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Forest History Association of BC fonds

  • 2011.9
  • Fondo
  • 1981-2020

Fonds consists of records in speakers at the 2009 Annual General Meeting in Prince George and all of the FHABC newsletters along a with other publications up to March 2020, Issue 105.

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UNBC History Collection

  • 1993.1
  • Colección
  • 1988-2019

Collection consists textual material, objects, and ephemera related to the history of the University of Northern British Columbia.

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"The Northern Voice" UNBC Northern Studies Program newsletter

File consists of issues of "The Northern Voice" UNBC Northern Studies Program newsletter. Includes:

  • February, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • May, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • October, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • December, 2008 Edition (Print and digital)
  • January, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • May, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • November, 2009 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March, 2010 Edition (Print and digital)
  • October, 2010 Edition (Print and digital)
  • January, 2011 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2011 Edition (Print and digital)
  • February, 2012 Edition (Print and digital)
  • September, 2012 Edition (Print and digital)
  • February, 2013 Edition (Print and digital)
  • March 2014 Edition (Digital)
  • January 2016 Edition (Digital)
  • January 2017 Edition (Digital)
  • November 2018 Edition (Digital)
  • March 2019 Edition (Digital)

UNBC Labour Action Ephemera and Art Collection

  • 2019.15
  • Colección
  • Nov. 2019

Growing collection of strike ephemera from students, CUPE staff, and faculty members at UNBC. Collection includes picketing signs, strike buttons, photographs, art, and videos from pickets and UNBC Faculty Association events during the 2015 and 2019 strikes, as well as posters and other ephemera from the UNBC Occupiers group.

Dr. Joselito Arocena fonds

  • 2016.7
  • Fondo
  • 1988-2019

Fonds consists of the research and professorial records of Dr. Joselito Arocena, a founding faculty member of UNBC. Arocena was an internationally-recognized soil scientist and UNBC’s first Canada Research Chair. His records demonstrate his accomplishments as an academic and researcher, as well as his many and varied interdisciplinary research endeavours. Also included are selections from Arocena’s extensive photographic slide collection which illustrate his teaching, research projects, and personal interests.

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Posthumous Records

Series consists of records created and collected after Dr. Joselito Arocena's death on December 20, 2015. Includes information about Arocena's work in China, photographs and video of the unveiling of the Lito Lab, and video recordings and presentation materials from a memorial lecture for Dr. Joselito Arocena by Mike Rutherford, Hugues Massicotte, and Paul Sanborn.

Personal Records

Series consists of Dr. Joselito Arocena's personal records that provide background context to his academic accomplishments, research, and professorial tenure at UNBC.

Dr. Charles Jago speeches, 2015

File consists of:

  • Keynote speech by Dr. Charles Jago to the Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition in Fort St. John on 25 Nov. 2015
  • Speech by Dr. Charles Jago to the Canadian Association of Research Administration Western Canada Branch at UNBC on 4 Dec. 2015

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UNBC Graduate Conference programs

File consists of:

  • Program for 6th Annual UNBC Graduate Conference (March 2011)
  • Program for 8th Annual UNBC Graduate Conference (March 2013)
  • Program for 9th Annual UNBC Graduate Conference (Feb. 2014)

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Series contains objects, artifacts and ephemera related to UNBC's history.


Series consists of objects such as posters, t-shirts, and artwork collected or created by the UNBC Office of Development.

Textual records

Series consists of invitations, cards, news releases, and other textual material collected or created by the UNBC Office of Development.


Series consists of brochures, reports, and other publications collected or created by the UNBC Office of Development.

Northern Sport Centre brochures

File consists of:

  • Northern Sport Centre - Grand Opening September 21, 2007 - Commemorative magazine
  • Northern Sport Centre 2007 brochure
  • Northern Sport Centre 2008-2009 Timberwolf Trail Challenge brochure
  • Northern Sport Centre Spring/Summer 2012 Activity Guide
  • Northern Sport Centre Summer 2013 Activity Guide

Central Fort George Elementary School

File consists of notes, clippings, and reproductions relating to the Central Fort George Elementary School. Also includes photographs depicting the Central Fort George School prior to its demolition (2004).

Prince George Area Schools

Subseries consists of material collected and created by Kent Sedgwick for research regarding schools in Prince George and area, as well as materials relating to Kent Sedgwick's involvement with the Prince George Retired Teacher's Association. Files primarily consist of notes regarding the location and history of various schools in and surrounding Prince George and photographs depicting historic school buildings. The research on schools aided the development of a history of schools for the Prince George Retired Teachers' Association.

Duchess Park Secondary School

File consists of notes, clippings, and reproductions relating to Duchess Park Secondary School. Prince George Junior High changed its name in 1958 to Duchess Park Junior High School when Connaught Junior High School opened. The school was named after the existing city park where it was located. The first building used as Duchess Park Junior High School was the old Prince George High School located at 9th and Winnipeg. This was across the school grounds from the new Prince George Senior Secondary School, which was built on Ross Crescent in 1956.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway presentation

File consists of notes and reproductions relating to a presentation on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway conducted by Kent Sedgwick. Includes a CD titled "GTP Talk" containing a recording of Kent Sedgwick's presentation on the Grand Trunk Pacific (Oct. 2010).

Prince George writings by Kent Sedgwick

File consists of typed documents titled "The Prince George Writings of Kent Sedgwick" by Kent Sedgwick, and includes "The Land of Sunshine, Warm Days, and Cool Nights: Early Agricultural Settlement in the Prince George Area,"; "Prince George as a Central Place"; "A New Historical Framework for New Caledonia,"; "The Salmon River Portage," "Dr. George in the Central Interior,"; "Chala-oo-chick Revisited,"; "Connaught Hill Park,"; "A Brief History of Cottonwood Island,"; and "Some comments on the Cottonwood Island Park Designation of the Official Community Plan".

"Applying Traditional Knowledge to Future Initiatives" panel

Item consists of the panel on "Applying Traditional Knowledge to Future Initiatives: First Nations Historical and Future Relationships with the Forests" at the the "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 19, 2009.

Panels "Forest History in our Communities" and "Exploring our Roots" (part 1)

Item consists of recording of panels "Forest History in our Communities: Robson Valley and Prince George" and "Exploring our Roots: Forest History Research Methodology" (part 1) at the the "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 19, 2009.

"From Exploration to Development" panel (part 2)

Item consists of a recording of the panel "From Exploration to Development: Bringing Forest History Forward" (part 2) at the the "Exploring Our Roots: Forest History in Our Communities Annual Conference of the Forest History Association of BC" at UNBC in Prince George, September 19, 2009.

Prince George Retired Teachers Association

File consists of notes, clippings, and reproductions relating to the Prince George Retired Teachers Association. Includes: "Kent Sedgwick's Information on Rural Schools" typed document by Kent Sedgwick (Feb. 2009); and "Help Save the History of Our Schools" pamphlet prepared by the Prince George Retired Teachers' Education Heritage Committee (Apr. 2004).

Lethbridge field trip

File consists of a clipped article and a reproduction relating to a field trip to Lethbridge, Alberta. Includes "Lethbridge field trip" typescript document prepared by Kent Sedgwick for the field trip (1982).

"Giscome Chronicle" information

File consists of notes, clippings, and reproductions relating to Kent Sedgwick's book "Giscome Chronicle: The Rise and Demise of a Sawmill Community in Central British Columbia, 1912-1976". Includes various printed email correspondences regarding copies of "Giscome Chronicle"; and "New book explores Giscome's history" clipped article from the Prince George Citizen newspaper (18 Dec. 2008).

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