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Health and Social Services
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Man & Women Standing at German Bakery

Photograph depicts one man and three woman standing in front of shop windows of three story building with the sign "GERMAN. BAKERY. F. TIEMEYER" A window nook and small balcony extend from second floor. Road in foreground. Handwritten annotations on recto of photograph: "Main Building 30 x 32. Lean to for Bake Shop. Food cellar. Five Food Rooms upstairs. Electric lights throughout entire house. Burned badly Jan 15 - 9 45 PM 1969. Was originally moved from South."

Men at Empress Hotel

Three men stand under deck of three story hotel. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "Empress Hotel South Fort George, B.C.", on recto: "according to Mrs [illegible] Williams this Hotel burned down New Years 1914 and the owner collected insurance & moved to Anchorage Alaska. (smell of kerosene)", "Boucher [sic]".

H.F. Glassey with Snowshoes near Teslin Lake, BC

Photograph depicts Bert Glassey in winter gear standing with snowshoes and what appears to be a dogsled. Bushes and trees in background. Typed annotation on recto of photograph: "The Tribulations and privations of a Coroner in Northern British Columbia. April 18th, 1936. Taken in the Teslin Lake country of B.C."

Thomas Crosby Mission Ship Photograph Collection

  • 2009.21
  • Collectie
  • 1932-1946

Subject areas identified in this collection include: church and hospital buildings (including nurses quarters); group photos featuring doctors, nurses, and hospital workers; grave markers; landscapes; processing of oolichan fish; and various church-related events such as weddings and church openings.

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Sanatorium Trades Shop at Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Polaroid photograph depicting large building with the sign "TRADES SHOP". Power line and red car in foreground; hill and trees in background. Handwritten annotation on verso of photograph: "The Sanatorium. Fort Qu'Appelle - July 6/79".

Columbia Coast Mission Ship

This file consists of 32 photographs pertaining to the Yukon steamship Tutshi, ca. 1936 and J.J. Claxton’s time aboard the Columbia Cost Mission Ship M.S. Columbia III, ca. 1960. General subject areas identified in these photographs include: individuals and communities visited by the Columbia III; families involved in receipt of pastoral services such as marriages and baptisms; as well as medical care.

Social Credit Cabinet

Item is a photograph of the Cabinet taken in late February 1956 days before the resignation of Lands & Forests Minister Robert Sommers. From left: Highways Minister P.A. Gaglardi; Education Minister Ray Williston; Trade, Industry & Fisheries Minister R. Chetwynd; Health Minister Eric Martin; Agriculture Minister Ken Kiernan; Premier Bennett; Attorney-General R. Bonner; Provincial Secretary W. Black; Mr. Sommers; Labour Minister L. Wicks and Public Works Minister W. Chant.

Collage of 13 Images Decpiting Prince Rupert, BC

Printed captions below images on recto read: “Souvenir of Prince Rupert BC; Prince Rupert June 1st, 1909; Prince Rupert Sept 1st, 1913; Public School; Water Front; City Hall; Haye Cove; Margaeto Fleet; Harbour Scene; SS Prince Marquitta at Prince Georg; Sunrise Prince Rupert Harbour; General Hospital; Gold Storage Place; Prince Rupert from Summit”.

Joyce Collison, Tom Moorhouse, medical officer & unidentified man by boat on Nass River, BC

Boat floats close to shore in foreground, forest and hills on opposite shore in background. Joyce is the daughter of Bertha and W.E. Collison, and the granddaughter of Marion and Archdeacon W.H. Collison.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Upper Nass River Sept. 1933. Joyce with Tom Moorhouse & the medical officer".

W.E. Collison and others on inspection trip by boat to villages on Nass River, BC

Group of six men sit and stand on small boat close to shore. Rev. W.E. Collison stands on far right (son of Marion and Archdeacon W.H. Collison).

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Dr. Macdonald Med officer (Kincolith) / Dr. [McQuarrie?] Med officer Victoria / Steven Clayton Native boat owner / Capt. Bary - Insp. of Indian Schools / W.E. Collison Indian agent. / Inspection trip to villages of upper Nass River".

Prince George Women's Organizations Collection

  • 2006.5
  • Archief
  • 1972 - 1996

Collection consists of records created, received, and collected by the Prince George Women's Centre, the Prince George Women's Collective, the Prince George Women's Equal Rights Association, the Prince George Women's Resource Centre, and the Prince George Women's Connection. This collection also features some materials on the Daughters of Lilith organization.

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Electronic Records

Series consists of 38 diskettes of the electronic records of Dr. David Fish, which have been migrated to 1 CD-ROM.


Series consists of documents and reports related to David Fish's consultancy work in the Maldives and in Sri Lanka in the 1970s.

Nutrition Research Project, Maldives

Consists of 1 report entitled "Nutrition Research Project, Maldives." Written by Dr. David G. Fish, WHO Short-Term Consultant, for World Health Organization, South-East Asia Region.

Cost Studies in Canadian Medical Schools

Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "Cost Studies in Canadian Medical Schools," presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, Kingston, Ontario, September, 1965.


Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "Dentists".

Faculties and Finances

Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "Faculties and Finances," presented at the Western Conference on Medical Education, Edmonton, Alberta, December 1965.

Seneka Bibile: A Tribute

Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "Seneka Bibile: A Tribute," presented by Mark Amerasinghe, Kandy, February 1986.

