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"A Question of Balance: Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Interior Operations"

Film is a Canfor promotional video. As described on the video case, "'A Question of Balance' provides an overview of Canfor's operations throughout north central British Columbia and northern Alberta. Through interviews with employees and people in communities where Canfor operates, the video features information on the following areas of interest: safety, forest management, harvesting, pulp and paper production, environmental improvements, new technologies, economic impact, and career opportunities."

"Alternative Silvicultural Systems in the Northern Mixedwoods of Alberta"

Film is a research summary produced by the Canadian Forest Service. As described on the video case: "Initiated in 1992, this research project was intended to test a range of harvesting and silvicultural options in reducing wind damage to residual white spruce on moist to wet sites after harvest of the deciduous overstorey. If forest managers are to successfully implement alternative silvicultural systems on these northern boreal forest sites, mitigation of windthrow will be critical to successful operations. The project also tests growth and yield, regeneration stocking standards, aesthetic and biodiversity components."


Film is a promotional video for Dynacom, the television announcement system installed throughout the UNBC campus.

"Fibre of Russia"

Recording entitled "Fibre of Russia" possibly includes footage of a summer 1996 research trip to Russia with a group of UNBC students and professor John Young.

"North to the Future"

"North to the Future" is a promotional video for UNBC. Contains clips with Ken Coates (Founding VP Academic), Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Queen Elizabeth II, Jon Swainger (UNBC Fort St. John), Iona Campagnolo (Founding UNBC Chancellor), Mayor Steve Thorlakson (Fort St. John), Kari Stedham Gosnell (UNBC Terrace), Deanna Nyce (Wilp Wilxo'oskwhl Nisga'a), Jennifer Azak (UNBC Nass Valley), Mari-Etha Pienaar (Prince Rupert), Mayor John Kuz (Prince Rupert), Brent Campbell (Deloitte & Touche, Prince George), Tom Steadman (UNBC Founder), Paul Shelley (Royal Bank, Prince George), Winifred Kessler (UNBC Forestry), Tom Boughner (Skeena Cellulose, Prince Rupert), C.T. Hazelwood (Northwood Pulp & Timber, Prince George), Joanne Matthews (UNBC librarian), Gail Sexsmith (BC Hydro, Vancouver), Pat Sarsfield (UNBC Award and Financial Aid Coordinator), Vernon Forster (UNBC Donor), Sean Maurice (UNBC student), Fay Niemi (UNBC student), Kirsten Hartley (UNBC student), and Jackie Watson (UNBC Graduate).

"Northern Is..."

"Northern Is..." is a promotional video for UNBC created by Iris Communications. Contains clips with Ken Coates (Founding VP Academic), Jon Swainger (UNBC Fort St. John), Ray Reilly (UNBC student), Marcy Anderson (UNBC student), Joanne Matthews (UNBC librarian), Iona Campagnolo (Founding UNBC Chancellor), Judy Wahn (UNBC Commerce professor), Joe de la Ronde (UNBC student), Kirsten Hartley (UNBC student), Todd Whitcombe (UNBC Chemistry), Heather Smith (UNBC International Studies), Kierin Mackenzie (UNBC student), Pat Sarsfield (UNBC Award and Financial Aid Coordinator), Fay Niemi (UNBC student), Winifred Kessler (UNBC Natural Resources Management), Sean Maurice (UNBC student), Brad Courtoureille (UNBC student), and Jackie Watson (UNBC student).

"The Green Logger"

Film is an Alberta Pacific Forest Industries educational video. As described on the video case: "The forest is no longer recognized as just a place where trees grow; it is an ecosystem with many other values besides just trees. Ecosystem management, a new way of seeing the forest which recognizes the importance of biodiversity and multiple uses of the forest, is replacing traditional forestry practices. This video is intended to provide an overview of the principles of ecosystem management to new loggers contracted to Alberta-Pacific. As forest management evolves, so must the people who harvest the forest, as it is they who will ultimately determine its success."

Aboriginal Health Sciences program

Videotape contains footage of: 22-May-04 - Aboriginal Health Sciences program - field course near Nautley Reserve Tape 2 - George, Rita (hat); Thomas, Doris (orange); Louis, Kimberley (right); Louis, Cary-Anne (left); Palmantier, Monty

Anahim Lake Stampede

Footage of the Anahim Stampede. The film includes recordings of the people at the stampede, bronco and bull riding, the area surrounding the arena, wild cow milking, children games such as sack races, horse racing around the arena, the concession stand and wild cow riding.

Anahim Lake Stampede, Loading Pack Horses, Caribou Moose Hunt, and Children Playing

Film begins with recording of geese flying in sky as introduction. Then there is footage of community life in the general store, believed to be "Christensen's General Store," including a man lighting a pipe, children buying snacks and families buying groceries. Afterwards there is filming of the Anahim Stampede, depicting wild cow riding, bronco riding and the spectators.

The second portion of the film begins with the title slide "Caribou Return" and in consists of clips of ducks on a lake, scenery of trees and the lake, men packing up horses as they prepare for a journey into the high country. They travel as a pack train up into the mountains and eventually set up camp. There is footage of the men cooking, and also various shots of wildlife including a white grouse, herd of caribou, moose wandering through the snow, and a porcupine. The hunting party eventually kills a bull moose and there is footage of them examining the kill and loading the pack train with meat.

The third portion of the film begins with two young girls playing in a boat and then playing in a garden, and then a young boy pulling his sister in a wagon. There is a family barbeque and more footage of children playing and going fishing in a lack. The film ends with a recording of a grouse or pheasant in a bush.

