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Barkerville, BC
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Ann Walsh fonds

  • 2019.12
  • Fundo
  • 1959-2018

This fonds illustrates the writing career of Canadian author Ann Walsh. Types of records included in this fonds include: published and unpublished short stories, manuscripts, correspondence, grant applications, photographs, audio and video recordings, contracts, book reviews, plotting notes, speaking notes, promotional materials and workshop materials.

Walsh, Ann

Hydraulic sluicing monitor in Barkerville

Photograph depicts a hydraulic sluicing monitor that was not a piece on display in the exhibit, but was a piece of abandoned equipment found below Barkerville town. It was made by Empire Foundry, Marysville, California.

Water pump in Barkerville

Photograph depicts a water pump, dated 1883. Animal water trough and pipe were both made out of wood, which was typical for the Barkerville period.

4-wheeled wagon

Photograph depicts a 4- wheeled wagon that was designed to hold 'pay dirt' or 'rubbish' with a drop bottom worked by a ratchet and chains.

Primitive tram, Barkerville

Photograph depicts a primitive tram with external flonges and a swivel support for a tub that was found amongst the debris near the blacksmiths shop in Barkerville.


Image depicts the Barkerville Cemetery.


Image depicts the town of Stanley, B.C.


Image depicts the back of the main street Barkerville, B.C.

Tiny Prospecting Model

Image depicts a small model of the old prospecting process in what is likely Barkerville, B.C.

House Interior

Image depicts the interior of an old house, possibly the Cottonwood House, and most likely in or near Barkerville, B.C.

Church Interior

Image depicts the interior of a church, possibly one in or near Barkerville, B.C.

Cottonwood House

Image depicts the Cottonwood House at the Historic Site located in Barkerville, B.C.

Forman's General Store

Image depicts the abandoned and crumbling Forman's General Store somewhere in or near either Barkerville or Wells, B.C.


Image depicts a street in Barkerville, near Wells, B.C.

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