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  • Includes: buildings; monuments and statues; bridges and trestles; building management; construction.
  • DO NOT USE for records pertaining to activities carried out in or on a building or structure, unless the building and the activity are directly related (e.g. hotels).

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Buildings and Structures

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Image depicts an old barn somewhere in the Fort George Canyon Provincial Park, B.C.

Barn and Cabin

Image depicts an old barn and a collapsing cabin somewhere in the Fort George Canyon Provincial Park, B.C.

Barn at Darfield, B.C.

Photograph depicts a barn at Darfield, near Barriere, about 35 miles north of Kamloops. The English timbered cottage developed from this architectural form.

Barracks at Watson Lake

Handwritten photo album caption below this photo reads: "Barracks at Watson Lake". Photograph depicts three long log buildings connected in a U shape. The barracks are in a forest, surrounded with trees. The area around the building is s...

Royal Canadian Air Force

Baxter Family Standing on Road

Left to right: Margaret (nee Baxter) and husband Gus Lund, Bea Baxter and beau, Violet and Bob Baxter. The group stands on road wearing formal attire. Rear of car can be seen in foreground on right; power poles, log building, and unidentified stru...

Bear Lake (?)

Image depicts some buildings along a dirt road, possibly near Bear Lake, B.C.

Becher's Prairie

Image depicts what appears to be a small ranch. The slide is labelled "Becher's Prairie," possibly meaning Becher's Prairie Provincial Park in B.C.

Bee Hive Burner

Image depicts a bee-hive burner beside a rail-road track at an unidentified mill somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

Beehive Burner

Image depicts a beehive burner at a sawmill, possibly somewhere in Prince George, B.C.

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