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Spotlight on UNBC - June 2000

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 2000. Features segments on the "Retain 2000" conference on aboriginal student retention in higher education; the Irving K Barber Enhanced Forestry Laboratory; an Inuit art donation from Ray Anderson, the Bill Reid banners, and the Ron Sebastian art unveiling of the senate doors and ceremonial chairs; the UNBC Northern Advancement Program; the University of the Arctic and northern research; the archival processing of the Cassiar Fonds donation; GIS mapping technology; the Summer Computer Club for high school students; research on the movement of air pollution using a Doppler sodar system; and highlights from convocation 2000 including honourary degree recipients Horst Sanders and Chief Joseph Gosnell. Includes interviews with Paul Ramsey (Minister of Finance); Wayne Clogg (West Fraser Timber); Irving K Barber; Oscar Garcia; Chris Hawkins; Ron Sebastian; Ray Anderson (Canadian diplomat and art donor); Kwadwo Asante (art donor); Peter Jackson (UNBC professor); George Pedersen (UNBC Chancellor); and UNBC students and alumni Louise Creyke (Nursing), Pamela Spokes, Candace Gladu (Archives student assistant for Cassiar Project), Allan Kranz, Kori Robertson (Nursing), Michael Panchuk (Education), and Shunlai Lee.

Spotlight on UNBC - February 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from February 1994. Features include the construction of the UNBC Prince George campus, a spotlight on heart month, the appointment of the Northwest Regional Coordinator, UNBC updates on CKPG TV, and a spotlight on natural resource management and environmental studies. Includes interviews with Peter Heaton (Project Manager), Dean Cooper (former VP Administration), Ken Prkachin (UNBC program chair of Psychology), Maureen Salton (BC Heart and Stroke Foundation), Dana Edge (UNBC Nursing), Margaret Anderson (Northwest Regional Coordinator), Bob Harkins, Fred Gilbert (Dean of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies), Darwyn Coxson (UNBC Biology), Doug Baker (Environmental Studies), Annie Booth (Environmental Studies), Ellen Petticrew (UNBC Geography), Dave Robinson (Outdoor Recreation and Tourism), Winifred Kessler (UNBC Forestry), and Jackie Watson (UNBC student).

Spotlight on UNBC - December 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from December 1993. Features include UNBC opinions regarding NAFTA, the UNBC student newspaper "Over the Edge", applying and registering at UNBC, applications from faculty, UNBC regional presence for students, international agreements for exchange students, the First Nations forum, a booklet of the history of UNBC, a tour of the UNBC campus, and the Christmas edition of Spotlight on UNBC with Rob Van Adrichem as Santa. Includes interviews with Douglas Nord (Dean of Management and Administration), Jack August (Fulbright Scholar), Troy Hanschen (Admissions and Registration), Nick Petryszak (Northeast Regional Coordinator), Prof. Klintborg (University of Vaxjo), Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor), Ngapare Hopa (University of Waikato, New Zealand), Myron Gordon (Editor of Over the Edge), and Cory Stewart (Winner of contest to name Over the Edge).

Spotlight on UNBC - January 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from January 1994. Features include the implementation of the UNBC Board of Governors and Senate, the contribution by Canfor to the North to the Future campaign, the acquisition by the UNBC library of microfiche, hiring of faculty, permission to build residences granted, publications of UNBC academics, looking back at achievements from 1993, CBC news spotlight, the "least worst" best of UNBC, and low lights of 1993 and bloopers from Spotlight on UNBC. Includes interviews with Dan Miller (Minister of Skills, Training and Labour), Han Wagner (Kitimat Interim Governing Council representative), Dale Kerr (Interim Governing Council member from Tatlayoko Lake), Horst Sanders (Prince George Interim Governing Council member), Peter Bentley (Canfor CEO), and Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President).

Spotlight on UNBC - March 1994

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from March 1994. Features include how to apply at UNBC, the development of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Research and Graduate Studies; the construction of the administration building at the Prince George campus; regional advisory committees; the North to the Future campaign and fundraising for scholarships; the Prince Rupert media spot on UNBC on CFTK television; student residences and off-campus housing; building relationships with international universities; a meeting of the UNBC Board of Governors; honoring donors including Northwood, Canfor, and Doug Little; and a worksite accident in which three workers were injured. Includes interviews with Bill Morrison (Dean of Research and Graduate Studies), Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Kathy Mears (Co-chair of the Community Legacy Campaigns), Randall Brazzoni (UNBC Housing Manager), Leonid Polishchuk (Novosibirsk University, Russia), C.T. Hazelwood (CEO of Northwood Pulp and Timber), Peter Bentley (CEO of Canfor), Frank Janas (UNBC Site Safety Officer), and Christina Hunter (UNBC's first graduate student).

