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Bourchier, Alan K.
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Bourchier Supply Camp

Photograph depicts men standing on shore in front of tents, forest trees in background. Photograph was taken from a boat; portion of boat and oar are visible in foreground. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "View of all four tents."

Flock of Turkeys Near House

Firewood pile in left foreground. Buggy, wood house, and porch in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Wishing Aunt Lillian + Uncle Alan a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Please do not criticize the stitches too closely Aunt Lillian. These snaps are some of part of my flock of 102 this year. These were snapped about a week before Thanksgiving. All the birds you see are this year's hatch. Some of them dressed 17 1/2 + 18 lbs at Thanksgiving. With love from Jean."

Jean in Bear Skin Coat

Photograph depicts Jean in foreground, standing in front of wood house, miscellaneous items and furniture crossing midground. Picket fence on left, bushes in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Why didn't you drop off and see us when you were home? Dad came home an told me to guess whom he had seen in Edmonton and right away I said 'Uncle Alan.' Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Lots of love to both. Jean. See what lovely cuffs and collar the bear skin you sent for me some years ago made for me this winter. Nobody knows me with it on and everyone admires it." (See item 2009.5.3.100 for photograph depicting bear skin.)

Taylor-Baxter Family Photograph Collection

  • 2009.5
  • Coleção
  • 1899-1959

This Collection consists of photographs documenting early development of the Central Interior including such subjects as: homesteading, railway construction, packing & freighting, modes and routes of transportation, schools, mercantile development, leisurely activities, sports, natural resource development and exploitation, political movements, town-site development and policing. This collection also provides a look at history of the Taylor-Baxter Family - a long time pioneering family of this region, including: A.K. & Lillian Bourchier; Hugh & Hermina "Minnie" (nee Wessel) Taylor and family; Herbert & Sarah (nee Wessel) Glassey; and Bob & Violet (nee Taylor) Baxter and family.

Taylor Family at Sign Near Ft. Fraser, BC

Group of men, women, and children stand in field below large sign that reads: "GRAND TRUNK PACIFIC TRACK CONNECTED APRIL 7th 1914 PRINCE RUPERT MILEAGE 373-96 - WINNIPEG MILEAGE 1,374". Two men in formal attire stand on either side of group, women and children in between. A spotted dog stands on right. It is believed that members of the Taylor family are present in group (Hermina holding infant Tom, surrounded by Violet, Lucy, Arthur, Virginia, and Dixon). Man and woman in back left speculated to be Lillian and A.K. Bourchier. Handwritten annotation on envelope of negative reads: "Ft. Fraser 1916".

The Bourchier Album

This photograph album consists of photographs of remote police barracks at Mile 47 and Mile 29; early settlements and/or mercantile stores at Tete Jaune Cache, McBride, Sand Creek, Fort George and South Fort George; Grand Trunk Pacific Railway forestry and railway camps; scows and paddlewheel conveyors on the Fraser River; automobiles; community leisure activities; as well as, images of the Bourchier family. The following South Fort George establishments are identifiable within these photographs: Empress Hotel, Ah Yee General Merchant, German Bakery, Northern Hotel, South Fort George Drug Store & Post Office, St. Michael’s Church, Prince George Hotel, Ford Monarch dealership, Astoria Hotel, and King George V Elementary School. Identified geographic locations featured in these photographs include: Tete Jaune, Upper Fraser, Mile 47, Mile 29, Fraser River, Mt. Robson, McBride, Sand Creek, Glacier Mountain, Moose River, Giscome Portage, Pott Falls, Red Deer River, Grand Canyon, Summit Lake, Canoe Pass, Connaught Hill, Nechako Bridge, and Island Cache.

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Horses & Sled at Alexandria Road House

Photograph depicts two men seated in horse-drawn sled. Horses stand in front of short picket fence in foreground, large log building and shed in midground. Trees on hill visible in background. It is speculated that the man seated behind the white horse may be Mr. A. K. Bourchier. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Alexandria road house".

Bob Potts Cooking in Campsite

Photograph depicts six men around fireside in forest, trees felled on either side. Bob Potts sits on far right, next to dog in foreground. These men are believed to be members of A. K. Bourchier's crew on the Upper Fraser River. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Preparing The miday meal. frying Bacon on sticks. Potts. Chief Chef."

Bob Potts with Crew in Camp

Photograph depicts four men around fireside in forest clearing. A man believed to be Bob Potts kneels on far right, next to dog. These men are believed to be members of A. K. Bourchier's crew. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "The Last of a Comfortable Camp."

Three Men in Relief Camp at Penny

Photograph depicts three men standing in dirt area near fire wood. Tent building semi-visible on left, forest trees behind snow pile in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Relief camp at Penny. 100 men - A.K. Bourchier Foreman - Dixon Taylor timekeeper. [Ted Nevan?] purchasing agent - hungry thirties. Construction days. Mile 29 - A.K. Bourchier J.P." Man in middle is believed to be A.K. Bourchier.

Jean with Young Colt

Photograph depicts a young woman believed to A.K. Bourchier's niece Jean. Young colt stands on right, picket fence and porch to wood building in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "To my dearest Uncle Alan. This is little Betty Beauty's little colt. I broke her in to lead myself so I feel quite proud."

Bourchier Cabin on Fraser River, BC

Photograph depicts interior of one of Mr. & Mrs. Bourchier's "camp cabins" on the Upper Fraser River. A cushioned chair stands next to decorated shelf on log wall, wall hangings in background. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph duplicate: "Mr. Bourchier's bedroom."

A.K. Bourchier near Brewster's Stage Coach

Photograph depicts men in uniform standing on and around a stage coach with the sign "BREWSTER TRANSFER COMPANY." One man sits inside the coach pulled by four horses. Large building with extended porch and balcony in background. Mountains barely visible in distance. It is believed that one of the men in this photograph may be Mr. A. K. Bourchier.

Occidental Hotel on Front Street, Quesnel

Photograph depicts four men standing under balcony of hotel near other buildings on street. Trees line the street, with protective structures built around their trunks. It is speculated that one of these men may be Mr. A. K. Bourchier. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "As you were".

Garden at Jean's House

Photograph depicts hedges and creeping foliage around picket fence in foreground. House stands in background featuring enclosed porch. Handwritten annotation on recto of photograph: "Merry Xmas + Happy New Year Aunt Lillian. This is my garden in the foreground the main thing in view being the morning glories. Lots of love Jean."

A.K. Bourchier with Relatives

Photograph depicts a man and woman, elderly couple, and young girl standing on porch of large house. It is believed that A.K. Bourchier stands on far right, next to his niece Jean. House also featured in items 2009.5.3.127.

Model T Belonging to A.K. Bourchier

Photograph depicts car parked in dirt yard. House stands in background on right, surrounded by miscellaneous items. White tent stands in left background. Water and shore visible in distance. House believed to belong to the Bourchier's niece Jean (see items 2009.5.3.120 & 2009.5.3.122).

Young A. K. Bourchier

Photograph depicts young man believed to be Mr. A. K. Bourchier wearing a suit and tie. Metal framework crosses midground (possibly part of a bridge). Trees visible in background.