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Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Collection

  • 2002.1
  • Collection
  • 1887-1999

The Prince George Railway & Forestry Museum Society Collection consists primarily of textual, photographic, and cartographic records related to the regional developments of the railway industry in Northern BC. A predominant portion of the coll...

Fred Jeffery Photograph Collection

  • 2009.10
  • Collection
  • ca.1924 - 1933

The Fred Jeffery Collection consists of three photograph albums comprising a total of 303 b&w photographs all dating from ca.1924-1933. The subject matter of these images consist primarily of the fishing industry, river & landscapes, salmo...

Jeffery, Fred

C.N.R. depot at Clearwater Station

Photograph depicts the Canadian National Railway (CN) station at Clearwater, on the mainline between Kamloops and Tete Juane Cache Junction, about 75 miles north of Kamloops. The main trade is lumber. The view is looking south.

C.P.R. yards in Vancouver

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. yards just west of downtown passenger station and in front of Pier B, owned by the C.P.R. The view is looking northwest from Burrard St.

C.P.R. summit at Crowsnest Pass

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. summit of the southern transcontinental C.P. line at Crowsnest Pass on the Alberta-B.C. border. The roundhouse is disused. Four men are working on the turntable; it is unclear whether they are rebuilding its eastern f...

C.P.R. Pritchard depot

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. Pritchard depot, 25 miles east of Kamloops. The passenger turnstile is unusual though found elsewhere in this area. The depot is long unused for passengers and is now used by a permanent way gang.

C.P.R. Kimberley depot

Photograph depicts the C.P.R. depot at Kimberley. It is in the center of the town, looking up towards the Kimberley mine which is 1 mile away. The last passenger service (1 coach) between Kimberley and Cranbrook ran about 1955.

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