Spotlight on UNBC - September 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from September 1993. Features include an interview with students regarding why they attend UNBC; development of the co-op education program; UNBC's new faculty in the International Studies, Nursing and History departments; plans for convocation 1994; the UNBC academic calendar; the promotion of UNBC in southern media; public bus tours of UNBC; and a tour of the regions with Iona Campagnolo and other UNBC officials. Includes interviews with Fred Gilbert (Dean of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies), Dan Lousier (BC Forest Service), Larry Woods (International Studies), Dana Edge (Nursing), Robin Fisher (History), Carmen Pickering (UNBC Tour Guide), Ken Coates (UNBC VP Academic), Eileen Heir (Yirka Dene Language Institute), Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor), Ron Sebastian (First Nations artist), and Herb Russell (Executive Director, Gitanyow). Also includes interviews with UNBC students and graduates Kelly Breen, Jackie Watson, Brad and Beverly Freathy, Kathy Vagt, and Terri Stewart (Northwest Community College student advisor).

Spotlight on UNBC - November 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from November 1993. Features include the development of the UNBC calendar for 1993-1994, the construction of the lab building, the needs of students in the laboratory, space allocation, the UNBC rotunda, a 1 million dollar endowment for UNBC by Northwood, the First Nations forum, the anticipation of the opening of UNBC by Queen Elizabeth, a breakfast held by the UNBC Women's Caucus for women's history month, UNBC is the newsmaker of the year, the federal election results and opinion from UNBC faculty, and views of UNBC by helicopter. Includes interviews with Martin Cocking (Assistant Registrar), Nicole Lyotier (UNBC Liaison Officer), Conchetta di Francesco (UBC Liaison Officer), Lynda Mychaluk (SFU Liaison Officer), Houston Secondary School grade 12 students, Ann McNaughton (BCIT Liaison Officer), Jerry Hurn (Hemingway Nelson Architects), Mark Bernards (Chemistry), Peter McEwan (Lab Manager), Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Deanna Nice (Nisga'a), Clive Keen (Director of Communications), Myra Rutherdale (UNBC Women's Caucus), Greg Poelzer (Political Science), and Paul Bowles (Economics).

Spotlight on UNBC - February 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from February 1993. Features segments on the construction of the Prince George campus, a talk with the first UNBC students, milestones of 1992, and highlights from a First Nations forum held in Terrace. Includes footage of the temporary campus at the French-Canadian Club of Prince George, an interview with UNBC President Geoffrey R. Weller, an interview with Dean Cooper (VP Administration), a clip from an Interim Governing Council meeting, an introduction to some UNBC publications, an interview with Audrey McKay (member of the IGC), and a clip of Stuart McLean giving a talk for the UNBC President's Lecture Series.

Spotlight on UNBC - October 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from October 1993. Features include an announcement that the Prince George campus will be opening on time and construction deadlines have been met, the cataloging process for the UNBC library, recruitment of faculty, housing developments, student retainment, hiring of academic faculty, preparations for the grand opening of the campus, the UNBC School of Nursing regional operations, the UNBC scholarship and bursary fund, the North to the Future campaign, Regional Coordinators and their importance, and the UNBC adrenaline club. Includes interviews with Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Ken Coates (VP Academic), Pat Appavoo (University Librarian), Dennis Macknak (Regional Operations and University College Relations), John Backhouse (Mayor of Prince George), Jan Thompson (President of the Cariboo Real Estate Board), Mary Louise McAllister (Political Science), Lee Keener (Math and Computer Science), Annie Booth (Environmental Studies), Karen Borsato (CNC Registration Manager, Quesnel campus), Mike Chiu (Telecommunications Supervisor), Tracey Niesh (Secretary for Regional Operations), Rob Corbett (Director of Human Resources), Joanne Fort (Northwest Community College), Leslie Hardy, Paul Ramsey (PG North MLA), Ellen Facey (South-Central Regional Coordinator), and Brian Cole (UNBC student).