Locations believed to be filmed in on this reel include Gitcha Mountains, Ulkatcho Mountains, Holt Homestead, Lassard Lake, Rainbow Mountains or Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

April 1994 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 14-Apr-94 - UNBC's Vancouver-based Liaison Officer - Prentice, Lauren / 14-Apr-94 - Stand-ups - Rob / 19-Apr-94 - First UNBC graduates - Watson, Jackie; Yandeau, Niki, Bathy, Margaret / 21-Apr-94 - Quesnel Regional Academic Plan - Macknak, Dennis; Facey, Ellen / 22-Apr-94 - Northwest Region Issues - Anderson, Margaret / 22-Apr-94 - First UNBC Graduate - Gordon, Myron

April 1995 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 17-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate - Breen, Kelly / 18-Apr-95 - UNBC English Professors Launch World Wide Web Project - Beeler, Stan; Dowling, David / 19-Apr-95 - Financial Aid and Awards - Sarsfield, Pat / 19-Apr-95 - UNBC Links With Russia - Poelzer, Greg / 19-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate - Bogle, Meredith / 20-Apr-95 - 1995 Graduate -- UNBC's First Native Graduate - Verde, Mitch

April 1996 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 22-Apr-96 - History Book Launch - Healy, Theresa; Larson, Gord; Kennedy, Jodie / 24-Apr-96 - Northern Land Use Institute - Curry, John / 25-Apr-96 - UNBC Grad Students to Guadalajara Conference - Frizzell, Garth; Sproule, Mike / 26-Apr-96 - Caribou Relocation Program - Coxson, Darwyn / 26-Apr-96 - Headlines and Stand-ups - Rob

April 1998 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 21-Apr-98 - Student to Fiji for Archaeological Dig - Embree, Andrew / 22-Apr-98 - Quesnel Research Project about Forest Planning Involvement - Bello, Nate / 23-Apr-98 - North scores high on involvement survey - Steadman, Tom / 23-Apr-98 - Survey on Crime - Michalos, Alex; Zumbo, Bruno / 24-Apr-98 - Proposed BEd - Fisher, Robin / 24-Apr-98 - Quesnel Research Project about Forest Planning Involvement - Halseth, Greg / 24-Apr-98 - Model UN Conference

April-May 1999 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 9-Apr-99 - Muskwa-Kechika Research Announcement - Cashore, John; Jago, Charles; Pfister, Bob / 15-Apr-99 - Rez Sisters Production - Angus, Melanie; Denby, Cathy / 6-May-99 - Governor General Romeo LeBlanc Visits UNBC / 25-May-99 - Sod-Turning Ceremony for the Enhanced Forestry Lab - Speeches; Massicotte, Hugueus; Barber, Ike / 27-May-99 - Alumni Reception / 28-May-99 - Convocation Day on Campus (Pre-Ceremony)

August 1993 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 13-Aug-93 - Co-operative Education in the Faculty of NRES - Gilbert, Fred / 15-Aug-93 - Faculty Profile on Nursing - Edge, Dana / 16-Aug-93 - Co-operative Education Benefits - Vagt, Kathy (UVic Student; Lousier, Dan / 16-Aug-93 - Faculty Profile on International Studies - Woods, Larry / 18-Aug-93 - QuickStart 1993-94 Students - Freathy, Brad & Bev; Breen, Kelly; Watson, Jackie

August 1995 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 16-Aug-95 - NWCC Perspectives on the Regionalism of UNBC - Campbell, Al (Board Chair) / 16-Aug-95 - Fishing in Moricetown Canyon / 17-Aug-95 - Perspectives on UNBC's regionalism from a student, TUAC member, and NWRAC member - Dediluke, Margaret / 18-Aug-95 - UNBC in the Northwest Region - Anderson, Margaret

August 1995 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 18-Aug-95 - UNBC's New President - Jago, Charles / 21-Aug-95 - Shots of new residence and daycare / 23-Aug-95 - Transition to University - Bell, Jim / 23-Aug-95 - Mother/Child Communication Research Project - Beaumont, Sherry / 23-Aug-95 - Fitness Centre - O'Meara, Jim / 23-Aug-95 - Housing - Brazzoni, Randall / 24-Aug-95 - First Faculty Agreement - Keener, Lee / 24-Aug-95 - Business Collaborative Agreement - Olson, Dennis / 25-Aug-95 - Siberian First Nations Visit Northern BC - Akrimova, Galina

August 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 21-Aug-97 - Northern Backyard BBQ III - Williams, April / 23-Aug-97 - Barkerville History Course - Peters, Larry; Keeping, Shannon; Kelm, Mary-Ellen; Fisher, Robin / 23-Aug-97 - Shots of the headwaters of the Willow River / 24-Aug-97 - Stand-ups and news@unbc- Rob / 25-Aug-97 - UNBC Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Forestry - Blouw, Max

August 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 20-Aug-97 - Fitness Centre orientation video - Mazo, Cher / 21-Aug-97 - Counting Fish on the Salmon River - Tetreau, Jody; Hartman, Shawna / 21-Aug-97 - AirBC project - Gouger, Claudette / 21-Aug-97 - Orientation 97 - Bacon, Lauren

August 1997 raw footage for Spotlight on UNBC

Videotape contains footage of: 8-Aug-97 - Air BC Student - Egginton, Vanessa / 9-Aug-97 - Willow River goldpanning project - Kaesmodel, Ernie / 11-Aug-97 - Interview for Recruitment Video - Poff, Deborah / 12-Aug-97 - Recruitment Video interview on exchanges and First Nations - Sam, Anne / 12-Aug-97 - Shots of PG - stores, cafes, sports / 12-Aug-97 - Co-op student for Recruitment Video - Gaudet, Caroline / 12-Aug-97 - PG Nightlife - O'Flaherty's and Munk

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