The Delivery of Health Care to Remote Populations: An Introduction

Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "The Delivery of Health Care to Remote Populations: An Introduction," presented as an introduction to a seminar of the same name. By D.G. Fish, Ph.D., Head, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Two Scientists: A Study of the Career Orientation of Scientists in Industry and Academic Research Settings

Consists of 1 unpublished paper entitled "The Two Scientists: A Study of the Career Orientation of Scientists in Industry and Academic Research Settings," presented by D. de Hesse and D.G. Fish, The Association of Canadian Medical Colleges, at the meetings of the Canadian Association of Sociology and Anthropology, Ottawa, 10-11 June 1967.

David G. Fish fonds

  • 2000.10
  • Archief
  • 1963-1997

Fonds contains 12.5 cm of textual records consisting of drafts of papers, off-prints of articles authored and co-authored by Fish, and files pertaining to his consultancy work in the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Also contains digital records and on diskettes (which have been migrated to CD), which include correspondence, memoranda, drafts, and other working files.

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Mission hospital in Metlakatla, BC

Photograph depicts a large two-storey building with the sign: "CALEDONIA HOSPITAL". Fence crosses foreground, hills visible in background.

Handwritten annotation on verso reads: "Mission Hosp at Metlakatla B.C."

Contracts and correspondence

Consists of correspondence, contract, book prospectus, and curriculum vitae of assistant relating to Dr. David Fish's chapter for Prospering Together.

Chapter 7: Unlocking the Medicine Chest: the Implications of Transferring Control of Health Services to First Nations later draft

Consists of 1 later draft of chapter for Prospering Together, entitled "Chapter 7: Unlocking the Medicine Chest: the Implications of Transferring Control of Health Services to First Nations." Also includes 1 Laurier Institution brochure entitled "The Challenge of Diversity," and 1 cover letter. Cover letter, from Ann G. Roberts, Executive Assistant, Laurier Institution, asks Dr. David Fish to amend submitted chapter and then approve the final version for publication.

"Unlocking the Medicine Chest" drafts

Series consists of different drafts of Chapter 7, "Unlocking the Medicine Chest: The Implications of Transferring Control of Health Services to First Nations," for the book, Prospering Together: The Economic Impact of Aboriginal Settlement in British Columbia, published by the Laurier Institute, as well as other related records. Includes publication "A Statistical Report on the Health of First Nations in British Columbia", Health Canada, 1995.

Health Policy in Canada and Other Countries

Subseries primarily consists of articles by other authors, some with related correspondence between Weller and the author. A large amount of the material is related to health policy specifically in Canada; however, the records also range to health policy in the United States and other countries. The subseries also includes the text of speeches by government officials, publications created by government bodies, newspaper clippings, and other material collected over the course of Weller’s research on health policy. The series contains drafts by Weller with titles which correspond to early papers and chapters of his dissertation: "The Public Interest in Professional Politics: The Case of the Canadian Medical Association,” "Chapter 4: Health Care and Medicare Policy in Ontario," "Health Policy in Ontario," and "The Executive, the Legislature and the Health Policy Process: The Case of Ontario." The first 243 files are primarily scholarly works and government documents individually filed by Weller and generally arranged alphabetically by author. The other 72 files contain notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other material in files created by Weller in broader files by topic. The bulk of the material was gather around the dates 1975 to 1980, though some files contain items from dates in the mid-1980s and four files with dates into the 1990s suggesting the material was also involved in later research (see subseries 10).

Health Policy in South Africa

Subseries consists of material related to a 1983 project titled "The Politics of Health in South Africa" conducted in conjunction with Pranlal Manga and Weller’s travel to South Africa to conduct research for this project. This paper was never published. Material includes notes regarding contacting and interviewing persons involved with health polity in South Africa, publications by other scholars, documents released by government bodies of African countries, and newspaper clippings. The files are generally one of two types: files of newspaper clippings on a particular topic or individually filed publications alphabetized by author. Many files have dates past Weller’s work on his project with Manga suggesting continued research on politics in South Africa into the 1990s.

Health Care in Ontario and the Circumpolar North

Subseries consists of material related to Weller’s roles on the Advisory Committee for the Health Promotion and Prevention Project of the Ontario Council of Health (1983-1984), the Thunder Bay District Health Council (1983-1988), focus group of The Premier's Council on Health Strategy (1987-1988), board of the Victorian Order of Nurses (1987-1988), the study advisory group on the Study on Health and Social Service Professionals in Northern Ontario (1989-1990). The subseries also contains material involved in Weller’s academic research on healthcare in northern regions, specifically the projects titled "The Politics of Health in the Circumpolar North,” "The Delivery of Health Care to Underserviced Areas,” and "Health Care Delivery in Northern Hinterlands.” It also contains research pertaining to the Canada Health Act of 1984. Material includes documents produced for meetings of the advisory committees and Thunder Bay District Health Council, such as minutes and reports, correspondence, and other material produced by these groups as well as government bodies and scholars in the areas of health policy and circumpolar health.

Health Policy

Subseries consists of material involved in Weller’s research on health policy, some of which pertains to comparing health policy in different countries. The material consists of primarily newspaper clippings and photocopied academic papers. There may be connections between the files and subseries 2, as some of the files in the earlier subseries appear to have been used again in later research.


Series consist of material gathered or created by Weller in his research for scholarly work, government contracts, and community service involvement.

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