Spotlight on UNBC - March 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from March 1993. Features segments on an interview with UNBC Chancellor Iona Campagnolo, coverage of a cheque presentation from Northwood to the UNBC fundraising campaign, the impact of UNBC on community colleges in the North, UNBC publications, an Interim Governing Council meeting in Kitimat, UNBC promotional clothing created by Wilf Schlitt (Up the Creek Garment Company), and an introduction to some of the new faculty members of UNBC. Includes footage of CT Hazelwood (President and CEO, Northwood), Tom Steadman (Chair, North to the Future Campaign), Doug Little (Senior VP Forest Operations, Northwood), faculty candidate public presentations (Patricia Kerig, Leslie Hardy), Ken Coates (UNBC VP Academic), Caroline Rochon (Northern Lights College), Terry Weninger (College of New Caledonia, President), and Don Anderson (Northwest Community College, President),

Spotlight on UNBC - April 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from April 1993. Features segments on the construction of UNBC library and book acquisition for the library, a Prince Rupert workshop attended by UNBC staff to research fishery issues in the region, a staff profile feature, the central application system for UNBC applicants, the UNBC Social Work program, the development of the UNBC Prince George campus including contract bids for construction, Regional Coordinators and academic candidates, the Fulbright Scholarship program, and agreements for international students. Includes interviews with Pat Appavoo (University Librarian), Joanne Matthews (UNBC Information Services Librarian), Bill Morrison (Dean of Research and Graduate Studies), Bruno Raeber (UNBC receptionist), Tony Higgins (Chief Executive, UCAS), Mike Hamer (Director of Development), Larry Woods (International Studies candidate), McMorris Tate (International Studies candidate), Victor Konrad (Canada-US Fulbright program), Douglas Nord (Director of International Studies), Gordon Ternowetsky (UNBC Social Work), and David Fish (Dean of Health and Human Sciences).

Spotlight on UNBC - May 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from May 1993. Features include highlights of the past academic year (distance education and expanding course offerings for the upcoming academic year), a guided tour of the UNBC campus, phase 2 of construction and building completion for the UNBC Prince George campus, the acquisition of the Cassiar fonds, appointments of academic staff, and a Fort St. John conference and workshop with a UNBC representative in the Peace River region. Includes interviews with Bob Rutherdale (sessional lecture, History), Martin Cocking (Assistant Registrar), Godfrey Medhurst (Director of Facilities), John Dunn (First Nations studies candidate), Bill Bouffioux (XY Ranch), Daryl Wark (West Coast Energy, McMahon plant), Nick Petryszak (Regional Coordinator, Peace River).

Spotlight on UNBC - June 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from June 1993. Features include Prince George campus design changes (to ensure campus would be completed on time), public information sessions for the UNBC academic year, Darrell Bailie in the Boston Marathon, the Northern Lights convocation ceremony in Dawson Creek, a telecommunications conference in Dawson Creek partially sponsored by UNBC, an Arts Walk which focused on the UNBC regalia (the Ceremonial Chairs and Talking Stick created by Ron Sebastian), the UNBC motto and coat of arms, a Timothy Findley lecture as part of the UNBC public lecture series, academic candidates, tours of UNBC, and the history of the creation of UNBC. Also includes interviews with Paul Zanette (Interior designer), Ken Coates (UNBC VP Academic), Darrell Bailie (UNBC Systems Librarian), Iona Campagnolo (UNBC Chancellor), Jim Kassen (President of Northern Lights College), Timothy Findley (author), Darwyn Coxson (UNBC biology), Kathy Lewis (UNBC Forestry), and Murray Sadler (Chair of the Interim Governing Council).

Spotlight on UNBC - July 1993

Digital video recording is an episode of Spotlight on UNBC from July 1993. Features include the First Nations studies program and its development in the regions, an interview with Murray Sadler regarding UNBC's creation, the construction of the Prince George campus including waterproofing and enclosing buildings, a tour of the regions, disbanding the Interim Governing Council and forming the UNBC Senate and Board of Governors, the Public Lecture Series, the University of Tasmania touring the UNBC campus and regions, a visit by the Minister of Advanced Education, the North to the Future campaign, and how to apply at UNBC. Also includes interviews with Margaret Anderson (Director of First Nations studies), Russell Alec (Education Supervisor, Carrier Sekani Tribal Council), Murray Sadler (Chair of the Interim Governing Council), Dean Cooper (UNBC VP Administration), Anne Martin (Chair of the Interim Governing Council Transition Committee), Bob Cleary (University of Tasmania), Brian McKenzie (University of Tasmania), Geoffrey Weller (UNBC President), Vic Bowman (PG Rotary Club), Tom Steadman, Art Robin (Royal Bank of Canada), and Nicole Lyotier (UNBC Liaison Officer).