends at Prince Rupert

Twenty-three year old Violet stands wearing a polka dot dress in a group of unidentified men, women and children. Body of water and tree-covered hill on opposite shore in background. Handwritten caption below this photo reads: "Pr. Rupert, 1928 End of Road Construction".

Portrait of Violet Taylor's Basksetball Team

Violet stands second from left among group of six girls wearing uniforms, posed in front of backdrop. Two sit on floor, and four stand behind their coach, who is seated in a chair and wearing a suit. A basketball sits between his feet, painted with "COMETS 1921-1922". Violet's shirt has a letter "C" on its front. This photograph was taken in Prince Rupert where Violet attended high school while living with her relatives Sarah and Herbert Glassey.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Passenger Train

Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "G.T.P. 1st Passenger Train From Prince Rupert. Mile 45. June. 14th 1911. Copyright. F. Button. PHOTO. Pr. Rupert. No. 240." Photograph depicts three men (two sitting on chairs) on caboose of train. Power poles run parallel to tracks, which curve to the right of the image. Train tracks in foreground, forest and mountain in background.

The Glassey Album

This photograph album consists of photographs, membership cards and correspondence of Herbert F. Glassey. Subjects identified in this album include: automobiles, landscape vistas, hunting scenes, snowshoeing, dog sledding, provincial government offices and waterscapes. Identified geographic locations include: Nesutlane Trading Post, Atlin, Teslin Lake, Atlin Lake, McKee Creek, Taku Glacier and Otter Creek. The following of Mr. Glassey’s membership cards are also included within this album: “White Pass & Yukon Route, No. 308: Government Agent, Atlin account, 1939-1940”; “White Pass & Yukon Route, No. 283: Government Agent account, 1941-1942”; “Registration Certificate, 1940”; “The Wartime Prices and Trade Board, no.1305, 1942”; “Dominion Bureau of Statistics, no.252”; “The Society of Notaries Public Membership Card, 1956”; and “Prince Rupert Liberal Association, 1953”.

Glassey, Sarah

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